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Would you rather have lots of pets or lots of kids 6 years ago 290 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather see everything in black and white or sepia 6 years ago 290 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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schooling would be less than 12 years then 6 years ago +2
rebecca would make me sound good 6 years ago +1
all the games 6 years ago +1
i loved that show!!! 6 years ago  
did not think of that 6 years ago  
show on cartoon network 6 years ago  
i couldn't pick the ginger 6 years ago +1
the new one doesn't freak me out as much 6 years ago +1
all I would do is swing from building to building...sorry old lady getting her purse stolen! 6 years ago  
i don't like any of the other law and orders either 6 years ago  
but it's also much better 6 years ago  
i would always where shades 6 years ago  
i clicked the wrong one!!!!! 6 years ago  
some deserts are cold 6 years ago +2
i get poutine whenever i'm in vermont 6 years ago  
look it up man, you're missing out 6 years ago  
Ian is much funnier 6 years ago  
GIFTS AND MONEY! 6 years ago  
a little of both 6 years ago +1
WIG! 6 years ago +3
om nom nom 6 years ago  
although i picked elevator the movie devil made me hesitant 6 years ago  
i'm guessing you havn't seen frozen 6 years ago  
love that movie!!! 6 years ago  
love that movie!!! 6 years ago  
love that movie!!! 6 years ago  
the wizard can poof me up a unicorn 6 years ago +5
how about neither 6 years ago +2
SHANE... I mean Ned. 6 years ago +5
tongue ones are less noticeable 6 years ago +1
true... 6 years ago  
SMOSH!!!!! 6 years ago +3
Katniss! 6 years ago +1
i have a bunny... its my profile pic 6 years ago  
Stephen is so hot! 6 years ago  
i am so afraid of all clowns 6 years ago  
they look funnier 6 years ago  
both are so funny!!!! 6 years ago  
Chuis Bo!!!! 6 years ago  
zombies are slow 6 years ago +6
what iswith the pics 6 years ago +1
so soft 6 years ago +4
both gross 6 years ago  
gag 6 years ago  
i would get a white one too dirty 6 years ago  
i would make the awsomest clothes ever! 6 years ago +2
ovi 6 years ago  
both are gross 6 years ago +2
love morgon but just imagine secret agent man playing wile you were spying on someone 6 years ago +1
all you really do is gag doing chubby bunny but you choke on cinnamon 6 years ago  
i think some people read the question wrong...Chuck Norris would kill you! 6 years ago +2
eww pepsi 6 years ago +5
Gays are fine! 6 years ago +8
Jenna is so funny 6 years ago  
do you even have to ask 6 years ago +6
Go Science! 6 years ago +9
too hard to answer 6 years ago  
Cotten candy every day! 6 years ago  
Right is always right 6 years ago +1
How about niether 6 years ago +3
hello 6 years ago +2
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