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Warm Greetings: Currently without normal internet access for personnel use will be back soonish and apologize for putting the anime tournament on such a long hold (Moving house can be quite the pain in the rear end somtimes) Kind Regards Michael

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Tournament of Anime Round 2 Death Parade or Outbreak Company 3 years ago 68 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Astro Boy or Btooom! 3 years ago 72 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Chobits or Akira 3 years ago 51 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Angel Beats or Gundam 3 years ago 67 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Murder Princess or Pokemon 3 years ago 73 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Ao no Exorcist or Blood+ 3 years ago 56 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 D.Gray-Man or Toradora 3 years ago 47 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Soul Eater or No Game No Life 3 years ago 67 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Akuma no Riddle or Sankarea 3 years ago 54 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Gintama or Inu x Boku 3 years ago 46 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Dragon ball or Grenadier 3 years ago 68 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 One Piece or Kuroko No Basuke 3 years ago 68 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Naruto or Date A Live 3 years ago 70 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 2 Death Note or Rosario Vampire 3 years ago 79 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya or Kekkai Sensen 3 years ago 52 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Trigun or Gurren Lagann 3 years ago 76 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 The Seven Deadly Sins or World Trigger 3 years ago 84 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Nourin or Outbreak Company 3 years ago 71 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Nisekoi or No Game No Life 3 years ago 75 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Mayo Chiki or Mayoi Neko Overrun 3 years ago 67 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Samurai Pizza Cats or Sankarea 3 years ago 89 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Kamisama no Memochou or Diabolik Lovers 3 years ago 55 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Steins Gate or Sword Art Online 3 years ago 85 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Jojo's Bizzare Adventure or Boondocks 3 years ago 91 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Afro Samurai or Shiki 3 years ago 89 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Michiko and Hatchin or Kill la Kill 3 years ago 78 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Vampire Hunter D or Wizard Barristers Benmashi Cecil 3 years ago 61 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 K Anime or Kamen no Maid Guy 3 years ago 60 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Honey and Clover or Inu x Boku 3 years ago 52 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Highschool of the Dead or History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 3 years ago 81 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko or High School DxD 3 years ago 73 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Gundam or Aldnoah.Zero 3 years ago 80 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Monogatari (there is also many others of the same series) or Neon Genesis Evangelion 3 years ago 62 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Yahari Ore no Seishun or Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. Z 3 years ago 50 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Haiyore! Nyaruko-san or Hayate no Gotoku! 3 years ago 49 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Zankyou no Terror or Zero no Tsukaima 3 years ago 51 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Yumekui Merry or Toradora 3 years ago 49 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Welcome to Nhk or xxxHolic 3 years ago 50 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Lovely Complex or Appleseed XIII 3 years ago 52 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Mai Hime or Detective Conan 3 years ago 62 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 He is My Master or Hellsing Ultimate (also include regular Hellsing) 3 years ago 82 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Fate Stay Night or Fullmetal Alchemist 3 years ago 77 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Gungrave or Akira 3 years ago 66 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Code Geass or Coyote Ragtime Show 3 years ago 72 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Btooom! or C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 3 years ago 58 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai or Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou 3 years ago 53 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Gangsta or Samurai Champloo 3 years ago 67 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Ouran High School Host Club or Watamote 3 years ago 76 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Durarara!! or Elfen Lied 3 years ago 78 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Devil May Cry or DearS 3 years ago 65 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Chuunibyou or Claymore 3 years ago 52 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Gokujo or Grenadier 3 years ago 52 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Tokyo Mew Mew or Vampire Knight 3 years ago 59 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Psycho-Pass or Robotics;Notes 3 years ago 55 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 HackSign or Rosario Vampire 3 years ago 55 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni or Saint Seiya 3 years ago 67 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Shugo Chara or Sket Dance 3 years ago 44 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Mekakucity Actors or Mirai Nikki 3 years ago 47 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 D-Frag! or Level E 3 years ago 46 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Seraph of the End or Initial D 3 years ago 47 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen or Accel world 3 years ago 59 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Blood Lad or Blood+ 3 years ago 47 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Little Busters! or Magi The Labyrinth of Magic 3 years ago 71 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Coppelion or Cromartie High School 3 years ago 75 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 School Rumble or Maria Holic 3 years ago 67 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Black Bullet or Black Cat 3 years ago 64 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Yu Yu Hakusho or Attack on Titan 3 years ago 78 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Freezing or Inuyasha 3 years ago 71 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 To LOVE-Ru or Tokyo Ghoul 3 years ago 71 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Shuffle! or Pokemon 3 years ago 84 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Gantz or Black Lagoon 3 years ago 57 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Maken-Ki or Mawaru Penguindrum 3 years ago 52 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Ghost Stories or Charlotte 3 years ago 66 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Kuroko No Basuke or Soul Eater Not 3 years ago 60 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Rozen Maidens or Absolute Duo 3 years ago 47 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Wedding Peach or To Aru Majutsu No Index 3 years ago 65 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Hunter X hunter or Cowboy Bebop 3 years ago 176 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Sailor Moon (the series) or Death Parade 3 years ago 59 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Astro Boy or Asura Cryin 3 years ago 69 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Chaos Head or Chobits 3 years ago 58 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Angel Beats or Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio 3 years ago 57 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Gosick or Murder Princess 3 years ago 38 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Another or Ao no Exorcist 3 years ago 44 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 D.Gray-Man or Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge 3 years ago 40 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 To Aru Kagaku No Railgun or Soul Eater 3 years ago 48 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 Dantalian no Shoka or Date A Live 3 years ago 39 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 --- Yay cause tournaments never get old :-) Amagami SS or Akuma no Riddle 3 years ago 45 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 --- Yay cause tournaments never get old :-) Gintama or Ah! My Goddess 3 years ago 41 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 --- Yay cause tournaments never get old :-) Dragon ball (the series) or Berserk (series both anime and manga) 3 years ago 54 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 --- Yay cause tournaments never get old :-) Bleach or Naruto 3 years ago 48 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 --- Yay cause tournaments never get old :-) One Piece or Deadman Wonderland 3 years ago 47 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Tournament of Anime Round 1 --- Yay cause tournaments never get old :-) Fairy Tail or Death Note 3 years ago 48 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you think pics of people or their avatars is better? Yer they put a face behind the username or nope avatars show their personality better 3 years ago 63 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would if be fun if the reverse to "all" your answers on Rather came true Yes or No 3 years ago 62 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Are you the type to get in the Christmas sprite only once Christmas has officially ended Yes (feel free to comment) or No (feel free to comment) 3 years ago 42 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Does religion at this time of year make sense when you consider this "a baby was born to entity outside of their marriage for the express purposes of being sacrificed and metaphorically eaten on a weekly basis so that other people can feel good about themselves and believe this abuse of another's sacrifice allows them privileges above all others both in church and in society" Yes religion is crazy, how did anyone think that was a good idea in the first place. or No religion makes sense, we benefit from faith and Jesus was willing right from birth so its ok.... 3 years ago 75 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you Prefer if Rrrather had two sections for questions divided by age Yes a General Section and a 18+ is good to have the best of both worlds while being responsible. or No separating the questions by sections only influences people to ask rude questions more often 3 years ago 121 votes 11 comments 1 like
