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How funny is rape? Very funny or Funny 4 years ago 106 votes 23 comments 0 likes

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It has everything to do with feminism you stupid girl. It's why I'm a huge feminist. Feminism tells young girls it's fine to sleep with as many guys as they want and they shouldn't be judged. I agree. However, society wasn't like that a generation or two ago. Women were judged harshly for sleeping around. Finally like our great President Donald Trump I don't do drugs and I don't drink either and I'm older and wiser than you, I graduated already. 2 years ago  
Never because I'm an adult. 2 years ago  
There's a lot of hoes out there these days due to feminism so just on the concept of supply and demand I'd side with bros. 2 years ago  
LOL let us know when you have a bunch of dindus in kiwi land then you are allowed to have an opinion. 2 years ago +1
It was awesome. Great results in politics. Liberals are losing their minds. 2 years ago  
10/10 great question. 2 years ago +1
Ever been in the infantry? If so you've already experienced B because of MREs. 2 years ago  
B is a whale. Throw it back into the ocean. 2 years ago  
I like having food and TP widely available. 2 years ago  
Chicken nuggets are for children and fat chicks. 2 years ago  
Absolutely. If you're fat that tells me you're lazy and dumb. 2 years ago  
I love reading comments from triggered snowflakes like you. 2 years ago +2
66% after 2000...Well that explains all the stupid questions and answers that are posted. 2 years ago +4
Don't have kids if you can't afford them. 2 years ago +1
My biggest fear is my wife getting fat. 2 years ago  
Live free or die. 2 years ago  
If guns kill people then forks make people fat. 2 years ago  
From what I can tell the median age on this website is probably about 15 and hugely liberal. I'll take the soldiers. And yes you dumbass libs I said median, not average, I know what it means. 2 years ago  
I never go to the store anyway for the most part, I buy everything online except groceries. By picking A I'm getting rid of almost all women drivers and almost everyone under age 25. 2 years ago  
I want to watch the world burn. 2 years ago  
You're on vacation. You can wake up or just stay up and go on the tour then go to sleep for a few hours in the late morning or afternoon to catch up on sleep. 2 years ago  
Chocolate is for fat chicks and kids. 2 years ago  
The choice is between elevator music and music pre 1940 you retard not between post 1940 music and pre 1940 music. 2 years ago  
Absolutely. Most modern women are not worthy of loyalty anyway. Most of them have no feminine skills and their only worth is their pussy. 2 years ago  
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and so many others? I think I'll manage. 2 years ago +2
There are already 1 billion Africans and projected to be 4 billion by the end of the century. If they were starving this would not be possible, starving people can't expand their population exponentially. 2 years ago  
Coalburner. Disgusting. 3 years ago +1
Too bad the Swedes are committing suicide letting in all those subhuman Muslims. 3 years ago  
The middle east has the highest rate of cousin marriage. No wonder it's so backwards. 3 years ago  
Hot mom means good genes and usually means she scored a good man which means you have a good father. 3 years ago  
Never. Once most people get a real job they aren't so liberal anymore. Doesn't mean they become conservative, just not liberal. Moderates exist. 3 years ago +2
The other is 24 and smokin. It's no contest. Also B isn't as hot as she was when she was 24. 3 years ago  
Doesn't matter. Elections aren't real anyway. It's all a sham. The US is just better at it than anyone else. 3 years ago  
Younger. Easy peasy. Women are on the decline after age 25. Don't believe me? Just wait... 3 years ago +1
It's OK that you value feelings over facts. Typical left winger. 3 years ago  
You think IQ scores are racist? It's easily verifiable I'll provide you with several links if you want but I assume you know how to Google. 3 years ago  
How is it racist when you just acknowledged it is true? Facts are not racist. They're just facts. 3 years ago  
So you call me racist even when you acknowledge that what I said lines up with your observations? 3 years ago  
Facts trump feelings. Sorry you got triggered but the fact is if you're an average white you're better than 86% of blacks. If you're a below average white by a standard deviation (bottom 15% of whites) you're still better than 50% of blacks. If you're an above average white by a standard deviation you're better than 97% of blacks. 3 years ago  
Blacks are still the lowest. Whites average 103. Asians 106. Latinos 89. 3 years ago  
Not at all I just care about facts. Facts like black Americans have an average IQ of 85. 3 years ago  
V for Vendetta is pathetic propaganda. 3 years ago +1
Dark color skin=low IQ 3 years ago  
I'd rather not be a fatty. Fats are disgusting. 3 years ago  
Electoral college. 3 years ago  
Average person in America is overweight or obese. I'm not, therefore I'm definitely hotter than average since fatties can't be hot. 3 years ago  
You do realize I'm making fun of the 7th Heaven Reverend and Bill Cosby right? Of course not, because you're a dumb ass, you girls have zero sense of satire. 4 years ago +1
