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Would you rather be Paranoid or In denial 7 years ago 2,382 votes 15 comments 1 like
Would you rather be Gray Fox or Ninja Raiden 7 years ago 319 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Talk like Yoda or Breathe like Darth Vader 7 years ago 1,333,300 votes 6,755 comments 126 likes
Would you rather be reincarnated Into a Serial killer or Into a Pedophile 7 years ago 265 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have hot coffee spilled all over your brand new laptop that you worked months to buy or Have your brand new car destroyed that your friend worked months to buy for you 7 years ago 471 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight Link (The legend of Zelda) or Sora (Kingdom Hearts) 7 years ago 700 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to Read everyone’s mind or Always know their future 7 years ago 834 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have SunnyD or Arizona Green Tea 7 years ago 283 votes 6 comments 1 like
Would you rather have A pet Rock or A pet Stapler 7 years ago 276 votes 10 comments 1 like
Would you rather be trained by Sgt. Hartman or Major Payne 7 years ago 423 votes 5 comments 1 like
Would you rather watch Steam Boat Willie, for 10 hours straight or Hot problems, for 2 hours straight 7 years ago 533 votes 8 comments 1 like
Who is a better villain Amon or Slade 7 years ago 262 votes 6 comments 1 like
Would you rather Be trolled or Troll others 7 years ago 286 votes 14 comments 1 like

Monseg has posted the following comments:

its good spending cash if you already have a job. 7 years ago  
troll 7 years ago  
I threw up when i was on my 5th glass of milk 7 years ago +1
wow wrong one -_- 7 years ago +3
san? 7 years ago  
90% of ray's subs are still in middle school 7 years ago  
lol just kick them away and make room to walk 7 years ago  
photoshop can make anyone hot 7 years ago +1
yes it is 7 years ago +2
skip? 7 years ago +1
i dont even know what this is 7 years ago +1
Jeana is more funnier and is better at pranking 7 years ago +3
kids vs adults hmmm lol easy 1 7 years ago  
eww mountain dew 7 years ago +2
both are great movies 7 years ago  
Buttershoes 7 years ago +3
trish from the beginning for her career 7 years ago +2
so that makes him a bad super hero? 7 years ago +2
are you kidding me money maker mike is best friends with krispy kreme the strongest person in the world 7 years ago +6
avira 7 years ago +1
gimp 7 years ago  
dont tell me you pay for water... 7 years ago  
lol wut 7 years ago  
size f will be very saggy and nasty by 40-50 years old 7 years ago +7
both arent scary at all 7 years ago +1
oh boy that would be fun 7 years ago +3
peta puts down the animals in their main shelters to make room for new animals. 7 years ago  
he want to take away our guns 7 years ago +2
just be nice and he wont do anything 7 years ago +1
dont underestimate the chimp 7 years ago +2
an* 7 years ago  
haha probably drake since cb can only beat up women 7 years ago +3
whats this facebook you speak of? 7 years ago +7
catching fish in the sky would be fun 7 years ago +1
i can shape shift into an invisible person :O 7 years ago +4
I wish 7 years ago +4
He sold us out 7 years ago +1
why does it always have to be these 2 goofballs 7 years ago +1
both suck 7 years ago +1
shane dawson is boring 7 years ago  
ive seen people drive with their feet/knees better then a normal person 7 years ago +3
brush my teeth for a day or two and BAM white teeth again 7 years ago  
nice title 7 years ago  
*barfs* 7 years ago +4
cali 7 years ago +1
nothing wrong with an innocent date. 7 years ago  
sitting on a bee hurts? 7 years ago +4
no, i like to argue. 7 years ago +1
more cushion for the pushin 7 years ago +1
why :( 7 years ago +1
43% need the government to make choices for them 7 years ago +2
wow 7 years ago  
poor guy 7 years ago +3
no hes just crazy and wont give up 7 years ago  
hakuna matata 7 years ago  
wow wrong one :'( 7 years ago +1
Humans = Animals 7 years ago +4
why cheat? 7 years ago +2
the world doesnt spin around on your respect, not worth it. 7 years ago +6
both are very under educated 7 years ago +4
i think we should help the helpless first. 7 years ago +5
taste the rainbow 7 years ago +2
lol 7 years ago +1
pooping on things and people from above would be fun 7 years ago +1
as long as they dress normal 7 years ago  
thought he was innocent at first but changed my mind when more info came out and saw through his b.s. 7 years ago  
Zelda is a girl, Link (the person in the picture) is a boy 7 years ago +1
kim is 60% plastic 7 years ago +4
shoenice 7 years ago +2
prove it. 7 years ago  
easier 7 years ago  
(#^.^#) 7 years ago +1
never heard of such thing 7 years ago  
timmy has 2 magical fairies, he could just wish to be strong 7 years ago +4
rat bear kick ball >:D 7 years ago +1
lol chris cant beat up anyone 7 years ago  
i guess youre asking this question out of self experience 7 years ago +6
the big gamers on youtube make sooo much money 7 years ago  
you could build a pyramid and play around with it if that makes you feel better 7 years ago  
either way you would go crazy 7 years ago +1
power director 10 FTW!!! 7 years ago  
#yolo 7 years ago  
or everyone under control against their will 7 years ago  
3 arms = better fighintg 7 years ago  
in basket ball you dont have to do much just pass the ball 7 years ago  
both look dumb 7 years ago +7
? 7 years ago  
it could be a hard one 7 years ago  
implying humans arent animals 7 years ago  
At least after your death your helping the environment 7 years ago +5
not really, its more of a fun activity, who said anything about cages and barley feeding them? 7 years ago +1
more entertaining 7 years ago  
feet are so soft 7 years ago +6