When stuck in life, whether it be a barrier or obstacle blocking your path to your goal or end destination which do you prefer to be? Calm like a river: “Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.” Emma Smith or Passionate like a storm: There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm. Willa Cather 3 years ago 84 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Which series do you prefer (In terms of comedy, wild turn of events, random events and so on, action is just an added bonus) Gintama or Family Guy 3 years ago 80 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Do you like main series or spin offs more in this case its a choice of Soul Eater or Soul Eater Not 3 years ago 70 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? A world of winners and losers. Only a few will make it but they make it big, while the majority get whats left over. You have a small "chance" of making it big and with this get rights above others and privilege, the rest are just along for the ride. You may stand our of the crowd but chances are yo or A world where all is equal. There are no winners or losers, everyone has the same rights and privileges no matter who or where they are (Top to bottom) You will be treated equally and have equal share to everything but will never be able to get "ahead" or have any way of standing out. 3 years ago 71 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather A peaceful world without religion or A world with religion constantly in conflict 3 years ago 79 votes 13 comments 0 likes

Michaelf3 has posted the following comments:

as a lady i would work my body day and night to become well off though a sexless marriage to a frustrated rich guy with a poor memory and bad decision making ability. 3 months ago  
if i banned masturbation then there would be noting left for me in this world, lol sigh 3 months ago  
its promotion time or simply its how i will eventually get a a job again lol 3 months ago  
DP for the win and i mean this by both deadpool and double penetration which is what Ryan Reynolds would be getting if i swung that way... 3 months ago  
i chose virgin because its always nice being the first, but i find the jump from first to being a slut quite funny as most people in the world would be declared sluts the moment we lost of virginity including future virgins 3 months ago  
hey the money speaks louder then gender preference does any day of the week (there is also alcohol and drugs to help the process go along easier) 3 months ago  
the money would buy way more then being a sex symbol would and with less effort. 3 months ago  
gay dudes do this only they are not with Jessica Alba, so its a win win 3 months ago  
my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns Hun and unfortunately lady gaga has no buns to speak of on top or bottom, and last we checked there was not even a bun in the oven ^-^ 3 months ago  
lol that's the best kind of sex there is... 3 months ago  
wealth cant buy immortality 3 months ago  
knowing the date would allow a much more fast and furious style of living, and when the time came up it would mean getting a bunch of credit from every source imaginable (especially the illegal kind) and then spend it up like a king knowing there would be no real consequences mwhahaha 3 months ago  
like others i agree the problem with a world with no "problems" is the fact we are not ruling it 3 months ago  
i can only imagine the technological know how i could bring back to the present to become the richest person on the planet and rule the world mwhahaha 3 months ago  
who needs money with unlimited power, after all money is just a motivator and not the end result. 3 months ago  
to be fair one would also need to have an assurance that the money given to the needy families would not be instantly taken by thug warlords (as rampant crime is a major reason things are so tough for the poor families) 3 months ago  
magic of even a nobody wizard could make them a billionaire, the only reason no body wizards don't realize this is due to a lack of imagination. while sure anyone with motivation can become rich magic reduces the greatest barrier of all and that's the effort barrier ^-^ 3 months ago  
to be honest the big bang is just a working theory and its ironically the religious the require the big bang to be seen as a faith held concept. 3 months ago  
To be honest this question gets people to rate what is higher human life or the life of a pet (pets are to be loved for sure but they are still pets and not human life) 3 months ago  
the lightsaber can be used in many ways to improve the lives of many people not just starving African children but starving children of every nationality 3 months ago  
you say that yet if you think of influential people who's existence is geared only to hurt others for self profit, then you would realize that no matter how well one lives their life the damage would not be corrected only ignored. 3 years ago  
being a casino owner would be good for bad luck, being a sports betting company that wages best on the behalf of others, taking a small cut of the profit every time they win is the best for option A :-) 3 years ago +1
It only works on those that follow the teaching no the ones who profit from the hard world of the faithful (basically its a scam where an ideal is created and people pay to be reminded of these ideals, regardless all of the the ideals are good or not) 3 years ago  
I would study hard to find a way to turn into a transformer of epic proportions and then would travel the world getting rid of the evil that lurk in governments world wide bringing peace to everyone, One shot at a time mwhahahahaha :-) 3 years ago  
Taking real tackles over and over on the field vs pulled punches and the occasional accidental slight connector. Yep a real athlete will generally have an advantage over an actor :-) 3 years ago  
haha I agree like any thing its a matter of knowing it before judging it (and I will grant that many sports are rigged for profit, WWE and similar are only open about it) That Said when i did like it I've seen many of my favorites lose repeatedly because it was popular to chose the others as winners (generally only the stupid looking ones make it far In WWE and the smart ones are generally made out to be villains and weak) 3 years ago  
A major problem with cyber bullying is the person being bullied is likely bullied in their daily life so the internet is their retreat, so eventually if they run out of places to associate themselves with, the person then hits the danger zone (its when one has no place to associate with they become apathetic to people in general and self harm is common) The Only way to stop bullying is not to ignore or let bully's think they can get away with it, to stand up and fight (it also helps when the other people in any community are considerate and help interview with bullying where possible) 3 years ago +6
Sweden is a stable place to live, from what i hear and corruption is very low. (the problem if being near a den of crime is the crime travels to the richer areas to rob, knowing there is more wealth to be found) So this is a very simple reason Sweden even in the poor areas would be much safer to live in. 3 years ago  
Public proposals are a douchebags way of attention seeking while also putting the other in the spotlight (its really hard to say no with so many people watching, and the expectations of everyone after would make many people feel trapped) 3 years ago +4
haha great mind think alike... or am i being controlled to think that? :-) 3 years ago  
I have been thinking of visiting Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch sometime (its a Welsh place) 3 years ago  
The only way to discover a country is to find a part of the world so remote or hidden that no one was able to reach it before and let the world know of this community/country of people) though such a people would also be likely to be stone age to the rest of the world and their immunities and ability to adapt would be awful, thus letting the world know of them would spell doom for their culture and possibly straight up kill them via diseases. 3 years ago  
so true this is a haven from the world of Facebook and its politics 3 years ago  
A person (even an unstable person) will generally be easier to deal with in such a situation then an aggressive dog (no matter how good a person is with animals, an animal fearing for its life with an aggressive behavior will be unapproachable and is a danger to itself and the people around it) 3 years ago +3
A would be a bit scary considering the term golden age does not defer the ongoing women's rights issue that has always been a problem throughout the history of Islam 3 years ago +1
and here i thought she was just hiding reserve bombs in her bra :) 3 years ago +2
that movie was horrible (though it does make fun of the unrealistic do-gooders who go in without proper study or a backup plan) and personalty i would not be wasting my time screaming but would go down with a fight 3 years ago  
and good reasoning it is :-) 3 years ago  
B would probably be slightly less harmful to ones hair as the roots are not directly effected by the dye (and easier to get rid of as cutting the hair short and letting it grow out again is simpler then dyeing the hair back) 3 years ago  
many fictional books encompass small aspects of real life knowledge and when pooled together would form a massive general and broad knowledge of most things relevant in life 3 years ago  
if we were immortal it would be like time did not exist as eventually we would get bored with tracking time ti a major degree (at least on a personal level) the rush to live a fulfilling life would be mostly lose as we would know there was an eternity to get where we want to go. 3 years ago  
