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    seen a not seen b 2 years ago  
    a cause i could not do b cause i can't drive 2 years ago  
    lol knowing my luck i would die in a embarrassing way. 2 years ago  
    lol nope cause i single. 2 years ago  
    never heard of b 2 years ago  
    the riddler or the joker 2 years ago  
    Las Vegas 2 years ago +1
    marvel 2 years ago  
    yeah i not seen Christopher Nolan batman films onley Tim Burton ones 2 years ago  
    what tv universe am i stuck in? 2 years ago  
    martin 3 years ago  
    well maybe my whole name trust me when i say it my initials are mrs 3 years ago  
    i never watch it 3 years ago  
    never saw that episode 3 years ago  
    dang it i like them both 3 years ago  
    well i prefer baths not showers 3 years ago  
    1992 3 years ago  
    for the rest of your days 3 years ago  
    it the american dragon get down the dragon. 3 years ago  
    lady and the tramp only because i never seen tron. 3 years ago +1
    jimmy carr only because i never heard of daniel tosh 3 years ago  
    get some money only because i don't smoke. 3 years ago  
    sorry about comment twice i could not seen my comment so i was not sure if was there or not. 3 years ago  
    i not going to vote on this one because i not seen nightmare on elm street or the texas chain saw massacre even though i heard of them. 3 years ago  
    um i not going to vote on this one because i never seen these two movies 3 years ago  
    mufasa onley because i never seen barnyard. 3 years ago +1
    23 3 years ago  
    video games for my birthday and that was in may lol 3 years ago  
    n o cause i don't have a pet 3 years ago  
    i play a 3 years ago  
    martin kemp tv actor and singer 3 years ago  
    martin 3 years ago  
    Extras they did a twilight zone movie back in the 80's i not seen but i know they did one. 3 years ago  
    23 3 years ago  
    lol netlfix cause i don't watch netlfix 3 years ago  
    I voted for Karen cause i never heard of Maria thayer lol 3 years ago  
    I wanna to be the very best like none ever was to catch them is my real test to train them is my cause pokemon got catch em all. 3 years ago  
    dam it i could not choose between the two at first lol. 3 years ago  
    Justin timerlake 3 years ago +1
    not i know of 3 years ago  
    i got blue eyes 3 years ago  
    i been to the harry potter studios last year 3 years ago  
    ohman it was hard to choose 3 years ago  
    oh man i did not know which one to choose becuase i watch doctor who and fawlty towers lol 3 years ago  
    i was born in 92 3 years ago +1
    tell them you already married 3 years ago +1
    i like to watch doctor who 3 years ago  
    i meant the movie 4 years ago  
    guest the pic a the hoverboard is from back to the future. 4 years ago  
    acting no good at singing lol. 4 years ago  
    i would rather have my last pizza not in to ice cream i find it too cold for my teeth 4 years ago  
    lol a villain like the joker or the riddler 4 years ago  
    summer loving happened so fast. 4 years ago  
    i press no then i realise i have pokemon. 4 years ago  
    lol i would become a author only because i can't sing lol 4 years ago +1
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