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Is Millie Bobby Brown beautiful or average? She's beautiful or She's average 1 year ago 73 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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a is b*tch 2 months ago +1
you must be blind ... she is above average 2 months ago +2
she has black skin 3 months ago  
sel 3 months ago  
sure 3 months ago  
looks cuter 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago  
not pedo 3 months ago  
yeah :D 3 months ago  
not pedo 3 months ago  
i f*ck your micheal's dead faggie body now 3 months ago  
cute but neither 3 months ago  
ugly 3 months ago +1
wtf? 3 months ago  
heee heee 3 months ago  
Bulgaria is poor 1 year ago  
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