progress can not be archived when we seek to limit others and ourselves in the process :-) 3 years ago  
that way you can have access to both tech and magic (magical tech is the underrated third wheel in such things) 3 years ago  
a car devalues very quickly (not to mention the costs of registration and transfer of ownership costs) so half the value straight up is way better 3 years ago +2
I guess the lure of giant mech's is strong in the voters so far :-) 3 years ago  
it was fun but very simple compared to some of the newer animes 3 years ago  
I meant it in general as an on going series like dragon ball z :-) 3 years ago  
Who said I play fair taser and cattle prod for the win hahahaha 3 years ago  
plurals would be a major problem for Choice B 3 years ago  
haha that's exactly what all religious people do :-) 3 years ago  
being possessed would at least prove its real, and that would be something (till then its fake) 3 years ago  
I get the hype for the one punch man but from the looks of it the punch has to land to win, against any opponent too fast or with abilities to hide themselves and use clones to launch attacks the punch becomes useless if it can never find the target. 3 years ago  
Capitalism is more of a ongoing dream (its like the lottery in which the majority of the winners are chose and birth but a few can make it despite the birth, while the majority miss out) its also depended on constant growth and has no real means of sustaining itself with a ageing population and an economy that has reached its potential (Lastly the only way capitalism has survived this long is from a system of boom and bust, in short it needs the GFC on a semi regular basis to keep it on track) 3 years ago  
Option b is biased towards men as this high difference to further antagonist the gender imbalance in many ways both physical and physiological 3 years ago  
I choseoption B, but I'm sure it the entirety of Europe (they be putting on the weight now that USA is doing its best to lose the pounds) :-P 3 years ago  
Death Parade beat Sailor Moon (shock) 55% to 45% with 55 votes and Outbreak Company beat Nourin 64% to 36% with 64 votes 3 years ago  
Astro Boy beat Asura Cryin 71% to 29% with 65 votes and Btooom! beat C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control 56% to 44% with 56 votes 3 years ago  
haha its mines and i wants it :-) 3 years ago  
Chobits beat Chaos Head 67% to 33% with 48 votes and Akira beat Gungrave 63% to 37% with 59 votes 3 years ago  
I feel your pain, i went with the feels this time :-) 3 years ago +1
Angel Beats beat Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio 63% to 37% with 52 votes and Gundam beat Aldnoah.Zero 68% to 32% with 59 votes 3 years ago  
haha blow my pop (names are always rude with a dirty mind) 3 years ago  
haha sorrys for asking a silly question 3 years ago  
it has its good moments and some decent character building, though also a few wtf moments 3 years ago +1
Murder Princess beat Gosick with 65% to 35% with 34 votes and Pokemon Beat Shuffle! 77% to 23% with 74 votes 3 years ago  
Ao no Exorcist beat Another with 54% to 46% with 39 votes and Blood+ beat Blood Lad 75% to 25% with 44 votes 3 years ago  
D.Gray-Man beat Dansai Bunri No Crime Edge 71% to 29% with 35 votes and Toradora beat Yumekui Merry with 69% to 31% with 48 votes 3 years ago  
I did a search and found some descriptions for vim text editor, I would be curious to have a look if you happen to have a link to a legit free version (haha if one exists) 3 years ago  
you mean the still in development thought band that mostly does just basic tasks like mouse movements and costs leg and and arm to get? 3 years ago  
I would only make friends with evil people that deserve to die and then i would be on easy street :-) 3 years ago  
its a tough one its good for getting dates but I imagine can be boring as well (mostly seems like the women i know would spend 90% of their time thinking about if that selfie got many like on Facebook yet or if any relationship status have change to its complicated since the last five minutes they checked Facebook or if they will take a picture of their subway lunch for Instagram because no one else would of thought of that yet hahaha) 3 years ago  
its cool a bullet is pretty light and with the ability to send the object flying its still much better then making an object glow :-) 3 years ago  
become the best hacker in the world (with evil programs of course) 3 years ago +1
I had a Idea a fictional universe does not necessarily have to be something someone else writes but a creation of out own published via self publishing to validate the fictional universe as a published fiction (this way we can create a universe the is perfect to us in every way and have two books to get it just right :-) 3 years ago  
making do with what you have is great, using ones creativity to find new resources to use is even better :-) 3 years ago  
haha always be prepared 3 years ago  
That's some prize corn, the other is some dude who simply abused the american dream multiple times to show just how flawed the system is, basically you can sell out and go bankrupt multiple times owe but never pay numerous investors along the way with each bankruptcy (many were retirement investors with their lifesaving's) and despite all this, be in the running to be a leader of the entire nation like its a safe bet to leave the national economy in the hands of a man who is likely to send the nation into a massive default haha if he gets in USA is doomed and all my relatives in big bear will suffer :-) 3 years ago +1
I can make people fall in love with me and start an army, If my actions are mostly legit and are for the good of the people it makes it hard for people to fight back. 3 years ago  
Harvard university is just a funny example of key and peels ability to take the Micky of everything :-) 3 years ago  
people laugh if your hot enough (also goes for rich and in a position of power) thus combine all three and you have instant laughter in a can :-) 3 years ago  
I guess you've seen home movies and thus are enlightened to its greatness (I've only seen robot chicken between the pairing but maybe will give the other a chance soonish) 3 years ago  
haha this was how i imagined my fast food would be after a nuclear war occurred and the radioactive fallout caused fast food to come to life with superpowers :-) 3 years ago  
I love cowboy bebop but I see the two as different things, The boondocks is the best adult swim show while cowboy bebop is the best of classic anime 3 years ago  
ty 3 years ago  
belly buttons the forth wall/entry of the human body :-) 3 years ago  
don't forget game shops, DVD stores and those Japanese pleasure bots that already exist (not as good as the movies or anime but they suffice and can be improved upon over eternity) 3 years ago  
the emotion is strong in this one, yes I will cry every time I see a rainbow, turn green every time i get a bill and horny every time the wind blows.... hahahaha the wind is blowing :-) 3 years ago +2
But i thought this was rather not highlander, if I knew there could only be one then I would of listened to the gypsy and spared the dolphin of fate that i found swimming in my can of tuna yesterday.... 3 years ago +1
true heroes have hearts of cold to be not swayed by the illusion of self satisfaction evil offers ;-) 3 years ago  
you would get away with so much and no one would suspect a 5 year old of many things a grown up would do (for instance who burnt down the bank and stole all its money.... not the five year old he is a victim and needs ice cream) mwhahahaha 3 years ago  
I would relish eating beans before any dinosaur related movie only to seat in a packed movie cinema making my own sound effects to scare everyone :-) 3 years ago +1
you both seem cool, though i chose you since its your question :-) 3 years ago +1
if i was hot enough i could earn money just strutting down a cat walk for male clothing getting paid to simple be alive and that would be awesome 3 years ago  
the gloves turn to gold and god is conductive so its possible it would be like an extension of your hand 3 years ago  
flirting with her could equate to getting bumped up into first class as a result of a good mile high performance 3 years ago  
the personality s what makes a person nice or evil, appearing to be nice is just a sham evil people use to fool others 3 years ago  
casting water seems useful for population's in need of clean drinking water 3 years ago +1
tldr :-) 3 years ago  
tldr :-) 3 years ago  
Laughing for or against is just a matter of perspective, as most people will laugh for subjective reasons and this means its always open for debate (take the pic of option B, they are pointing in the same direction but clearly the dude on the left is laughing at the dude om the right because he is banging the chic in the middle,this chick in the middle in laughing at the guy on the right for he will never get her and the guy on the right is laughing at both of them because he gets paid more for doing the exact same job as the other two) See very simple they are both laughing at you and at each other. 3 years ago +1
How many times do you plan to ask this question :-) 3 years ago  
The water and being in a hard to get to place makes the act that much more deadly (depending on the height both are deadly without question) its simply more can go wrong with the building for instance, slowed by signs on the way down and saved by people with quick reaction to become wheelchair bound and addicted to painkillers for life. PS: suicide is telling society its won, the best f-you is living and making every day a pain for everyone else :-) 3 years ago  
Easier to pluck (shaving only makes it grow back thicker) its funny how people gold bold from shaving their heads over time but shaving hair on other parts of the body only makes the hair come back stronger and with a vengeance :-) 3 years ago  
I chose option B and that's how I got aids 3 years ago +2
haha which pair of eyes are you referring to :-) 3 years ago  
Somthing sad to read... A law not passed to protect women from fully grown men buy them for sex this is also something that Islam represents and many of the children are bought from groups like ISIS. The reason because it is un-Islamic, yes this is a reason groups like Isis repersent a religion as the religion protects their behaviour. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/bill-aiming-to-ban-child-marriages-shot-down-in-pakistan-as-anti-islamic-and-blasphemous-a6815576.html 3 years ago  
ty 3 years ago  
ty 3 years ago  
