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    ya'll are a bunch of pussys  
    oh look, racist trash, let's all point and laugh!!!!  
    dude the egg means atheist and the chicken means religion  
    his twin sister  
    no, it's just infinitely expanding  
    actually earth is one of the older planets in existence, it's also possible that the "aliens" are primitive compared to us and we'll discover them first  
    i'd get way with EVERYTHING  
    economy crashed in 1920', i'd sell my stock beforehand  
    and you should run through the streets of monrovia throwing out every penny you own  
    aaaaaaaaaaand blocking caller  
    doesn't matter either way the guy who did it is gonna die painfully  
    can i do both?  
    LEAVE GARFIELD ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!  
    war comes from hunger and disease  
    my grandfather was struck by lightning three times and remained an air force squadron commander (not counting times he was struck by lightning in his plane)  
    well it would be awkward if she looked like a guy  
    vegan trash  
    wasn't he a bigoted douche when he was younger?  
    i wish there was some kind of all powerful deity watching overs us it's sad that it's not true );  
    LEARN HUMOR!!!!  
    compared to dark and white chocolate i hate milk chocolate, it's always cheap  
    loosing all my memories would be the same as dying  
    the earth would explode before there was a winner  
    well at least i know they died  
    i don't need that much money  
    that doesn't even pertain to the question it's just a true statement  
    doesn't matter had sushi  
    what would i give him? the lint in my pockets?  
    avatar is about a man who betrayed humanity in exchange for hair sex with a blue cat woman  
    where i'm from there is no popularity with fake friends  
    my mouse shot itself...  
    i'll just keep a pillow with me so i can just sleep through it  
    now we see why the union lost the civil war  
    80% of the world is liquid water  
    T.T i read the question wrong... along with the other 27% apparently  
    Guten tag +1
    i'm already the smartest but i don't want to potentially loose it T.T  
    i'd wake up and play the elder scrolls VI  
    that's a downside  
    human's have a tendency to forget hatred when working towards a common objective  
    i don't want google to get mad at me T.T  
    loosing my state of mind and personality is the same thing as hanging myself  
    we learn from our mistakes  
    freedom. the second one is basically a non corrupt dictatorship where everyone's lives are planned out before them  
    most of you would never have been born if the holocaust didn't happen  
    i am ruler of the world  
    how is this a downside?  
    i'm to lazy to kill one hundred puppy a day  
    someone get me a stake... i'll leave it to you to figure out which group i meant  
    well, humans are already on the path to knowing everything  
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