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    Don't have a daughter.  
    Cubby Custard!!!  
    Did anyone actually read the descriptions in each of the pictures? +1
    I should've picked Klauss Barbie for that exact reason.  
    I worked as a dish washer for about 2 years.  
    Depends on the situation.  
    They're from harry potter if you've read the books or have watched the movies.  
    That sound's pretty racist.  
    Don't care.  
    They're both pretty good cameras.  
    Anyone ever heard of Popeye?  
    Celebrate Holi with a gas mask.  
    Have you ever heard the song "Your Guts, I Hate Em," by Reel Big Fish?  
    Follow who?  
    I honestly think anyone can rap better than Nicki, because she isn't that good of a rapper.  
    You're from the UK, how can you hate the Beetles?  
    Friken idiot you forgot bow hunting skill. Gosh  
    It's pretty much the same thing.  
    Eminem doesn't sound ridiculous when he raps. +1
    Luna, I think she's cuter.  
    What's the situation?  
    What's the situation?  
    Don't care.  
    Don't care ether way.  
    I got a speeding ticket.  
    I like Both.  
    If I had to choose.  
    I don't like ether of them.  
    I've made a mistake.  
    Free sh*t.  
    That sounds pretty racist.  
    I'm a libertarian.  
    To comment.  
    I would give some but not all.  
    I've never seen Breaking Bad.  
    Well played.  
    He's got tiger blood.  
    Germany for the beer.  
    I'll always pick truth in that game.  
    Yes, yes it is.  
    The Simpsons isn't racist.  
    Can I choose both?  
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