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"if opportunity doesn't knock, then build a door"

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ik 3 years ago  
better than donald trump 3 years ago +1
Do i even now you.....???! 3 years ago  
that money money money 3 years ago  
id be fat :( 3 years ago  
fame=friends 3 years ago  
what is herpes (from child) lol 3 years ago  
right lol so am i 3 years ago  
i would scare so many people 3 years ago  
thanks 3 years ago  
right lol 3 years ago  
omg right! 3 years ago  
haha B is hilarious, i feel bad for girls with that 3 years ago  
my phone broke :( 3 years ago  
option c 3 years ago  
the first one says no marrying you lol and no getting together AND no sex :( lol two sounds better 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
red eagle 3 years ago  
id kill my grandma and my second aunt becuase the stole from my dads house hours after he died 3 years ago  
*guys looks at girls butt* me: omg her ass is amazing isnt it him:what you dont care me:nope 3 years ago +3
20 minutes ago 3 years ago  
dangit wrong click 3 years ago +1
opps wrong button 3 years ago  
did you really like comment on every post about emma watson 3 years ago +2
i dont love no one at the moment 3 years ago  
id be the wife, that has nerf wars with her husband and playing black ops and games with him... etc. 3 years ago +1
... 3 years ago  
food in general 3 years ago  
did you?... draw these 3 years ago  
just read up to where your life is now 3 years ago  
lol want it on the Jimmy fallon show lol i love channing 3 years ago  
no stupid 3 years ago  
so bad 3 years ago  
awesome 3 years ago  
pp 3 years ago  
pp 3 years ago  
you want to look her in the eyes 3 years ago  
stupid question 3 years ago  
i make music and my fav number combo is 423 3 years ago  
surprising results 3 years ago  
my grandparents are dead 3 years ago  
i got a big butt and i love it 3 years ago  
.. 3 years ago  
ehh 3 years ago  
The diary of jane in my pants 3 years ago  
You haven't failed until you give up 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
ethan 3 years ago  
i cut my hair bra strap length and i hate it i want my long hair back 3 years ago  
*doing crip walk, walks into bloods neighborhood* 3 years ago +1
a would be a pain to set up 3 years ago  
same thing 3 years ago  
trust me i workout all the time i have and i eat healthy and my measurements are only 36' , 24' , 38' going from my boobs to waist to my butt 3 years ago  
it shows the babys pen*s haha 3 years ago  
there are calculators for a reason 3 years ago  
me 3 years ago  
stewie is amazing 3 years ago  
never had it 3 years ago  
i could pull spongebob off haha 3 years ago  
same leo all the way 3 years ago  
...ewww there old 3 years ago  
can i tell you its my shoe but actually its my brothers shoe 3 years ago  
my dads already gone 3 years ago  
im dieing hahah 3 years ago +1
lol 3 years ago  
i would be the cousin that everyone loves to be around cause id be trowing parties and sh*t, giving out money and all 3 years ago  
so i know whether or not if things get better or worst 3 years ago +1
buy ear plugs 3 years ago  
i can use both hands 3 years ago  
i dont watch tv soo win 3 years ago  
a usually is all i answer anyway 3 years ago  
lol yea i just explained just in case lol ive heard there are some 7-9 year olds on here lol 3 years ago  
i already have a big butt 3 years ago  
Well with no internet you cant do much with a cell phone so wtf 3 years ago  
thats why you teach him the right ways 3 years ago  
i would support them after beating the sh*t out of my bestfriend first oh and chopping the nigg*s balls off 3 years ago  
....ok? lol 3 years ago  
trusting everything you hear is not always the best option and dont be surprised when people stab you in the back 3 years ago 3 years ago  
mhhm right 3 years ago  
im a girl and so its not that bad 3 years ago  
wrong one 3 years ago  
ewww 3 years ago  
i do but my phones broke 3 years ago  
michelle keegan has no butt 3 years ago  
i could do whatever i wanted 3 years ago  
if i was stuck on an elevator anytime i thought someone was passing the elevator i would scream just to hear everyone outside the elevator scream and run away or fall 3 years ago  