5 years of fulfillment would surpass 60 years of unhappiness in many ways the most of all would be the sense of accomplishment vs an empty feeling or regret 3 years ago +1
so arstotzka is some fictional place in a story/game of some sort... 3 years ago  
grass growing is life in motion, paint drying is just the evaporation of moisture causing the paint to bond with the surface of that which was painted, gosh what a boring world we live in :-) 3 years ago +1
Some studies find sex adds to ones life (its like studies for bread one study will contradict the other and it goes back and forward) Positives for sex, exercise, mind and body stimulation which help cognitive thinking and blood flow for a healthy cardiovascular system, burns fat, build stamina, reduces stress, builds confidence and much more. The main downside is if a person is that unfit and that unhealthy before they have sex its a strain on their body which is like a couch potato waking up from a semi coma only to run non stop for a few miles (its basically a case of not being aware of your physical state) otherwise in a normal person all the benefits apply and so sex for most people adds life via a healthy body. 3 years ago +1
enough of it both in my personnel time and at church to see just who stupid the whole thing is (the thing is filled with so many plot holes its crazy how people can take it seriously, not to mention all the crazy crimes people commit in the name of god in the very bible only for it to be seen as a positive teaching) 3 years ago  
Marry Christmas is the perfect first and last name for a stripper, that way Christmas may come to visit many tomes a year :-) 3 years ago +1
its ok if your a cat person then you can say you were just giving a morning treat to your feline companions :-) 3 years ago  
its ok if people don't believe you as you can then "write all the popular songs" and "invent all the best money making tech"and so forth like winning the lottery whenever you want etc. 3 years ago  
I'm surprised more people don't want the tank (I gt the moose bike is popular an american culture is about killing animals and using their dead bodies to decorate stuff) but a tank can also have a moose head shoved on it and hunting the moose is easy with a tank. In fact its not as dangerous to ride as a motorcycle (cars have to watch out for you) and if your late on your home loan repayments they have to deal with you and your tank to kick you out of your home :-) 3 years ago +1
the physical can be greatly improved with the right mind set 3 years ago  
I agree its more rewarding to create something original but if the only reason to write is to make money without working then anything will do if it makes money :-) 3 years ago  
a T-Rex is deadly but mostly safe if your in the right areas (like a strong building with small entrances) where the terminator would not be effected by such trivial things and would most likely kill its target unless of deus-ex machnia intervention (where the terminator practically destroys itself by failing to use its superior environmental scanning ability at the crucial moments) 3 years ago  
Rewrite the script by holding the families of all the wrestling shows executives hostage and forcing them to heed to your demands for how the encounter should play out, tie up hulk hogan do his daughter in front of him while Kanye West is slapped by feminists (you then defeat both as they try and tag team you for revenge) and after the dust settles you rule the fake world of wrestling till it loses popularity for being fake -) 3 years ago  
cheers for pointing out the typo 3 years ago  
its easy troll them while recording the phone call, this way you have something to send to the police to help them find the people doing the scamming. 3 years ago  
all things evolve aver time and can be observed even in modern times, we will eventually become different to what we are know and its g this fact that proves creationism wrong. 3 years ago  
I would take is and use the windfall for whatever i want, this being hiring a lawyer to sue for discrimination and then will ruin the company by taking everything they have :-) 3 years ago +1
The kill la kill world was self destructive (any power you had managed to get would be lost once the alien clothing were defeated and it all becomes moot) while with the fairy tail world any power you get stays and there is so much more to magic that is not bent of eating you then... well clothing that is bent on eating you. 3 years ago  
if one hold all the money and no one else the system would collapse the moment people lost faith in money (it happens the moment they realize the one with all the money has no real way of protecting the money without other peoples help and that can easily be lost and proven in history) you say minor super power then mention like one of superman's powers or the x-men abilities (this is a pretty long list and includes multiple types of heal factors, superman ability to heal from the sun and so forth, even powers like rouges would get a person to this point) That and nothing is perfect and will last forever (immortality and invincibility are just concepts we apply to something that is beyond our current grasp not that they need to actually be those things in perfection close enough is good enough) 3 years ago  
it could also be "you are", but thank you for pointing it out. People will speak of your greatness for years to come (of course it matters little, English will change and people will eventually use emoticons to communicate as its easier) hahahahahaha 3 years ago +1
even his hair is not symmetrical, the guy is simply crazy :-) 3 years ago  
to be honest i never got all the hate that character got from many online communities 3 years ago  
Her religion represents ISIS, she is simply apart of the religion and supports the religion thus has a voice within the religion for change. As i mentioned it takes a community many mosques recruit for extremists and many mosques across the world have been found donating money to groups like ISIS and Boko Harman (rather then simply telling such groups to stop, rallying each place of worship against any form of support is the first step this means finding and naming ans shaming the mosques that do support the terrorists) the second step would be to shut down the income source to the terrorists by finding and naming and shaming the Islamic communities that buy child brides or oil and harvested organs from the terrorists. Lastly I know its easy to be emotional about such an issue, the same things can be said for the inquisition, there were many good Catholics who did not support the burning of witches or the torturing of scientists for blaspheme (so you could say the same thing for them, yet a person chooses what faith they follow and if they follow a faith that promotes horrible things its up to them to define their lives by fighting for a better religion) 3 years ago +4
rise of the tomb raider's fine ass more like it :-) 3 years ago  
This is no different then saying the inquisition did not represent Catholicism, it takes a community to support such people they do not flourish by themselves . The warriors are the frontmen but the community as a whole is what supports its activities from the kidnapping and selling of sex slaves to the hunting down of gays and their murders. Islam is what the catholic church was like in the dark ages bent on the destruction of all other religions under the name of religious purity (the catholic church only calmed down after much bloody infighting and many reformations of church) So far Islam has no mate any major move to do the same and until it does this is the face of Islam (also this is not being racist Islam is a global religion and any one can be Muslim, the same goes for being catholic) 3 years ago +5
if your worried about something silly like that do as they do in the boondocks TV series and just say "no homo" after making your choice :-) 3 years ago  
he will probably be the reason Hillary gets in :-) 3 years ago +1
Option A looks safer while option B looks mystical and with a good chance of an adventure where one gains magical abilities, maybe finds some magic armor and a sword with the power of a god trapped inside for you to wield, maybe a pet dragon or two and a few magical princess to join the party and form a magic harem of awesomeness. 3 years ago +2
sloths are lazy and would likely die due to falling asleep mid air (their entire alliance would die the first migration across water) 3 years ago  
I would make out and then motorboat Emma Watson as she needs some motorboat action as well :-) 3 years ago  
not only better then prison and crawling though sewer pipes to escape one would then be rich and live the life of luxury for the rest of their life. 3 years ago +1
money becomes valueless if it was that easy to make as game logic ignores reality and the inflation that comes with reality. While growing more powerful with each birthday is amazing and means eventually a person would become immortal and would need no money (their needs would be covered by their powers) 3 years ago  
storm is a hot lady and underrated in many ways, also her powers would come in handy and would make simple things like it being too hot or cold a breeze :-) 3 years ago +2
eternity is basically the same as frozen time as time itself becomes irrelevant and all actions carried out are also irrelevant compared to the infinity that one is then living in 3 years ago  
its fake so mostly safe 3 years ago  
both are defiantly worth the view time 3 years ago  
it might make a comeback there is always hope :-) 3 years ago  
yer its pretty much like that 3 years ago  
true at first they looked so badassed then its made clear they are really just softies looking for some payback 3 years ago +1
it had a sort of mediocre ending but it felt in place with the story line which is a rare thing with anime's that create such strong characters 3 years ago +1
amazing and also pretty sad 3 years ago +1
the demon arc was pretty good with lots of progression and it felt pretty tense compared to many of the other arcs 3 years ago +1
ha most music these days is sexual in some way :-) 3 years ago  
the body of the richest person in the world thanks :-) 3 years ago  
when running that fast a jump might not be high but it would carry one a long distance making for some nice long jumps 3 years ago +1
I would sue them for all they had esp if its by the presidents car or equally good the car of someone in the top 10 richest people like bill gates car :-) 3 years ago  
