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    Make it illegal for anyone whose name rhymes with Ronald Rump to run for president  
    Yes and the bible oppresses women and condemns marriage, idiots like youwho want to follow old rules are the reason the world isn't moving forward  
    Makes me sad that 25% of people hate to see others happy  
    Idk what B is but I'd pick anything over twilight  
    I'd take out a bazooka and be like whoever did it best step up  
    What's difference? Oh I'm skilled at soccer oh I'm talented at soccer sounds the same to me  
    Super speedy electric purple hoverboard > any drink  
    Then why are you against it  
    Shut up  
    Shut up  
    I picked A cause Mitch & Cam seem like the coolest parents ever  
    She's awesome!  
    HOW IS LUNA NOT WINNING The nargles are infecting everyone  
    Friends has more right now  
    Friends forever!!!  
    That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, along with glee is good  
    I hate cold showers, but 4 hours of sleep instead of 5 is not good...  
    Why is there a picture of London from zack and Cody  
    Antarctica Is a desert  
    40% needs to get their priorities straight  
    I heard spiders crawl up the toilet in Australia  
    You wouldn't be the queen...  
    How did 31% turn down a magical school for a creepy wardrobe  
    Not a beach person  
    Too much effort to sell those things  
    What would I do with ten cars  
    Oh god phoebe smh  
    I'm a girl so idc  
    She can do my homework  
    Even if option B said jump off a cliff I would have picked it because you used a twilight pic for A  
    Disappointed that only 38% are real fans  
    Who would pick Bella ewwww  
    Lot of idiots here... With a billion dollars you could give 1 million dollars to 100k families...  
    Triwizard tournament  
    Hermione is boss  
    When I saw Justin bieber I had to click him  
    Not even a contest hp all the way anyone who chose twilight is sad  
    But but magiccccc  
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