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Warm Greetings: Currently without normal internet access for personnel use will be back soonish and apologize for putting the anime tournament on such a long hold (Moving house can be quite the pain in the rear end somtimes) Kind Regards Michael

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    wealth cant buy immortality 1 year ago  
    knowing the date would allow a much more fast and furious style of living, and when the time came up it would mean getting a bunch of credit from every source imaginable (especially the illegal kind) and then spend it up like a king knowing there would be no real consequences mwhahaha 1 year ago  
    like others i agree the problem with a world with no "problems" is the fact we are not ruling it 1 year ago  
    i can only imagine the technological know how i could bring back to the present to become the richest person on the planet and rule the world mwhahaha 1 year ago  
    who needs money with unlimited power, after all money is just a motivator and not the end result. 1 year ago  
    to be fair one would also need to have an assurance that the money given to the needy families would not be instantly taken by thug warlords (as rampant crime is a major reason things are so tough for the poor families) 1 year ago  
    magic of even a nobody wizard could make them a billionaire, the only reason no body wizards don't realize this is due to a lack of imagination. while sure anyone with motivation can become rich magic reduces the greatest barrier of all and that's the effort barrier ^-^ 1 year ago  
    to be honest the big bang is just a working theory and its ironically the religious the require the big bang to be seen as a faith held concept. 1 year ago  
    the lightsaber can be used in many ways to improve the lives of many people not just starving African children but starving children of every nationality 1 year ago  
    you mean people who have no jobs because the economy that thrives on constant growth has hits its growth limit and the economy is unwilling to change to create new jobs (thanks to the republicans that are there only for the 1%)  
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