Super Mario maker is an amazing concept and gives a new generation of kids a glimpse into game making from the basics upwards that will inspire them to pursue game making :-) 3 years ago  
haha well played 3 years ago  
not a guarantee but very close 3 years ago  
but are economical and can be recharged on the fly, also they are getting pretty good and can already be used to shoot missiles out of the sky (the speed of light plus pin point accuracy means the missile is down with great efficiency) 3 years ago  
haha who he feels bad for any anime dragon ball goes against :-) 3 years ago  
Round 1 info, Soul Eater beat To Aru Kagaku No Railgun 69% to 31% with 39 votes and No Game No Life beat Nisekoi 69% to 31% with 67 votes 3 years ago  
Round 1 Info, Akuma no Riddle beat Amagami SS 58% to 42% with 33 votes and Sankarea beat Samurai Pizza Cats 54% to 46% with 82 votes 3 years ago  
agreed some pairings will be pretty easy to pick :-) 3 years ago +1
Round 1 info, Gintama beat Ah! My Goddess with 70% to 30% with 30 votes and Inu x Boku beat Honey and Clover 57% to 43% with 49 votes 3 years ago  
Round 1 info, Dragon Ball beat Berserk 83% to 17% with 46 votes and Grenadier beat Gokujo 54% to 46% with 50 votes 3 years ago  
its story gets pretty intense, joker is one badassed villain for sure 3 years ago +1
Round 1 info, One Piece Beat Deadman Wonderland 78% to 22% with 37 votes and Kuroko No Basuke beat Soul Eater Not with 54% to 46% with 54 votes 3 years ago  
I am willing to admit the fillers are crazy long and since the main show has finished the fillers are killing what is left of the anime before it finishes 3 years ago  
Round 1 Info Naruto beat Bleach 59% to 41% with 39 votes and Date A live Beat Dantalian no Shoka 65% to 35% with 34 votes 3 years ago  
it was epic, then the best character had to die.... haha I know the movie version upset many people but it favored L and that made me happy 3 years ago  
Fun results from first round leading to round 2. Death Note beat Fairy Tail 56% to 44% with 41 votes. Rosario Vampire beat HackSign 72% to 28% with 50 votes. 3 years ago  
tax evasion is money the government could spend on creating jobs so people had a place to work 3 years ago  
not sure sure after the end of hellsing ultimate Allucard becomes a being able to rewrite reality itself and is neither her or there so there would be nothing but his projected image to mess with while Dr Manhattan would have his existence rewritten and deleted. 3 years ago  
I can see your point :-) 3 years ago  
true though they would be also easier to get rid of should they upset the wrong people 3 years ago  
the most amazing things are the ones no one knows about as like diamonds the value lies in the rarity, the fewer people who know the more valuable the knowledge become :-) 3 years ago  
totally go back in time and save my uncle then the world would awesome :-) 3 years ago  
It would be tidy and her friends would be easy to chat with :-) 3 years ago  
the problem is I play too many games to be smart thus though i would rather Option b I'm too lazy and an reality am option a :-) 3 years ago  
Riley looks sweet and fun Maya looks more bitc* and high maintenance then anything else :-) 3 years ago  
poor Trish unlike the guy option this is basically one sided, of course we should see the results in a few years when ally has turned crazed from the fame and Trish is a successful business woman winning her way to the top :-) 3 years ago  
I first Knead the dough to buy the dough if you know what i mean or do you Knead more of an explanation as to my poor state of finances i find myself in currently aka my lack of dough :-) 3 years ago  
ghosts are not real, spiders are and they are often poisons so very big difference 3 years ago  
Dogs eat cat poop,this is the food chain right here :-) 3 years ago  
wings are pretty pointless as in this universe there are many ways to fly (just steal flight suite from some tech company for instance) 3 years ago  
both produce waste just different types and both lethal to the environment. 3 years ago  
the poor cute helpless animal now is a tasty dinner :-) 3 years ago  
smart and poor does nothing for a person (money is everything esp when utilizing ones intellect they will be at the mercy of the stupid and rich in getting their ideas funded, while effectively ensuring the success of the stupid and rich at the same time) 3 years ago  
its like a bee sting at least you know you took a lot out of them to do it (though unlike a bee sting he gets his powers back) 3 years ago  
it would play well for a life long sick day and no work :-) 3 years ago  
harry potter and the grab for box-office cash 3 years ago  
like ice cream revenge is also the best way to recover from a sad moment in life (get revenge and then all is well again) 3 years ago  
lawyers have more power int he world and control what a doctor can or can not do though trial law, but doctors contribute more in way of really helping people 3 years ago  
pft whats a little cheating, marriage is mostly an act of convenience so as long as they return home to roost then matters little who they see for fun :-) 3 years ago  
vanilla and for boring people :-) 3 years ago +1
number grades are based on results and are not subjective like the letter grading system 3 years ago  
German shepherds have bad rear legs and one can use this to their advantage in running away (choosing which routs to take to tire them quicker and hurt their hind legs) then turn around and ruthlessly kill them before they recover. 3 years ago  
its not the outside but whats inside that matters... barf :-) 3 years ago  
more things to fight the murder in the mansion 3 years ago  
a machine gun is a knights worst enemy :-) 3 years ago  
its basically anything that's in the house that's edible :-) 3 years ago  
money is pointless when you can take what you want for free 3 years ago  
pft powers are one needs so let it go :-) 3 years ago  
only you find its not the heaven you hoped for but one of the ones that would use you like a slave for not being in their religion hahahaha 3 years ago  
Fight back and being bullied is not so bad 3 years ago  
My girl attracts all the sharks to the bay :-) 3 years ago +1
life favors those who cheat 3 years ago  
star at the sun with heavy cloud cover on a rainy day when its safest to look :-) 3 years ago  
classic was awesome but the new series means new content and that's all that matters :-) 3 years ago +2
you mean people who have no jobs because the economy that thrives on constant growth has hits its growth limit and the economy is unwilling to change to create new jobs (thanks to the republicans that are there only for the 1%) 3 years ago  
I could finally have the uber hot body with none of the effort or hard work :-) 3 years ago  
oops i read it as fight not fight for hahahaha 3 years ago  
the drink's be everlasting life and superpowers and is given only to friends and people who are worthy of such gifts :-) 3 years ago  
Just let it go :-) 3 years ago  
then we would be already gone for in time all things are possible, so at some point i the future time travel would be possible and thus the universe destroyed along with the past and the present, yet this is not the case :-) 3 years ago  
not really creating an idea is not creating of the thing the idea represents only the idea of what is represented in the idea itself 3 years ago  
Zorro did not need the game to be strong, also in the game his strength of will would still be more then a match for kirito who is a nice guy and good at games but just a normal guy 3 years ago  
Crab-Land :-) 3 years ago  
Team b is just too powerful compared to team a which is pretty meh at best 3 years ago  
this is a major reason USA is so messed up idiots like him have power and a lot of pull in the community 3 years ago  
rabbit supp tastes great and rabbits are a pest to farmers 3 years ago  
bring on a one world government then patriotism to the global government would be a good thing as there would no room for discrimination left any where on the planet :-) 3 years ago +1
its not too hard to break a wall by utilising the items in the room 3 years ago  
yes has its benefits if the society one lives in is the giving selfless type, but we live in reality and the fact is saying yes often means we are helping someone else's needs over our own, this is why no is the best world the selfish world we live in (PS: I agree that if more people were selfless the our would would improve but we would also have to deal with the selfish people who would ruin any selfless act for their benefit) 3 years ago +1
and that's their loss, our would is led by the brave not the ones too afraid to take risk (when we look to society its largely a population of people too afraid to move forward despite the fact stagnation is the thing that persistently threatens their way of life in an economy that only thrives on growth) and if time was conquered the majority would never know about it for knowledge is power and the best way to keep that power would be to spread fear to the majority (its Simpy an idea of course till anything is proven either way) 3 years ago  
routine is actually good for the body :-) 3 years ago  
I'm with you on that one, he was basically a retarded example of the worst y generation has to offer :-) 3 years ago  
only if you chose to fear the unknown,its like rolling a dice with a random outcome that could be good or bad, there is no reason to fear rolling the dice itself :-) 3 years ago  
I cant sell it but i sure can waste it on my farm hahahahaha 3 years ago +2
i should check into option b as i know cable and deadpool well but booster gold and the blue beetle seems like it might be worth a looking into 3 years ago  
in the ear for a massive earring or simply a scar to show people 3 years ago  
the wild west was mostly an invasion and a race war, its crazy how its been morphed into something its not. 3 years ago  
its funny how hard people want to believe in things that cant be proven 3 years ago  
my clones will take over the world or just my lounge as they would as lazy as me and nothing would be accomplished :-) 3 years ago  
they shouldn't but its all politics as each organization vies for greater government spending and will invest in politicians in order to try and secure their organisations future and their own pay packets (this mostly applies to the people at the top of any organisation, as for the rest its simply a job) 3 years ago  
swimwear stops the creepy crawlies from entering though the rear entry if you know what i mean :-) 3 years ago  
seems so though if that's the case option b should of been something simpler like, "spend the rest of your life living the YOLO dream" then its guaranteed no one will choose option B :-) 3 years ago  