means broke my scale 3 years ago  
i see a young girl with like ?wings? and the shadow cast bigger than her 3 years ago  
bms 3 years ago  
my dad had hemophobia 3 years ago  
only 2% of the world has a red hair and 2% of the world have green eyes 3 years ago  
same here to various colors; like grey,green, hazel,blue,violet, and a brownish 3 years ago  
yea 3 years ago  
depends 3 years ago  
haha 3 years ago  
you were my first friend on rrrather 3 years ago  
so do i ugh it sucks 3 years ago  
how do i die lol 3 years ago  
i love your smile lol 3 years ago +2
both are ugly 3 years ago  
saw channing tatum, picked channing tatum 3 years ago  
there both gross 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
eww 3 years ago  
neither 3 years ago  
pop tarts are nasty 3 years ago  
im funnier and fun irl 3 years ago  
does your head count 3 years ago  
i hate chicken nuggets so much 3 years ago  
where you live 3 years ago  
i like trowing popcorn at guards, being loud in the movie theater and sneaking into other movies 3 years ago  
neither 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
i sleep in the living room even though i have a bedroom 3 years ago  
get that money.... wait 3 years ago  
yep 3 years ago  
she does sound amazing 3 years ago  
markiplier isn't stupid to the point its funny 3 years ago  
misclick 3 years ago  
if you got abducted every week wouldn't you befriend them 3 years ago +1
hahah id follow satin around and annoy him to the point he cant stand me and sends me back to earth 3 years ago +2
i apparently went up to random people, moving my finger side to side in there face and asked them to follow it... and I ran around and was just being ignorate and hilarious and well i think im banned from like 10 places... and im pretty sure i asked a cop for a grape flavored blunt........opps 3 years ago  
love that idea that would be fun 3 years ago +2
both... 3 years ago  
i suck at dancing and a radio station in boston wants me on the radio.. so ig this one 3 years ago  
waffles are so much better than pancakes 3 years ago  
anybody but one direction and its not one direction anymore lol cause there went two directions.....(silence)... ok no that wasn't funny :( (walks off silently) 3 years ago  
i hate bananas 3 years ago  
flipflops and boots and heels and no pe!! :) 3 years ago +1
my dad and grandpa 3 years ago  
hahah i have kind of the same shorts cinderella has on rn lol wierd 3 years ago +1
13 3 years ago  
wouldnt you get tired of that food if you only ate that for the rest of your life 3 years ago  
i guess my mom, i would be dads be he passed away. R.I.P dad 3 years ago  
hipsters just make me irritated, there so preppy ugh i hate people like that... anyway i would kill off emos, they kill off themselves and i cant really judge them my dad wasn't emo but he killed himself so to do such a thing they must be going through a rough time 3 years ago  
then i could take my drivers license rn lol and earn good money 3 years ago  
thin mints are nasty 3 years ago  
night its peaceful and more cuddling and sleep lol 3 years ago  
same 3 years ago  
which is right 3 years ago  
........thats creepy better get my shotgun cause idk lol nvm 3 years ago  
gift cards and a new desk 3 years ago  
haha sure 3 years ago  
i hate 50 shades ends 3 years ago  
i dont really care i have nothing to be ashamed of....big butt, small waist im good 3 years ago  
Eminem 3 years ago +1
then i could be in ugly pictures on insta and not have to worry bout it 3 years ago  
i dont like sausage 3 years ago  
i don't try and make a conversation i pull them on the chair to another table tell them to shut the fvck up and go sit down in my original seat and stare at them from a far until they shut up 3 years ago  
nick 3 years ago  
"shut the fvck up" is mine hahah i dont like people 3 years ago  
im going to puke 3 years ago  
5'1 3 years ago  
omg 50/50 3 years ago  
why are these so hard to chose 3 years ago  
i could go for both 3 years ago  
classmate:'Im going to kill her in her sleep tonight me:"nope hahah guess you'll be finding that im hiding under your bed ready to stab you" 3 years ago  
classmate:"i hate brianna im going to kill her" 3 years ago  
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