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I'm glad you guys have seen through what the mainstream media has tried to show you! 4 years ago  
If you want peace, a man/woman of pure consideration for all, kindness, and pure heart to only do what's right and nothing else will be the best way to go, even if it means that you go to war. However, Israel is still wrong for their little so-called "self-defense". 4 years ago +1
I agree, a strong and mobile defense is great, hence the Rajput and he has sharp throwing discs of hell, a shield, a good sword, and two small Katars for great gory slaughtering. 4 years ago  
No. A centurion is meant to lead an entire legion while Rajputs were able to take down multiple enemies on their own. The Rajput is simply a smarter, more agile version of the Spartan, so it'd make the ninja easier to be killed. Ninjas were only good against people such as the Samurai. 4 years ago  
A Rajput was Indian at the time and Islam wasn't in effect yet. 4 years ago  
You're clearly being ignorant! Israel has the 4th strongest military in the world and Palestine only has homemade rockets that barely cause any damage and Hamas, a group that doesn't even do much for Palestine! Also, since 2000, over 2200 Palestinians died, mostly civilians while less than 1000 Israelis died! Don't believe me? Check my Facebook page for videos involving this! Oh, and F.Y.I, this isn't even a fair war, it's asymmetric warfare! Just like Vietnam, and Palestine is the Viet Cong while Israel is America, France, and Britain combined! Facebook name is Muhammad Higgi! 4 years ago  
you little arrogant and ignorant dumbass should probably know our defense and offense is even better! So you can release the kraken, unleash superman, ride the riverboat, and suck my dick! 4 years ago  
Bro, i respect your honesty, but you probably haven't heard the other half and I've heard both halves. Palestine's innocent. Look at this video on youtube: 4 years ago +1
Let people acquire their own full-auto gun of any choice. 4 years ago  
Really?! Target Finder does what it's supposed to do: target people! Why is Dual Band any different? 4 years ago  
It means to show how games should be and not just another cliche i.e Indy Jones, Halo, MAG, etc. 4 years ago  
Deadpool is a wuss because he relies on weapons and healing. 4 years ago  

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