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    less chance of dying 1 year ago  
    does it mean still have kids? someone you might love but not true love? 1 year ago  
    shave my hair  
    why r these questions soo easy???  
    life is worth soooooo much more than money  
    Who cares if i have nothing, i only want to be with my love of my life.  
    If it's my ex he will make the decision if i break up with my bf. HELP ME  
    I meant the other one because i have tried doin it but won't work and i've already surfed the internet, wait ... isn't that what we r doin now  
    i would find out the date so i could do things that r on my bucket list  
    really easy  
    what are we doing right now  
    more time means more time with family and do more things +1
    wrong one  
    you could at least see but you might think a car is a talking car and you might get run over +3
    nerf gun duhh who picked the other one!  
    well my crush does hate me. like if you want everyone to see this!  
    this is emediet death so i don't have to die thinking about my crush  
    i would let little kids in front of me . and if i had chose the other one it would get rid of bad drivers like if you agree  
    i really don'y need to walk  
    I am the smartest girl in class i'm the girl on the hardest table  
    if you like twice a l long you could probably win the lottery a few times  
    I wish this was true but only my crush doesn't like me  
    you can get run over . and if you say stay indoors how are you gonna get food and cars can drive through buildings!  
    i would do all of my dreams and hope my crush will like me .  
    what are we doing  
    My crush would be the only one who i would spend time with.He doesn't like me tho . * crying  
    I would see if my crush likes me  
    my true love can find me??!!  
    my crush called me a stalker and i only go near him by accident because we play the same games. CLARK  
    We can just make another harry potter movie . . . can't we?  
    Our life has no problem because of god . If you have picked the one on the right you are heartless. Only god can pick the one on the right with out being heartless!  
    i would creat the inventions and become rich, rich and rich  
    i really wouldn't care . aren't these ment to be tough questions . If i'm dead i'll be looking for my dead cat. :(  
    i don't have a phone but is you have a phone with no inter net your so dead . :(  
    i don't like chcoclate  
    i don't like either that much anyway!  
    i hate chocolate so im fine !  
    i will find my true love and my true love will find the $10,000,000  
    yep dont have wifi at hogwarts you cant bring internet can u :)  
    god is our lord he wouldn't like that  
    see the new tecnologi and create it  
    who cares i wont cause i will be in heaven  
    got no cell phone !!!  
    what happens if you change ur name to hitler  
    we were all children once and one of these could of been you when the quiz came out  
    im not a boy  
    atleast you can see but you might see a teacher with a duck head in class you might laugh +1
    what if the situation was real no nerf and it's less painful if you get shot in the head  
    wrong one  
    don't have to walk  
    you don't have to walk anyomore  
    more time because you get to do more stuff that ou dreamed +1
    right because you don't get privacy when ur famous and your friend can take you anywhere!  
    id like to know the date because you can tell all your friends (but it's not an agarantee that they will believe you) and you can live your dreams  
    i was meant to click the left because we are already surfing the internet  
    you can know if ur crush likes you. :)  
    i can ask my love to choose the next one and them im done  
    my celebrity crush is way older than me and im only 9 and i think he lives in a diffrent contry  
    if ur rich and a ur a kid just buy alot of toy cars that you can fit in  
    no one would be killed and god our ruler would be happy because he wanted peace all along  
    too see whats in the futur  
    who cares  
    same mindless pig i don't have a phone  
    chocolate is just food  
    i can't swim!!!!!!  
    this is so ovbious  
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