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    phillies!!!! but yankees suckkkk so red sox 7 years ago +1
    i have lightish hair and green eyes ive always wanted natural dark hair and eyes 7 years ago  
    i think its actually love=trust because if you love some one you will more likely trust them but if you trust someone you aren't always going yo love them 7 years ago +1
    wouldnt be real love.. 7 years ago  
    a better version of skype, you dont have to pay to have more then two people to a chat and the quality is better 7 years ago  
    that isnt jessica simpson haha 7 years ago +7
    gibson=classic fenders are nice but a true guitarist would know the difference for which is better:) 7 years ago  
    i would freeze time with the one i love:) 7 years ago +2
    rocks 7 years ago  
    to skip it you had the hit the button on the right so technically you would've answered right 7 years ago +3
    i dont even know you but you are my favorite person on this website haha 7 years ago  
    baseball is america's past time:) i think it is the best sport:) 7 years ago +1
    texas sucks!! BOOMER SOONER OU!!:) 7 years ago  
    i have boobs too, doesnt mean you need clothes and besides think about it you would have to shower with clothes on 7 years ago  
    im a girl and im straight but really a hobo foot who the hell would lick a hobo's foot i mean yeah it'd be gross to lick a girls boobs but i would rather do that then lick a hobo's foot and get sick 7 years ago  
    well then.. i did not read the get aids part XP 7 years ago  
    they would both be horrible but burin alive would be quicker 7 years ago +1
    why does it matter how much money someone has? anyone that chooses the douchebag but rich is just shallow in my opinion 7 years ago +1
    that was the hardest one for me so far 7 years ago  
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