the medieval/dark-ages times had some of the cruelest forms of torture and death sentences imaginable the worst part is it was the jobs of many religious people to imagine new and horrid ways to kill others as means of instilling fear in the masses against speaking out against religion 3 years ago  
when something is unresponsive in what should be a healthy computer/laptop etc it means something is going wrong and the longer its left to do its thing the bigger the chance its a virus or a critical malfunction that could damage other parts of the system for instance damaging files in the register and so forth 3 years ago  
a paradox is mostly fear of the un-known, just like many other theories proven wrong our understanding of time is just another theory waiting to be corrected. 3 years ago +1
food from nothing would mean infinite money esp as food could mean anything from normal food to life saving cure all food 3 years ago +1
running and finding a weapon is easier then out swimming a force of nature that is made for speed 3 years ago  
It would save time filling in forms i would simply circle the parts that ask to state my name :-) 3 years ago  
freedom from fantasy means less self serving ideologies to guide corrupt politicians into make a quick buck at the expense of everyone. 3 years ago  
just says how tough the camp was on its prisoners 3 years ago  
mine is so small it would not be a problem with there being nothing to see 3 years ago  
I would wear my face with pride and let everyone know i have this face from saving a life of someone i don't know, then would live forever alone as no one cares and thee fact my face is tough to look at (mission accomplished as i prefer forever alone) 3 years ago  
if he is the director then we can expect a ton of action and smooth lines right to the end where we then feel empty and lost without more movie content to keep us going :-) 3 years ago  
both will give extreme constipation so lets just go with the bible made from edible rice paper with edible ink's 3 years ago  
To me its obvious the cannibal is more dangerous as they eat people and to them I'm food, a rapist is a sadistic bastard but at least you live to get revenge in most cases. 3 years ago  
Ali Michael is totally what i would look like if i was a girl who's name was Ali Michael and was actually hot :-) 3 years ago  
I would knock myself over and burn down places with ease :-) 3 years ago  
is this YouTube or porn-tube we are talking about haha 3 years ago  
its already proven a Facebook page with a million likes wont cure anything or turn someone from being a douchebag :-) 3 years ago  
lol watching you have a peek at chu :-) 3 years ago  
The best job in the world is ultimate overload of earth (yep that will be my title and my reign will be supreme) 3 years ago  
as long as they have my best interest then eating healthy is probably for the best 3 years ago +3
Go to eurpoe and help the devil end the world mwahahaha everyone gets to join in on my death mwhahahahaaha 3 years ago  
Censorship only protects the interests of those who are in power and often this means protecting the interests of hateful people with the pretense of being for the people (its easy to say your for the people if the only people you recognise as people are those who toe your ideology) 3 years ago  
Australia is many times more peaceful, has better healthcare, has a better tax system which is slightly fairer (still favors the rich but to a less degree then USA) guns are a rarity and racism is minimal, most Australians don't live in fear and will help each other out. 3 years ago +1
poor misty was then replaced for a endless stream of side girls, ash sure did catch them all and not just the Pokemon :-) 3 years ago  
The Bermuda triangle is mostly myth and contender, Pirates are real and are unforgiving 3 years ago +1
That's a Gnarly Idea, lets do it :-) 3 years ago +1
its better to be able to blame misfortune on someone else, though to be at the mercy of someones else's mistakes is often a mistake of our own :-) 3 years ago  
we need our dreams to sort out the problems given to us by reality, its apart of our coping mechanism and is vital for a healthy state of mind 3 years ago  
the tats are awesome 3 years ago  
you have to give them gold that way when you chase them down with your balls of flame you have something to loot mwhahahahaha 3 years ago  
Ty for the the second link it makes a lot more sense now, and seems like a nice way of keeping active consistent with the quality of the comments high. should be fun to see progress. 3 years ago  
haha I would die a happy death from over consumption while the world suffers its most dreaded doomsday prophesy of all and that's a world without chocolate leading to the end of civilization as we know it :-) 3 years ago +1
It mentions a little of the history but not of how a contender gets eliminated or the rules about the challenge itself (clarifying the details would make it more interesting to follow) 3 years ago  
pointless 3 years ago  
One is a problem due to mass ignorance and a lack of funding the other is a deliberate act of human aggression that showcases the plight of women in third world nations and how they are used like livestock to fuel the machine of extremist domination. 3 years ago  
you don't need to rule the world when it grovels in fear of your wrath, eternal-omnipotence for the win 3 years ago  
yep ransom him to the community that wants to see justice done and make a ton more money 3 years ago  
pitbulls have the lock jaw so the bit would mean its stuck till the rabies gets you good 3 years ago  
so true, it was an epic troll to say the least 3 years ago +1
a boring life would make for some pathetic re-runs 3 years ago  
funny how being right wing means you feel the need to put nice sounding terms before it like right wing wont sound good enough by itself :-) 3 years ago  
tasting the rainbow is not as enticing as the break in which the compulsion to over eat is real :-) 3 years ago  
I cant believe I almost missed out on these two, I should repent for my sins :-) 3 years ago  
great minds think alike :-) 3 years ago  
so this is the next season to the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya :-) 3 years ago  
Friday comes around and you know this is the day Ice cube made, so let us give thanks, get high and do nothing but sit in our front yards looking at all the crazy stuff that happens on our street :-) 3 years ago  
haha save the cheerleader save the world, of course I would let the world burn and save Dakota Fanning first :-) 3 years ago  
yes but she has a really cute face that say she is a sweetie, option b has a mean looking resting bitc# face hahahahaha 3 years ago  
this is a tough one as both are are solid defenses, I would chose option b as I would focus on only taking one target at a time and like the idea of no damage from spells, choosing to run away if a spell gets though :-) (PS: I'm also a gambler at heart and like the all or nothing equation over the safe option) 3 years ago  
agreed they are amazing we have two at the moment and both are awesomely affectionate, they don't damage the house and they both use the litter box to the point they even go inside from the back yard just to use the litter box hahah it annoys the other housemates but i think its awesome (as that's just how classy cats are) 3 years ago +1
its an awesome word that's addictive to say, we should team up and bring it back (its either nifty or we can bring back something random from the 60's,70's, 80's) 3 years ago +1
Usmanc is just like anime, super awesome, so listen to him young grasshopper and you will go far :-) 3 years ago +1
I know what you mean about the wood, esp in rural communities where there is plenty of fallen trees to chop up for free fire wood then this is the best method (and can make a bit of side money selling the extra firewood to people who live closer to metropolitan areas who don't have easy access to fire wood (my dad does this and on the colder winters apparently makes more from this then his main job) 3 years ago  
hulk is written fairly like superman his potential is infinite and he only gets stronger as the fight progresses so unless the opponent was superman or another hulk then its always hulk or a tie vs another hulk 3 years ago +1
I think it looks like the reaper but the problem for the reaper is its designed to take on armies of weaker opponents as a group not one opponent too small and fast to hit, also being small means Mewtwo can invade the reaper from the inside and win. PS: keep in mind a single player could take down a reaper with strong weapons lying around the battlefield and known of mewtwo's powers (this means mewtwo could infuse the weapons picked up for massive boost yep wins for sure) 3 years ago  
the description does paint a bad picture for jinx :-) 3 years ago  
agreed, his character development was going so well and if he lived he could of done so much for the show 3 years ago  
I'm surprised there aren't more votes for for Salma Hayek she is an amazing woman :-) 3 years ago  
poor lizard, getting angry too much would kill it 3 years ago  
Storm could create a vacuum though atmospheric pressure, this would put the human touch in a bind then lighting would do the rest. 3 years ago  
I would assume modern times, the most obvious environmental risk is breathing in the fumes (the general system would have it out a chimney but neighbors would complain to the council) the modern oil systems would be mostly electric heating the oil in the piping to the right temperature and convention carries the heat throughout the system, uses very little and whats used is atomized as a result of long term use so is pretty clean) and that's true most homes would just have a central heating system (the oil one i mentioned would be the only option that can still compete on being cheap to run) 3 years ago  
Pink would decimate Lady gaga (one is a rock goddess and the other is a well rehearsed pretender that wears crazy clothing) 3 years ago  
its like how it is now, there are no laws only the rules enforced to those who are not privileged enough to do whatever they want. 3 years ago  
that is a wise way to look at the equation, the efficiency i imagine would also be effected by the heating systems in question the more costly the system the better efficiency. Oil tends to be a cleaner source of energy then even the clean types of coal (clean coal is mostly a sham and involves a large environmental cost before its even burnt) 3 years ago  
