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um my imaginary friends Alison Harmon and Nora Wilson are offended. #iseedeadpeople 4 years ago  
I know I never NOT say this but OPPISITE DAY!!! 4 years ago  
I'd get attacked... with LOVE! 4 years ago  
well on a scale of 1 to 10 of moronity I guess a 4 is good. 4 years ago  
um did anybody in the 7% see the Halloween opening scene? 4 years ago  
like this if you chose b because you love stomping in puddles. 4 years ago  
um I'm an only child. SO. I. WIN. 4 years ago  
well maybe if it would be for a day I wouldn't mind being male, but female is just fine for me. 4 years ago  
aw but I love little dogs :( 4 years ago  
well maybe medium-sized. yeah, medium size is good. 4 years ago  
just so you know I'm sarcastic on occasion, like now. 4 years ago +1
I don't see why everybody cares about gay marriage. it's just like straight marriage, but the two lawfully wedded are the same gender. why do people think gay marriage is bad JUST BECAUSE the lucky ones are both male or both female? 4 years ago  
you'd be hated either way, you know. 4 years ago  
well it's the truth. 4 years ago  
it's opposite day so I WIN. 4 years ago  
yeah um psych. 4 years ago  
it is settled: I am MS.HITLER! wow that was worth it. 4 years ago  
Bryan says You can't change it back. You are Mr. or Mrs. Hitler from now on. yeah um nope. 4 years ago  
hmmm... molly-c Hitler... actually, that might work. 4 years ago  
wow. 52% of people refuse to be mr. or mrs. Hitler JUST because it Adolf's last name so much they'll give up CHOCOLATE. 4 years ago  
jack> Hannibal?! 4 years ago  
I like him it's just that he's kind of offensive sometimes. 4 years ago  
can I wear gloves? 4 years ago  
I loved your show. 4 years ago  
did you see Carrie? 4 years ago  
those teeth on b look YUCKY! 4 years ago  
I guess they don't always fight. 4 years ago  
i love dogs as well! 4 years ago +1
dogs nails are bigger and duller so it wouldn't really hurt my grandma's cat scratched me and It hurt. 4 years ago +1
who is Harley Quinn? 4 years ago  
yeah! 4 years ago  
why do these exist? 4 years ago  
black cats aren't bad luck. 4 years ago  
I love both. 4 years ago  
yep. 4 years ago  
all I have to do to live in saw is make sure I don't need to rely on another person. in final destination, you can't live. 4 years ago  
I want to be able to LIVE. now if I have to rely on another person, I don't trust them, but if I have to save myself, it's all good. 4 years ago  
horizontal. PROBLEM SOLVED! 4 years ago  
what? it's just liking yourself! 4 years ago  
I like this one because it seems like a slasher film, but it isn't quite... 4 years ago +1
saw is a classic. 4 years ago +1
this one I can see myself in. me in the OTHER one? HAHAHAHAHAHA! 4 years ago  
oops I accidentally clicked on this one! 4 years ago  
I know how I have a thing for prom-like dresses! 4 years ago  
this was hard but... this one. 4 years ago +2
I don't really like pink the most. 4 years ago  
I guess I prefer it! 4 years ago  
I like this one because It's shiny (right?) 4 years ago +2
looks nice! 4 years ago  
cats < dogs? heartbreaking. :( 4 years ago +5
I love to laugh! 4 years ago  
if you had Edward I wouldn't be doing this. 4 years ago  
:'( 4 years ago +1
I kinda grew up on goosebumps so yeah. 4 years ago  
54% a nightmare on elm street > 46% Friday the 13th yeah that's about right. 4 years ago +2
I love scary movies! 4 years ago +5
I like both. 4 years ago  
oh my. 4 years ago  
I love soda! 4 years ago  
she looks a little like me O.O 4 years ago  
I like unicorns and they deserve freedom. 4 years ago +3
they just freak me out unless I mute it. 4 years ago  
OoO 4 years ago  
come on! 58% for Jason! I am heartbroken. just heartbroken. 4 years ago  
Michael Myers is a classic. 4 years ago +1
pinhead. sorry chucky. 4 years ago  
Freddy Krueger wins. no doubt. 4 years ago  
that pic on the right is awesome and ghostface is not too scary. well, not for me. 4 years ago  
O.O 4 years ago  
I don't hate you, norman, Hannibal just... wins. 4 years ago  