Both are b*tchy. But at least Claire doesn't have an annoying voice and isn't a gold digging whore. 4 years ago +1
She does if she wants to be hot and useful as a woman. 4 years ago +1
No it doesn't. Fat chicks have stolen the word and all describe themselves as "curvy." 4 years ago +1
That's small. You should get implants. 4 years ago +1
"Curvy" = FAT. 4 years ago +1
I'd rather go out like a bad ass like ASAC Hank Schrader, not like a little punk who just shot up his school. 4 years ago  
I don't eat chocolate anyway. It's for children and fat chicks. 4 years ago  
That's the woman's job. 4 years ago  
Forrest Gump is a pathetic self promotion for the greedy, selfish baby boomer generation. 4 years ago  
Ice cream is for children and lonely fat chicks. 4 years ago +1
Alienware blows. It's for posers. 4 years ago  
Grow a pair you fag. 4 years ago  
You didn't get under my skin. I'm laughing at how retarded you are for not understanding how these questions work. You're clearly a fag. 4 years ago  
Get back in the kitchen little girl. 4 years ago  
This question wasn't about Daniel Radcliffe you idiot. I don't have anything against that guy, I'm referring strictly to the character of Harry Potter. Learn how to read you dumb ass. 4 years ago  
No he's not. He's a fag fictional character you retard. 4 years ago  
Harry Potter is a fag. 4 years ago  
You're in Michigan? Ice skates. Teach her how to skate. Maybe she will win an Olympic medal one day and it will be the best present you ever bought. 4 years ago +1
The ammo is eventually going to run out. More skill sets being available are crucial to survive long term. The guns/ammo will help you out in the beginning but eventually you're going to need other people. Also what happens if you sustain injury and can't walk? Your guns are useless you're going to get overrun or you'll simply die from not being able to get shelter, water, and food. 4 years ago  
Stuck in the middle with you. 4 years ago  
Adblock plus. 4 years ago +1
I guess you've never heard the phrase "If you owe the bank 1,000 dollars that's your problem, if you owe the bank 1 million dollars that's the bank's problem." I don't have 1 million dollars, so I can't pay them, therefore there is less risk for me. I'll just declare bankruptcy if I lose. 4 years ago  
Humans have canines for ripping meat. We evolved to seek, destroy, and eat other animals. We are the apex predator on the planet. 4 years ago  
Homo Sapiens only evolved because our ancestors ate meat. That is what allowed the human brain to evolve the way it did. 4 years ago +1
Inflation. A is a horrible choice. 4 years ago +3
Apparently you have never heard of inflation. By picking B, you invest the 7 million and protect yourself by ensuring that the interest you gain is higher than the rate of inflation, if you do this you can also still "pay" yourself out of the gains from your investments at a rate exceeding 400 dollars a day. Essentially having your cake and eating it too. With B by investing you are growing your wealth, instead of seeing it be devalued. It takes 47 years for A to "equal" B. Say you were offered this deal 47 years ago, in 1967. 146K in 2014 dollars is equivalent to 20,500 1967 dollars. That would have seemed like a great deal. But it's not a great deal because the payments you receive are not adjusted for inflation, by the time it got to 2014 you're still only getting $20,500. That same thing is going to happen to your $400 a day deal now. Which is why choice B is better, because with A you have no way of protecting against inflation. 4 years ago +3
God damnit you guys picking A are stupid. With A you make 147K annually and it takes about 47 years for it to equal B which is 7 million. By picking B the 7 million will exceed the rate of inflation and make you money exceeding 147K annually if you do some very basic, low risk investing. Over the last 100 years the average rate of inflation is 3%. 147K is about 2% of 7 million. As long as your investments got you higher than a 5% return, you are making more money in the long term by picking B and investing most of it. Bonds, certificates of deposit, real estate, low risk stable stocks, all would easily give you a higher than 5% annual return. B is clearly the superior choice. 4 years ago +8
No you wouldn't. 4 years ago  
But before I left I would at least snap the child's neck, killing them. I'm compassionate, I wouldn't want the kid to suffer from the toxic gasses. 4 years ago +4
I'd be a very successful politician. 4 years ago +3
It's a Half Baked reference you dumb whore. 4 years ago  
Sure if that makes you feel better for being a whore then hamster a way slut. 4 years ago  
Anybody that answers herbal is a moron. There's a reason why life expectancy increased dramatically with the industrial and scientific revolutions. 4 years ago  
Get on your white horse and save them then oh brave knight. I like to do it Cosby style, like a boss. 4 years ago  
Have you seen British women? They are just as fat as American women. 4 years ago  
Screw Google. They supported PRISM. 4 years ago +1
Try not wearing such slutty clothes and you won't get raped. 4 years ago +3
Less wear and tear=longer career=more money. 4 years ago  
Most of the WTA players are ugly compared to the models that the male tennis players date. 4 years ago  
It's actually very funny. Especially when it's Bill Cosby style. 4 years ago +1
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