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I'm 19 i am in college, i have 1 dog and 3 cats. I don't have many dislikes (lie) and i am a lord.

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    angry sex +1
    me with video camera catching my friend go BIIIIITCH and attack her enemy\  
    be a black widow  
    You have a problem with me say hello to my little friend  
    relationships come and go but you can't pick your family +1
    the fog would make everyday feel like im going to die while i can attack a freaking tree  
    im a dude so no way sorry straight  
    gamers dream girl  
    creat shaaade  
    you need to kill yourself  
    please choose wisely  
    be funny wife be beautiful child be both  
    read a book  
    yes yes it is  
    you got to go dig them holes dig it un unu un  
    already do this so no different than before  
    you just justified that you are a pedo  
    chuck Norris attacks sharks when he smells them bleed and he is eveyones master  
    Live on God's etcha sketch or live in death penalty land either way you will live on the edge  
    doesnt matter got free fish  
    im adude so yeah...  
    doesnt matter got paid  
    doesnt matt  
    im a dude so yeah  
    i get money  
    italian ice cream 4 times the sugar means four times the rush ... oh God dont let five year olds from the US near Italy  
    cannibles up in here +1
    Hitler was a figurehead of the Nazi reign his second in command was the one who performed experiments and forced death camps. His second in command came up with the "final solution" and was able to stay in the back ground while the whole world focused on Hitler.  
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