being born again is a waste when you have no memories of the past life. But being a ghost you can posses people and have the ability to see out ones ambitions with the luxury of time. 3 years ago  
I'd shoot it.... a smile :-) 3 years ago +1
ty :-) 3 years ago  
its all about the supplies, I will horde my supplies like there was no tomorrow :-) 3 years ago  
the funny thing is Catholics are already symbolic cannibals out in the open, each Sunday they eat the body and drink the blood of the one they call their savor like this is a normal thing to do and society accepts it as well... crazy to say the least. 3 years ago  
the chance of death triples but the overall experience would still be better then dealing with customs, angry airport staff, rude flight staff and so forth 3 years ago  
To take a life in cold blood is to not only destroy the life in question but the lives of those who depended on and those who cared for the one killed. also the cost for the system to give a life sentence is great (this money could of gone to things like education and health care to prevent such killers as a killer is often one who needs mental health care and needs an education) 3 years ago  
I wonder about the quantity of the food and the limits of the food created for instance creating a type of food that feeds a person for a lifetime and has all the nutrients they will ever need, and the amount large enough to feed many people with each creation. then there would be the progressive improvement on the food created as well :-) 3 years ago  
After getting down to this point i would risk it all for the 1 million rather then live my life with possible regret (I know the 50% chance of loosing it all is also regrettable but it was never real till its in the bank) 3 years ago  
SNL is more consistent with its comedy then Mad TV (that and MAD TV was only good in its early years now it tries too hard and is to geo-specfic for its humor to be anything but in house) 3 years ago  
marvel creates hope, Facebook creates an illusion of friends while siphoning everyone data to the point an algorithm can predict people lives with alarming accuracy 3 years ago  
Cat 3 years ago  
So true and its a drug that the government approves and find beneficial which is also kinda scary 3 years ago +1
Link would only win if he has the support of the princess of time, but in a one on one Sora has the ability to open and lock worlds as well as the powers in other people/entries this means Sora would be able to shut down the triforce and without the princess of times intervention Link would be helpless. 3 years ago  
lets see 1) its apart of my soul and will never leave my persons but can be concealed in my soul for transportation purposes 2)makes me into a god able to create from nothing (gods are immortal) 3)allows me to steal the souls and the power's of the people I kill and weapons I destroy with the sword adding those power's to my own. yep all in all one nifty sword and like highlander there can only be one mwhahahaha 3 years ago +2
that's a tasty picture of pizza 3 years ago +1
Pizza tastes good hot and cold so you know its a good thing :-) 3 years ago  
haha I have a feeling trump would spend most of the time combing his hair back into position (that and the hair is evil very evil so it might try and eat my soul) 3 years ago +1
the world we live in now costs the lives of so many people on a daily basis and its killing the planet we are living on so to stay this course is to see everyone die eventually anyways, a utopia would remember the sacrifices paid to get there and would be a awesome place to live for everyone 3 years ago  
good guys make a lot of noise but tend to get nothing done 3 years ago  
then I say well played :-) 3 years ago  
yer it will be a long one :-) 3 years ago  
Could be, the source i copied from said this but wiki's tend to be wrong a bunch of the time 3 years ago  
ps maybe best anime quotes should also be a tournament (though prob already done) 3 years ago  
and i thought i would need to go full quote and do this "Mark my words! This drill will open a hole in the universe! And that hole will be a path for those behind us! The dreams of those who've fallen! The hopes of those who'll follow! Those two sets of dreams weave together into a double helix! Drilling a path towards tomorrow! And that's Tengen Toppa! That's Gurren Lagann!! My drill is the drill...that creates the heavens!!!" the show is epic and deserves credit :-) 3 years ago  
maybe you should do this https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/ee/13/5e/ee135e6339ced90b6ceecc08315b867a.jpg :-) 3 years ago  
I agree its is a tough pairing 3 years ago  
yay one piece (though Gurren Lagann is also good :-) 3 years ago  
lol noooooo I'm soooo slow :-) 3 years ago  
done :-) 3 years ago  
be sure to have a check out of the links you might like them :-) 3 years ago  
sorrys, don't mean to sound full on :-) 3 years ago  
one I pair it up it will be added :-) 3 years ago  
haha the navy is doomed its all about the air force (esp once planes get themselves solar fuel systems meaning almost no need for aircraft carriers) that and pilots get more respect then people in the navy who get nothing but jokes about sump oil and desperate out in the sea man on man action :-) 3 years ago  
less people to deal with during the quiet hours also depending on where one lives everything (except the grocery store) is closed which means saving a ton of money of un-needed spending 3 years ago  
so true, flap them arm flaps like a bird and be free :-) 3 years ago  
not sure if it means having his weakness as well 3 years ago  
By request two more enter the fray: round 2 will begin in about 2-3 days :-) 3 years ago  
true that without motivation lacking the will to live is a deadly problem is such situations 3 years ago  
apparently Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation but it did not mention further (also this is assuming water is involved) that and most people tend to overeat compared to their dietary needs so the chock to the system would cause other complications like bodily shutdown vital organs killing off many less fit people who eat too much very quickly :-) 3 years ago  
velo would make a awesome pet and velo is his name :-) 3 years ago +1
The problem with option B is its mostly an illusion (those born to power will be only further empowered over everyone else as it is already evident in our current society) privilege means everything in a system is designed to protect such people at the cost of those who are not privileged. 3 years ago +1
some crimes do deserve this, when one takes so much yet in return becomes a burden to society its a lose lose for society (even reforming this person is a loss as that money could of been spent on someone who deserves it, for instance any veteran who is homeless deserves it more then one who killed multiple people in cold blood) 3 years ago  
you go lol but in my world i would play hard to get and take many dates just to get my number yep cant wait for the good time to roll (there is also a good chance i would still be forever alone haha) 3 years ago  
if only that worked, got drunk and punched the boss CTRL-Z for the win 3 years ago  
I would throw that dog right into the pound window like it was a drive though and then stick with cats :-) 3 years ago +1
attacking before they power up would end so many fights in both anime and manga 3 years ago  
option a is limited (funny but limited in use) while option b can be used in almost any situation for instance what will we eat tonight chicken or steak "Why not both?" and everyone then sings and dances while i eat everyones food hahahaha 3 years ago  
gah i tend to answer before i think, back in time rocks as we would be gods with modern knowledge the future would be cool but we would be nobodies 3 years ago +1
the fun is over with the orgasm so this just means more fun and less babies :-) 3 years ago  
sell the tech for food :-) 3 years ago  
yep both though its nice so see the flip side for a change of pace and being in a world where i get asked out have my dates paid for would be awesome 3 years ago  
time travel for sure that way i can then steal tech from the future and call it my own :-) 3 years ago  
sure but food waste makes great fertilizer which is good for future crops ;-) 3 years ago +1
High five 3 years ago  
yes how else do people know I'm crazy? and it leads to the why so serious quotes I love so much, speaking of which "why so serious :-)" 3 years ago  
done :-) 3 years ago  
nope but I do a great impression of gravity.... :-) 3 years ago  
hahahaha.... wait the funny part is i don't even have an account and have never perused the Reddit website. but in my lack of knowledge of all things sarcastic I will take Weeb as a compliment :-) 3 years ago  
controlling minds would help prevent the creation of many diseases (many diseases are man made in the modern era) 3 years ago +1
I forgot leg and everything else day..... drats so that's why i cant lift :-) 3 years ago  
haha its "TLDR" my good sir :-) 3 years ago  
I do data research for a small marketing company (mostly compiling the questionnaire's, the reason for sift rotation is our company's main client is sing tell so they want us available for each timezone they operate in) its easy but also boring as hell :-) 3 years ago +1
haha normally i would agree, but after doing shift work with a 24 hour shift rotation I have already lost most of my sense of time (one day may start from 3am to 11pm and then a few shifts later I'm starting the day at 10pm to 4pm the next day (its rough on the system though in fairness the length of the work day is also because i then spend too much time on the internet or watching anime) 3 years ago  
gotta love troll endings ;-) 3 years ago  
we should go into business together should this question come true and can call our business the Silent P (gotta love silent letters) unless you have a better idea 3 years ago +1
yay I have the dance fever..... now I'm dead :-) 3 years ago  
what about attaching USB sticks to pterodactyls and calling it the internet when they are sent from one place to another :-) 3 years ago +1
my foes be green with envy :-) 3 years ago  
our earth is but a small piece in the bigger picture and its the sooner humanity is free from this small place the better for our long term evolution :-) 3 years ago +1
direction can be so important esp when lost in new places :-) 3 years ago +1
I would prevent the dinosaurs from going extinct just to see what life would be like :-) 3 years ago +1
back stroke for the win its slow but steady 3 years ago +1
