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    Fuq both tyhease b*tchies I ain't gay  
    I grew up with a cube too  
    I used to use yahoo but that was 15 years ago so  
    Chrome for the win  
    I'm not fucing gay  
    Umm how is this in the tech  
    I didn't mean to hitface book  
    My friends would comfort me  
    I already do  
    I love my mom I don't want her to die andnit. And ebdhebdhjd  
    Its a moldy vagina  
    Fuc this  
    See more porn  
    I'm the flash cause of the lightning question  
    Grolar bread Arny rel  
    Wish for a billion more wishes  
    Is the f ing toaster on ?!?!!?!!?!??!?  
    Fuc he five percent +1
    1 I'm not gay 2 I'm not stupid 3 f biebs  
    I have 2 inch Calices iim good  
    She's dead sucka  
    Jump into a cloud  
    I'm eleven and I don't look like that  
    I would ride it to free Dom  
    Derpa derpa da derpa deep deep shy scraper  
    I'm the lion king IMA f do nigas up  
    I have a chance of getting more woohoo so shire  
    Public sex f yes +1
    She almost dead any way so  
    When no lion in jungle I no get eaten I live to have sex with hh my wife  
    F u randy I hate both  
    My dad threatens to snap my neck I might just sit in my room for an hour thank you  
    Its better than kangaroo land thooo  
    I tucking live in this sh*t hole  
    Porn IMA get caught by my wife  
    I'm a  
    Um ketchup challenge any one * puked on floor *  
    I'm rich with sex  
    I love f video games bruuuuuhhhh  
    I would video tape it and post it on all the social outlets  
    I can get the ladies by sing about luuuuuv  
    Order water on the inter net  
    Umm I'm gonna cry cause lion king  
    Also my wife takes them anyways  
    Its a penis but the other guy is just creepy but the penis would take all my cover  
    I'm a manly man  
    I don't know but I do want to know whynmy moms bed was skweaking last night ?!?!?!?!!!?!!!?!?  
    I don't know them and I don't really care I just want trump. To take a dump from his rump in the white house  
    The fruit tastes better vegies taste like my butt  
    One word NETFLIX. And chill  
    I'm already the smartest  
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