Jason just doesn't scare me. he's been overly sequeled, and I hear the remake is bad. 4 years ago  
those clowns... just... pennywise, you win. 4 years ago  
10 sequels > 6 sequels. sorry chucky. 4 years ago  
wow. 73% against this guy. I'm heartbroken. :( 4 years ago  
I want to play a game. 4 years ago  
she can kill you with a look. *turns around and dies of samara* 4 years ago  
0o0 4 years ago  
he stares into your soul. 4 years ago  
yay! 4 years ago  
pretty! 4 years ago  
OoO 4 years ago  
O.O 4 years ago  
:) I don't hate smile dog though. 4 years ago  
O.O 4 years ago  
what is street outlaws? 4 years ago  
um, I'm confused. 4 years ago  
:) giggle at the ghosties! 4 years ago  
that cinnamon challenge is dangerous! 4 years ago  
why. 4 years ago  
woah. 4 years ago  
troll. 4 years ago +1
um don't those exist already? 4 years ago  
oh my gosh survivors you could have pulled a Hannibal lector on ANYBODY why ME?! 4 years ago  
hm... boy life for a day wouldn't hurt. 4 years ago  
I love Ariana Grande in that she's cute! 4 years ago  
YAY! 4 years ago  
LIFE. 4 years ago  
no. 4 years ago  
wait is this true?! YOU LIED. 4 years ago  
what?! 4 years ago  
yay! I love that stuff! 4 years ago +1
eh. I like iowa the way it is! 4 years ago  
awww! 4 years ago  
I like immortality so... yeah. 4 years ago  
idk! 4 years ago  
never said it couldn't be a toy car! 4 years ago +3
no no don't kill me mom! 4 years ago  
never played slenderman. 4 years ago +1
jk. 4 years ago  
that Obama thing has gone too far. 4 years ago  
jk 4 years ago  
lol that's my baby. 4 years ago  
jk! 4 years ago  
just a lawyer... 4 years ago  
not ALL blondes just certain ones *cough* Lindsay*cough* 4 years ago  
oops wrong one! 4 years ago  
have fun at Halloween parties without being able to play party games. 4 years ago  
I could watch the next nightmare on elm street film if you know what I mean. 4 years ago  
I'm already smart. 4 years ago  
I could donate them.. 4 years ago  
I am already intelligent. 4 years ago  
I don't hate new music. there's stuff like Taylor swift. but old music is good to, so actually idk, 4 years ago  
more reason to... you-know-what... my enemy. 4 years ago  
I don't really care. 4 years ago  
paradox: if a met b 4 years ago  
LIVE on earth FOREVER 4 years ago  
only child. 4 years ago  
dachshund v.s. pit bulls I don't hate pit bulls, dachshunds are just adorable 4 years ago  
well not THAT big I guess. 4 years ago  
that it can use TO GET REVENGE ON YOU! 4 years ago  
oh my god WHY WOULD I CHOOSE EITHER 4 years ago  
citric acid. 4 years ago  
wrong one. 4 years ago  
wrong one. 4 years ago  
I stay fluff! 4 years ago  
STEVE JOBS. 4 years ago +1
46% for the BARD OF AVON?! REALLY?! come on! 4 years ago  
mr.t you weren't bad it's just that PWNED you. 4 years ago  
and no I'm not voting because he was played by snoop lion, I'm voting 'cuz he made a point. 4 years ago  
have you SEEN the exorsist? that stuf is NIGHTMARE FEUL! 4 years ago +1
oops wrong one. I like nightmare feul when 'm NOT watching it. 4 years ago +1
I prefer the classic's but some of the new ones are good in my opinion. 4 years ago  
who is otakumon? 4 years ago  
I don't want to be miserable! 4 years ago  
I'm sorry it's pretty easy... 4 years ago  
yes I love this one! 4 years ago +2
but old music is great too! I love both! 4 years ago  
well taylor swift is good and o is lorde, iggy azalea, ariana grande, and some other artists- oh yeah, there's charli xcx. 4 years ago  
wait. what about a nightmare on elm street? 4 years ago  
some American horror movies are awesome, but ringu and the grudge are just creepy. 4 years ago  
I guess Jason's theme is ineffective on me. 4 years ago  
that music is really effective... and I like it as a horror theme. 4 years ago  
I think jumpscares are why horror movie remakes are inferior. with the oldies, it had "he's COOOMING..." sort of scares. THAT is effective horror. 4 years ago  
also, taylor swift is a good singer. 4 years ago  