haha somehow it becomes more painful then just falling :-) 3 years ago  
I have finished the list and will get some rest with this one, there is a few days before i start to move the contenders to round two (in order of listing) so be sure to let me know if there is an anime title i missed out on (I try to keep up with the requests but if it slipped though then send a pm and i will add it for you). This is my first Tournament on rather so i hope I'm not messing it up (let me know and I will try to adjust) apart from that 39 hours of being awake must come to and end :-) 3 years ago  
Ty :-) 3 years ago  
haha well said 3 years ago  
PS: I agree his arousal power is pretty op :-) 3 years ago  
Yep each title is mostly a representation of its respective series (it saves on listing multiple of the same series and from confusion) 3 years ago  
its certainly a classic :-) 3 years ago +1
sorrys did not mean to seem like i was only trying to find fault (I chose it as it was the more entertaining of the two and because it was touching) I suppose its the tricky part of separating self from main character be being like "wow i would of done that differently" :-) 3 years ago  
my first anime and its still dear to me (Sankarea was also epic and quite touching) 3 years ago  
I totally get you living in a game would be awesome, but the idea of risking insanity to create a perfect world where everyone you care for is happy is pretty tough to beat 3 years ago  
its ambiguous but i think its produced with a Japanese firm (though its debated a lot) 3 years ago  
done :-) 3 years ago  
agreed there was a lot of blood lost in the course of the anime :-) 3 years ago  
sad face, and it gets awkward haha sorrys (super tired) 3 years ago  
hmmm good point i can add it (was not sure which classification to give it but its awesome so in it goes) though i might leave out stuff like family guy and so forth as they would decimate the selection (but would make a good tournament of their own) 3 years ago  
possibly a little, possibly while I'm at work and possibly while I'm in any situation where watching anime would be seen as a bad idea (ex: during dinner on my phone at family reunion hahaha) 3 years ago  
we need a lot more of him in the world 3 years ago  
funny you say that its up next :-) 3 years ago  
if only Afro was a longer series :-) 3 years ago  
in a way its anime's version of the black spider suite except it drinks peoples blood 3 years ago  
I aim to please :-) 3 years ago  
I like your opinion :-) 3 years ago  
done (K project was added as K Anime) I'll mix them with the remaining few in the list (if there are more be sure to let me know the list is almost done for round 1 :-) 3 years ago  
samurai pizza cats was my first anime (i know it borderlines cartoon in many people opinion but its still considered my first) 3 years ago  
first anime's are hard to replace 3 years ago  
Im guessing its the white hair, that and his big "guns" hahahahaha 3 years ago  
Maid Guy is the type of maid that would put chuck Norris to the test haha 3 years ago  
shame its never been continued as it was left hanging with a lot of potential 3 years ago  
ill admit I'm pretty tired so am probably not making any sense (only staying up to finish the list before it grows further) 3 years ago  
well played :-) 3 years ago  
the funny part is option b suites the that title more than a which is more slice of life 3 years ago  
its funny how this is the more hentai of the two while the first is more slice of life 3 years ago  
its tough sometimes when the show builds too high too early 3 years ago  
oops, Ty for the heads up :-) 3 years ago +1
yep it seems to be a flash thing rather then an anime drats, but ill look a bit more later and see what i can find 3 years ago  
haha i did but was mostly newgrounds stuff 3 years ago  
added :-) 3 years ago  
Bible black is hentai so not really good for the anime tournament would you have a link for Zone Tan? as I'm not sure i heard of it before so can add it if you want 3 years ago  
haha this is my answer https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/a6/33/58/a633581c2a6233b14cef64fa4b65b300.jpg real men don't get cut by being lumped with the wrong crowd :-) 3 years ago  
haha I know right man up and kill some monsters and then relax and teach his ladies some respect (man if it went this route it would of been so much more epic, not saying it was not epic to begin with) 3 years ago  
its this http://img.memecdn.com/this-is-why-we-anime-is-awesome_o_3986471.jpg 3 years ago  
In my heart Neon Genesis holds a special place but the Monogatari series is epic (but not likely to make it too far) 3 years ago  
hehe I a machine driven to spread the word of anime though the list is almost done :-) 3 years ago  
some epic pictures :-) 3 years ago  
good point ;-) 3 years ago  
two good anime's side by side :-) 3 years ago  
both are worth a watching :-) 3 years ago  
the crazy part is its apparently about half way though and i think that was at 675 episodes in and now at 724 3 years ago  
its one of the few shows to go on forever like one piece for example 3 years ago  
I know right he is such a lucky guy, makes me jelly haha 3 years ago +1
np's, though fret not when it comes to requests and stuff like that i like to put in effort :-) 3 years ago  
yer the action scenes were full on 3 years ago  
true it was a lot deeper in meaning i only choose mew mew because i love cats haha 3 years ago +1
haha Highschool dxd is in the to add list but only for filler for round one and Boku no Pico will never make it to the list (I try to be accepting but some traps are best left in the dark dungeons they were spawned from hahaha) 3 years ago  
That i can agree to, it does happen quite often greed creates clones for that quick buck :-) 3 years ago  
I feel bad for A as any matching would of had it tough with hellsing 3 years ago  
Bokura is about a girl who lives to read and a guy who is head over heals for her (lots of awkward moments) Boku Wa is about people who don't have many friends being unusual compared to most (though they each are pretty interesting) also its basically a harem show :-) 3 years ago +1
done :-) also did you want them in the same pairing or mixed with some of the remaining anime's? 3 years ago  
fist bump :-) 3 years ago  
and here it is Hellsing the story of the badass vampire :-) 3 years ago  
luckily for you Ouran has solid fan base (I should know some of the gals i know re watch it regularly while getting drunk on cheep wine it's pretty funny) :-) 3 years ago  
haha nice :-) 3 years ago  
it was a very fun and cutesy anime, BTW if it feels in not giving enough of Showing for the girl anime's be sure to name some of your favorites and i can add em to the tournament and will even look for awesome pics to help them get votes :-) 3 years ago  
haha i tend to be bad at those so I'll try and let you have your fun :-) 3 years ago  
https://www.rrrather.com/view/166804 just with the other name 3 years ago  
nooooooo, but is cool i respect your opinion :-) 3 years ago +1
cheers :-) 3 years ago  
its cool i recover quickly :-) 3 years ago +1
option a is a lie both sides are in cahoots and are equally evil :-) 3 years ago  
gah this was a tough choice :-) 3 years ago +1
:-( 3 years ago  
that's a tough decision for me i find both pretty equal detective L was epic 3 years ago  
Gungrave was a solid anime and is worth a mention but Akira is legendary and the pic i found was baddass too :-) 3 years ago  
Code Geass will be tough to beat for those who've seen it :-) 3 years ago  
yay getting close to the end of round one contestants though there is still time to add new contenders :-) 3 years ago  
that's a bold claim, I like it :-) 3 years ago  
and thus Gangsta enters the fray :-) 3 years ago  
two funny anime's :-) 3 years ago  
another tough pairing :-) 3 years ago  
pretty much though it did not pull the punches which made it pretty awesome 3 years ago  
it speeds up a bit esp with season 2 3 years ago +1
yer that's the safe option 3 years ago +1
gah you somehow just made me shudder and that's rare WTH :-) 3 years ago +1
this is also a good pairing though psycho-pass gets my vote in the end :-) 3 years ago  
Ty for the link, funny moments should never be forgotten :-) 3 years ago +1
wait you mean my SAO biscuit is soggy from the tears of children mwhahahahaha 3 years ago +1
mwhahaha and now Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is added to the list :-) 3 years ago  
I admit it was overrated but it did have its moments ;-) 3 years ago  
its looking good for Inuyasha :-) 3 years ago  
done :-) 3 years ago  
all their stories were so sad then as you make a good point of the ending threw out something even sadder, I agree normally I'm resistant to sad stories but this one really dug in :-) 3 years ago  
are awesome :-) 3 years ago  
you mean how pointlessly sad it was and how many of the tragedies could be seen a mile away from one who was supposed to be street wise and used to living in a dark world (the only think i don't like is how the school kids were let down when they needed the most protection) 3 years ago  
ty your awesome :-) 3 years ago +1
done :-) 3 years ago  
his love for Goku was awesome :-) 3 years ago +1
the land tax's is considered a utility by most and that's pretty expensive also there are high security costs thanks to a mansion being a high profile target yep living small has its rewards esp when its not guaranteed that one will have a matching income to sustain the costs :-) 3 years ago  
will prob get some rest before adding the second half of the round one anime, but fear not the list grows :-) 3 years ago  
it gets pretty intense :-) 3 years ago  
done and on their way, and great choices of anime :-) 3 years ago  
both are good, though Cromartie high school holds a special place in my funny bone :-) 3 years ago +1
this is a tough one as Yu Yu Hakusho was awesome as well 3 years ago  
and i share the love for this anime it was epic well paced and its one of those anime that becomes a marathon worth watching in one sitting without even realizing it :-) 3 years ago +1
haha you could always promote the heck out of it for extra votes :-) 3 years ago  
done :-) 3 years ago  
that's cool sometimes its quality over quantity :-) 3 years ago  
done :-) 3 years ago  
Maken-ki is comedy and lots of fan service while Mawaru Penguindrum is comedy a little fan service but also some sad moments 3 years ago  
brock makes the show that and team rocket :-) 3 years ago  
done :-) 3 years ago  
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