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Which do rather watch? Casino Royale (2006) or Skyfall (2012) 4 years ago 156 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which is better in you opinion? Batman (1989) or Batman Begins (2005) 4 years ago 223 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who is better? Robin or Nightwing 4 years ago 228 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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not even a hard question, raiders of the lost ark is the best film of all time. 4 years ago  
i am one 4 years ago  
Aerosmith 4 years ago  
Yeah being gay ( definition, happy) plus you can't really become "gay", can you? 4 years ago +7
Question is would you go for a celeb you would want to meet ( robert d jr, Cumberbatch) or a celeb you could form a emotional and sexual relationship with ( emily blunt, emma Watson, scarlet johnanson, Jennifer Lawrence...). 4 years ago  
because I care about sound quality 4 years ago  
bose 4 years ago  
can't swim 4 years ago  
doesn't say when i become rich, if i become rich at 100 it would be great. 4 years ago  
but in terms of characterizations which is better Robin as we see him or the Nightwing version of Jason Todd, D. Grayson, Damien Wayne ... 4 years ago  
he is holding the fetus in his hand, its dead already 4 years ago +2
rocks is amazing, last child, back in the saddle, get the lead out, home tonight and nobody's fault are out of this world. 4 years ago  
batman begins is a much better film, i love both and now i think i have to watch the dark knight rises again . 4 years ago +2
robin is the classic but night wing brings a darker tone, reminds me of daredevil a bit. 4 years ago  
i really like both but indy is the winner by a landslide 4 years ago  
32% of people must have made a mistake when selecting the original sequel, please let that be the answer. 4 years ago  
which could kill you, oh look the salt 4 years ago +1
if joffery can die so can beiber as king 4 years ago +1
all animals are wonderful, cats however are for more intelligent and loving people. 4 years ago +1
pandas are endangered 4 years ago +1
it wouldn't be me, my life would be gone and after that what kind of future would it be for you. 4 years ago +2
this shouldn't even be a contest 4 years ago  
there is no afterlife, easy 4 years ago  
more likely of being real. 4 years ago +2
it would be cool option 4 years ago  
comics: DC , films: Marvel 4 years ago  
doesn't say what i have to kill, could be a suffering animal. 4 years ago +1
avengers is a 9.4 on my opinion compared to a 8.6 in rises 4 years ago  
wow 50/50 4 years ago  
avatar is not even a great film 4 years ago  
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