also chose a 'cuz Jason doesn't scare me. a drowned kid who ISN'T afraid of water in the afterlife? REALLY? at least make him fear it a LITTLE. and he is a mom's boy. oh, BURN!(oh yeah, indirect freddy kreuger refrence!) 4 years ago  
reply if you'll let ariana grande live. 4 years ago  
no. that would be miley cyrus. 4 years ago  
and MAYBE taylor lautner. 4 years ago  
ariana grande and selena gomez are going to survive in my story. :) 4 years ago  
let's eat! 4 years ago +1
yeah. ther's pizza. 4 years ago  
*puts on freddy suit* 4 years ago +1
I can't decide I just clicked this one. 4 years ago  
freddy and foxy. 4 years ago  
lol I'd trade the job to my enemy when I survive. 4 years ago  
it's chica and bonnie. 4 years ago  
lol I'd change my name to bonnie 4 years ago +1
I like the new ones but these guys are awesome... 4 years ago  
where is a both button when you need it?! 4 years ago +2
she looks like animated lizzie McGuire... 4 years ago  
if it was chucky I would give him to kennedy Cameron as revenge. 4 years ago  
they are the same 4 years ago  
ben drowned 4 years ago  
I don't care about a person's looks, they need other qualities. 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
I like gothic clothing so 4 years ago  
isn't that catwoman? 4 years ago +1
*electrocutes enemies* 4 years ago +1
another "biggest diffrences between votes" question 4 years ago  
MY HEALTH IS WORTH IT. 4 years ago +1
well it's intresting 4 years ago  
tree climber! 4 years ago +2
it doesn't say she hurts you so I'm good 4 years ago +1
lol lazy 4 years ago  
ever seen carrie? 4 years ago  
lol I'm not concered about freddy kreuger. 4 years ago  
is that Marilyn monroe? 4 years ago  
blondes are cute but they often die in horror movies... 4 years ago +2
joke's on you! *turns on light* 4 years ago +1
:O *faints from thinking too hard* 4 years ago +2
what about five nights at Freddy's? 4 years ago  
pretty little liArs 4 years ago  
I don't want ticks but mom becomes a drill surgent if she thinks I have lice. 4 years ago  
paradox: either way it's the same. 4 years ago  
what if my nightmare is working at freddy fazbear's pizzeria and surviving? 4 years ago  
WEEE! 4 years ago  
parodies are usually rude. look up bart baker and you'll see. 4 years ago  
that's a troll face. 4 years ago +3
I already do and it's pretty 4 years ago +15
well I love dogs to but I prefer cats. 4 years ago +1
wrong one... 4 years ago  
call me Rapunzel XD 4 years ago  
I don't like lipstick that much I just chose it for the cool color. 4 years ago  
wrong one. 4 years ago  
kitty-chu! 4 years ago +1
i love nightmares and dreams and other sleep-stuff and the moon and stars so yeah. 4 years ago  
I can respect you religious people as long as you don't lock people in closets for growing up. 4 years ago  
no 4 years ago  
lol carrie white is my first thought. 4 years ago  
why should an innocent person die?! and i'll free the 10 with really good motives 4 years ago  
john lennon is alive. 4 years ago  
...which they can use to come back and get revenge! and what if it's on it's 9th life when you kill it?! 4 years ago  
oops wrong one I could handle saw if I didn't need someone to try and save me. if they fail my reincarnation will have more trust issues than I already do. 4 years ago  
pewdiepie is mainstream. SMOSH! 4 years ago  
who would care?! you're dead! 4 years ago  
SWEETNESS! nice try elm street! 4 years ago  
I agree with u funmaster13! 4 years ago  
invincibility = live forever = awesome with a capital A! 4 years ago  
cute how you spelled some of those words. I think bad grammar is cute! 4 years ago  
oh no I'd be stalked! have fun 59% 4 years ago  
good one! 4 years ago  
revenge is in both but this guy kicks butt.... END OF STORY! 4 years ago +2
I deserve it.... :( 4 years ago  
yay I love that movie!!! 4 years ago  
omg 39%! do you forget his invincibility?! for pete's sake! 4 years ago 4 years ago  
wrong one. 4 years ago  
to nazarel, I'm a GIRL. and I'm in the 56% 4 years ago  
so I can troll them! 4 years ago  
that girl... 4 years ago  
oh my god this is so hard! 4 years ago  
kisses - a 4 years ago  
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