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    I'd be sad to find out my wife didn't love me, but either way really, what sexuality you identify as is of little importance of who you are as a person.  
    The female body is not a political battleground. It is her decision only, and she is the one having to deal with the end result. +1
    Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua +2
    People don't like change.  
    I'm sorry but perfect relationships don't exist. And if they did, I wouldn't want one. +1
    If you make world peace, there is a better chance of working together to end all hunger and disease. +2
    Both. But animals first. +5
    Men have penises... +1
    I could ride on the big dog's back... +1
    WHAT THE  
    Date, so I can live my life to the fullest.  
    I think Pretty Little Liars takes itself too seriously +1
    I could never cheat, so I guess I know the answer to this one. +3
    Justin Bieber fans are so funny ahhh +2
    If I was a guy I'd rather be tall, as a girl, I'd rather be short. +4
    Are you kidding? You have the job your whole life, and you can never really have a normal one, whilst US presidents have at least SOME of their life to do what they want. +1
    Why does being ugly make you depressed? I'm ugly but not depressed.  
    If I drown I have a chance of being fossilized... +3
    But have you ever heard of the "death roll" that crocodiles do? I'd rather be alive than dead, even if it does mean being slightly mauled.  
    Yeah but in knowing that, you can try and stop it.  
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