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    sex all day long  
    punch contrete!  
    caplacaritaokfaokf WHAT?  
    is that cow sucken that dick?  
    can i use a rocket launcher!  
    at least i can still play video games  
    what if my day clothes were my jamies?  
    no walmart in australia  
    lodges i'd have sex all day/night!  
    i'm 11 ad i've kissed my girl friend a million times  
    british girls are scary  
    don't have a phone  
    if they're paying bring on the tities  
    hey where's the door all ican see is the roof?  
    i just picked "A boss" so i could be jacksepticeye!  
    that's not miley cyrus!  
    what was? +1
    in the ballslslslslslsssl!!!!!  
    plastic surgery  
    sowwwwy whhhat waz thheee questiiioon?  
    so would you rather have d*ck neighbours or pervet neighbours?  
    Like a bosssssssss  
    australians speak english and i'm australian +1
    my bestie is a guy but whateves  
    i am a guy  
    chocolate flavoured icecream  
    burn the coffin!  
    my dads super softie  
    both girls lol  
    Cut it  
    they all wanna be like the guys  
    don't have fave jeans +1
    i don't hate any1 except my little borther +1
    try try and try again  
    i'm a guy  
    friuty tuity  
    sith always die  
    spendddddddddddddddnah saver  
    zoom zoom  
    Jacksepticeye come to my house! +1
    Suck this guys where's the cameras?  
    $10,000000,0000000000,0000000000,00000000 MAYBE  
    what if it was just taste? just EAT ALOT  
    owwwwwwwwwe sex  
    the society is your family right? RIGHT?  
    i just wannna be loved 2  
    can they do both?  
    Shhhhhh it was him  
    "Barlow is already a street name in my town and it's named after my family!"  
    that would mean my date would be umm........1!  
    don't go to school, plus people could see dese abbs lol  
    tenfold, but i wouldn't look much better than i already am!!!  
    You're right  
    F*ck e'm both in the vagina  
    having sex? or know....................watching tv ha got ya!  
    every body let's have party!  
    Ware wolf  
    I he like poopi'n?  
    Top of the mornin to ya ladies my name is jacksepticeye and........... i surf like a bosssss!!!!!  
    Tis froddo?  
    meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat  
    world domination here i (come and sex)  
    2 words hearing aids  
    These day all ya see is sex on tv!  
    i'm already working  
    deadpool just chose SM so i could read comments  
    China? India? both awesome  
    Now where's that plane ticket to england?  
    i just chose a random so i could read other pples comments :P  
    F*ck e'm both?  
    if i had all the money in the world i'd just invent something to make live forever!  
    Dat ass doe  
    D-D-D-D-D-Drop the base!  
    I already awnserd this QST  
    F*ck both?  
    Coke here i come  
    Acid here i come camels are scary as *********  
    1. i on't hate anyone 2. my grandmas are both dead:(  
    Travel f*ckers  
    Can i fly?  
    F*ck 2hrs  
    GASYH i'm already good at math!  
    william kate?  
    Ihave one after the other anyways  
    When i hide you know where i am...  
    i don't have a pc!  
    Hunger games baby bring on de naked people!  
    I sit anyways  
    France cause i'm learning francais  
    I have not read the books!  
    Poor an happy  
    Tis a chaufer?  
    If i had fame i'd have wealth to lol  
    I'm Australian but probably german once i learnt the german language! +1
    what kind of Question is this!  
    Neither i prefer gaming if not that more gaming if not that cricket!  
    Ummmmmm...... both!  
    I don't know  
    Key as in penis?  
    Tis a spouse....yes i just asked that question  
    i'm a boy so a a poor caring GF that i'd give money lol  
    Once your an adult you stay like that for the rest of your life anyways  
    If i could only choose one it would be WH  
    i choose a leg because if i lost an arm i couldn't have wrote this question  
    Doesn't say i can't choose both!  
    yeah i don't know what this means  
    Same thing right?  
    ok 1. i live in Australia and i've never seen a wild snake,shark,crocodile or anything like that. 2. i've never left Australia so i wouldn't realy know so i chose australia +1
    not even sex?  
    Both lol  
    i'm a guy!  
    true true, but both pictures over dramatic  
    I'd be a "BUM"  
    What if my dream is at home with my true love (that i am still to find:()  
    Just pee in the shower no one wil know  
    if i ha a virus in my computer i'd just get a new computer!  
    long life  
    Street smartsz  
    I don't go to school!  
    i'm already average  
    magic rulz and she's sexy  
    camping rulz  
    $100 isn't very much if you think about it  
    i'm 11 boom!  
    male/female does'nt matter  
    pablo is right  
    i'd be talking about jacksepticeye an my crush alday  
    sex first then dinner  
    i'd get it for sure then feed all homeless people  
    harlem shake  
    Xmas because everyone recieves not just you  
    if he wants to take drugs he's not my son!  
    i'd choose games if i could give thm to others  
    smoothie they're healthier  
    i'd just wear ear muffs for 1 hr  
    i'm able and smart thankyou very much!  
    Hawaii if i had to choose  
    i'd be happy for my bestie (but she's my crush)  
    f*ck the computer!  
    i havn't played either so i don't know!  
    friends rule  
    come at me wittle caties!  
    gay marriage should be legit!  
    if i hated them i'd get too know them better and maybe they actualy turn out better than i thought +1
    emma sexy natailie strange  
    Nude seen!  
    i'd just learn how to lip read!  
    they didn't say i couldn't use photo booth!  
    bye bye having to buy elaectroncis  
    Save my sibs  
    watching my dreams would be cool (if my crush was't around)  
    people who voted for mental place are either 1.horny 2.if you chose it you should be there already!  
    does the eath mean the sea?  
    Boobie milk  
    rain cause snow can kill you!  
    i just chose a random one because i'm only eleven and i do'nt work!  
    who cares a house is a house no matter where because a home is a little bit of heaven on earth. BOOOOM!  
    truth! cause then i'd know if i'm adopted!  
    i'd get rid of JB then just murder RB  
    i'm using chrome already  
    outsides to oustidish  
    elevator,cause if u get stuck sk thing u could freeze!  
    if i changed does that meen i can just change my features?  
    probobly heaven if it's what people say it is.  
    i have f*cking horrible nitemares any way so....  
    i don't know!  
    I'd drink sunkist but cause de choice i chose pepsi  
    speak and write  
    IF i had a bad life and my dream ALMOST came true i wouldn't vcare!  
    small small small small small!  
    i'm already a genius  
    i thought they were both played by the same person?  
    Star wars!  
    if there were no bad drivers there'd be less deaths  
    my crush is my bestie!  
    i'm young so i did'nt et either of e'm  
    macs rule!! +1
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