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If you lose you either get ripped to shreds or have the day of your life... hmmmm tough one 5 years ago +2
Chose the wrong answer cause the picture with the money threw me off 5 years ago  
I like you:) 5 years ago  
Eh, sue me:) 6 years ago  
It's better for those who are car fanatics cause it gives a more "sporty/engaging" experience, and if you ever want to mess around and do drifting or racing or whatever it's sooo much better than front wheel. That's all:) 6 years ago  
heh type with, good one:) you might want to go to your local doctor for a diagnosis on your whole pizza issue 6 years ago  
... No 6 years ago  
You sir, just picked my favorite actresses there... most difficult decision of my life 6 years ago +2
Trick answer... everyone eats pizza!! 6 years ago +2
It's funny cause you're German! haha 6 years ago  
... thank you for that observation. I'm sure everyone was itching to get that off their chest. lol You're right though 6 years ago +2
That was a good question, I just loved the Uncharted series so much (and The Last of Us) that I had to pick Naughty Dog 6 years ago  
So either have a good, happy life or be a nobody... literally 6 years ago +6
So why the hell would you pick the more painful option!? 6 years ago  
faggot. haha 6 years ago  
Yep, really fun games, if you are the type that can get involved in the story of a game. 6 years ago  
You should be able to get them both for under $10-15 now, but ME2 is definitely the more polished game (and best of the series in my opinion). 6 years ago  
Ha no siblings!... unless pets count, ehhh 6 years ago +2
More wars are started from religious disagreements than racial reasons. It's not the 1860's anymore 6 years ago +1
Creepy old men following me around... ehh, how about a pet dragon! The chicks dig them dragons! 6 years ago  
I had the same experience when I jumped straight to the 3rd one (meh), but then I started from the beginning and got so attached to the series. 6 years ago  
Well sh*t... 6 years ago  
He should have enough millions to survive and possibly even have some private scientists accidentally find the cure. 6 years ago +2
You sick bastards 6 years ago +1
Well if duty calls and I have to help repopulate the human species for 60+ years... I think I'll take one for the team:) 6 years ago +1
Just contact people on the outside to help them get evidence to prove your innocence... duh 6 years ago  
Haha ok racist alert 6 years ago  
Ha i just clicked the sexy car 6 years ago  
Be awake for life! 6 years ago  

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