goku and vegeta are like brothers not really rivals 7 years ago  
and you kind of copied tons of other peoples questions 7 years ago +1
or you could just lose some weight 7 years ago +5
gymnists risk their lifes 7 years ago +1
shut up 7 years ago +1
same 7 years ago  
either way you could just cut off the body part and live. 7 years ago +1
i would just wait till i got my ak and shot all of them then ran away 7 years ago  
they have campaigns? 7 years ago +3
100 angry cats = 5 leopards 7 years ago +2
shakiras hips dont lie 7 years ago +11
eminem would run circles around chuck norris 7 years ago +5
i couldnt deal with breaking someones heart 7 years ago +6
i would be very rich 7 years ago +2
lol drug cartels work for the russian mafia 7 years ago +5
old pop like mj, not jb 7 years ago +2
picture is unfair 7 years ago +4
i would look like a bad ass 7 years ago +1
it could possible breaker your nose 7 years ago  
lol whos hoodie allen? 7 years ago +1
at least glenn beck can make me laugh 7 years ago +2
wings has been going down lately woody is still on fire 7 years ago +1
they probably have 7 years ago  
with me their will be no crying :D 7 years ago +3
at least losing the first question will save me time 7 years ago +1
no one knows 7 years ago +3
i would want my kid to at least finish middle school before attending private school, so they arent socially awkward 7 years ago +1
kill 5 spiders, or 40 spiders hmmmmmm 7 years ago +1
i feel like wolfs would be allot easier to trian 7 years ago  
without god their werent of been a ww2 7 years ago  
cherry pie is the best xD 7 years ago  
those sugar cookies look stale 7 years ago +4
the 1st dip will kill you 7 years ago  
play it safe 7 years ago  
deep in the forest = no one to bother you while you relax 7 years ago +1
megan fox for 24 hours = get anything you want 7 years ago +1
lol 7 years ago  
yeah but its way worse 7 years ago +7
i wouldnt have to use my car any more to get to places 7 years ago +1
*wrong one* snakes cant make webs and fly all over the place, i know they can jump but not that high 7 years ago  
now i want a blueberry muffin :( 7 years ago  
i like lilo & stitch better only because they had an entire series 7 years ago  
more of a dog person 7 years ago  
guard fox for my house, no one would mess with me. 7 years ago  
with the apple u can just yank em out and continue eating 7 years ago +3
wolves cant climb trees and no one said it had to be in the snow 7 years ago  
high school kids are the worst, at least with grade school kids you have some fun 7 years ago  
ewww 7 years ago  
i wanna be bullied so i can teach the bully a leason. 7 years ago +7
tea > coffee 7 years ago  
it really is a lamp 7 years ago  
3 lifes > 1 life 7 years ago  
the caramel one looks like poo 7 years ago +9
might eat the person 7 years ago +5
always wanted a sword 7 years ago  
either way you would faint of the pain. 7 years ago  
i would just develop an imaginary friend to keep my company 7 years ago  
i dislike bunnies i got scratched by one when i was a kid 7 years ago  
without a chicken were would the egg come from 7 years ago  
wow wrong one 7 years ago  
lmao 7 years ago  
i would forgot about what i had to do when im spending my 5 million 7 years ago +2
i eat plain bagels all the time 7 years ago +6
black ops = lame and confusing story, play it a few times and get boar. minecraft = nonstop building and fighting monster, its endless fun 7 years ago +1
hi you must be new to the internet 7 years ago  
i doubt a lion tiger and leopard would get along very well 7 years ago  
you're dumb as f*ck 7 years ago +3
do you realize how much faster and stronger bears are the humans? 7 years ago  
how are you going to save the world by recycling? 7 years ago +1
stupid question 7 years ago +2
use real player and download them off of movie sites you can watch them on :P 7 years ago  
they both suck 7 years ago +5
jb i would be a hero 7 years ago  
if i HAVE to kill someone i love and theirs no backing out, might as well do the one offering more money 7 years ago +2
yolo 7 years ago  
bag over the head 7 years ago +1
seeing as how 90% of bullying is from popularity yeah, and also it would get the kids more focused. 7 years ago +4
really depends on the situation 7 years ago  
ron paul 7 years ago +2
none 7 years ago +2
the carl jr ads make my mouth water 7 years ago  
i have a fear of drowning. 7 years ago  
better to stay and fight then run away like some sort of coward 7 years ago  
not really 7 years ago +3
i bet selena has a sexy tight vag 7 years ago  
think of it as fighting back while the usa was terrorizing his own country 7 years ago  
this question says who would you rather want to save the world, would you want hitler to redeem himself? or here 50 jb songs on how hes such a bad ass saving the world 7 years ago +1
its impossible for them not to, you are literary sending and receiving information when you use any website 7 years ago +1
wrong they are purely based on what the bible says. 7 years ago +1
at least their would people to treat my wounds asap 7 years ago +1
i would just rip it in half 7 years ago +4
you also lose all your privacy 7 years ago +1
try quick scoping me 300-600 yards away on top of a building while i take my time zooming in on you and killing you 7 years ago  
implying hitler didnt take kids either 7 years ago  
most people just look at the pictures and choose which ever one they like 7 years ago  
whats the difference they look the same. hats are hats. 7 years ago +1
you most love being wooken up at night due to a baby screaming and yelling 7 years ago +5
4chan is 9gags cool older brother that parties and breaks rules 7 years ago  
only if you have some sort of open wound or you start drinking it. 7 years ago  
Fight 7 years ago  
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