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    I have both. 2 years ago  
    I get cuddle-attacked by ten of them at home. 2 years ago  
    If my friends and family can't accept my happiness, then they all can stay the hell away. 2 years ago  
    Neither! If you're too tired to keep your eyes on the road, go home and sleep or let another able person drive. As for driving high, just don't do it, period! 2 years ago  
    Getting snowed in is not pleasant. 2 years ago  
    who doesn't? 3 years ago  
    The tighter, the better. 3 years ago  
    They didn't say which floor... 3 years ago  
    I'd KILL for meat! I have before, and I'll certainly do it again! 3 years ago  
    That's likely to happen. 3 years ago  
    Goddamn, there are a lot of teens here, but... yeah, I'm going to hell for this one. =/ 3 years ago  
    ...what the HELL!? 3 years ago  
    Because I'll just kill him the later. 3 years ago  
    Do you know how much it cost to get costumes these days!? 3 years ago  
    Neither, you sick twisted bastard! 4 years ago  
    I'M NOT GAY DAMMIT!! 4 years ago  
    No-brainer and no competition. 4 years ago  
    F*** yolo. 4 years ago  
    I already found it. 4 years ago  
    Don't get me wrong. I like magic, except I'm not fond of learning it... 4 years ago  
    Not that I'd give a damn. I would be dead. 4 years ago  
    i'd rather, using my mouse, skip this twisted and idiotic question. 5 years ago  
    when your parents leave this earth, your sibs are gonna be all you have left. 6 years ago  
    popularity won't get you employed anywhere. 6 years ago  
    w/o a job, that 1 million would disappear fast long before the year's over. 6 years ago  
    ill survive gangnam style. i'd hang myself if i listen to 10 mins of Bieber's bs. 6 years ago  
    no contest there. 6 years ago  
    need some muscle. 6 years ago  
    if you're a vegetarian, this question is certainly not for you. lol 6 years ago  
    wherever and whatever. as long as i eat. 6 years ago  
    its official, im a 6 years ago +1
    already in a loving relationship. no money could change that in my life as how she has changed me. 6 years ago  
    you're not going to make me choose on this. 6 years ago  
    No worries for the rest of your days. a problem-free philosophy. 6 years ago  
    money i could get back no problem. 6 years ago  
    im already handsome. i want to be smart too. 6 years ago  
    why not eat both? 6 years ago  
    im an American and damn proud of it. 6 years ago  
    stay just as i am. no reason to change. 6 years ago  
    thou shall not murder. 6 years ago  
    both men suck 6 years ago  
    majority of guys vote: MJ. majority of girls vote: MJ. majority of unknown freaks vote: MJ. the whole damn global majority vote: MJ. when you compare the King of Pop to a peasant (Bieber), thats basically the results you're gonna get. for what could that Justin possibly do to surmount a legend? 6 years ago  
    oh, and embarrassing moments dont? =/ sure buddy.... 6 years ago  
    same thing. however, i certainly dont want to sh*t my shorts. so, having everyone see my awkward erection wont be so bad. =] 6 years ago  
    vampire? o-o 6 years ago  
    b/c i would want her to live a much better and promising life w/o ruin. 6 years ago  
    im already weird in my own unique way. just not her over there in that pic. 6 years ago  
    all of that was too authentic to be fake. 6 years ago  
    ...even though i use both. 6 years ago  
    the hell would i want w/ a unicorn? o_O 6 years ago  
    i can afford a vacation every year already. double pay would be an extra bonus added to it. 6 years ago  
    i dont have alot of friends offline (got aspergers and hard to open up to anyone) and still cherish my time w/ them. but im not losing my laptop after how much i spent to get it. 6 years ago  
    i dont even drink. 6 years ago  
    i may be sick in bed, but i want laptop to stay clean. dont want to die from boredom while trying to get well. 6 years ago  
    as long as i pass. 6 years ago  
    sooooo... this is a godly question. lol 6 years ago  
    there are alot of moments i really want to relive and some mistakes i want to correct right now. 6 years ago  
    that was a really tough choice. lol 6 years ago  
    i got asthma. good reason enough to avoid being exposed to summer heat or frigid winter air. 6 years ago  
    so be honest, why choose? 6 years ago  
    when you've changed the world so much by your actions, you've already become a legend. 6 years ago  
    f street smarts. show me just how far in life you could get w/ it. 6 years ago  
    its a stand off. lol 6 years ago  
    we'd both be so depressed w/o being able to raise a family or our own. 6 years ago  
    scientist and their inventions make far more money than what a NFL player makes. 6 years ago  
    i don't drink.... i probably shouldnt have replied to this. lol 6 years ago +1
    something about wearing a suit that makes me feel so....damn good. 6 years ago  
    i dont wanna jeopardize my existence by making one little change/mistake in my family history. in the future, my actions wont matter while im there. 6 years ago  
    no more starving kids and still get to do whatever i want. lol 7 years ago  
    let em watch. lol 7 years ago +2
    i dont want to get into alot of trouble but i also dont want AIDS. hmmmm... 7 years ago  
    if the ghost is the girl in the picture... 7 years ago +4
    been w/o tv for a year and a have and watched anything on my computer. i can sure as well do it again. 7 years ago +1
    ill be alright. im rich! 7 years ago  
    ill just switch to a better internet. 7 years ago  
    my feet hurt. i sit... 7 years ago  
    you have alot to learn about the universe. 7 years ago +4
    im not touching this. i just wanted to see everyone's comments. lol 7 years ago +1
    b/c i miss those times. and seriously, what is this talk about sex? o_O 7 years ago +2
    i drink both 7 years ago +1
    its a freakin franchise! also it makes more money 7 years ago  
    it hurts like hell. your balls are on fire and you can never sit down w/o an ice pack. but despite all that, it still beats being burned alive. 7 years ago  
    pollution kills more animals than abuse every year. 7 years ago +14
    for the safety of those jb fans, im on another elevator. 7 years ago +1
    not true love. 7 years ago +5
    Twilight's for i will not take that back. it is for chicks. 7 years ago  
    mass murder will mean death penalty if caught. so either way, im dead. 7 years ago +2
    have you failed to realize that you ARE in control of everything you dream of b/c its all in your head? 7 years ago  
    i will not choose sides w/ two of my favorite iconic game characters. i say they are equally good and this rivalry will continue w/o end. 7 years ago  
    im already there. lol 7 years ago +3
    im not picking Bush. 7 years ago +2
    a gay question 7 years ago +1
    not only do i have a soul, but common sense as well. -_- 7 years ago  
    its possible to survive from the wreckage. 7 years ago +1
    which is why i take my showers at night. 7 years ago  
    some ppl are allergic to nuts 7 years ago  
    dont get me wrong, i have no problem w/ vegies. but after trying to eat just vegies alone.... >_< i then realized i just couldnt do it. 7 years ago  
    i stopped watching tv. 7 years ago  
    no problem w/ vegies, as long as there's some meat on the side. =d 7 years ago  
    i am a carnivore. i have to have meat! 7 years ago +1
    at least i'll have teeth 7 years ago  
    why is there a baby cow feeding from its mother representing the "eat the flesh of another and suffer for it" choice? 7 years ago +1
    hell no. acquire currency to buy video games. 7 years ago +2
    flea bath 7 years ago  
    once again, quick and brief pain 7 years ago  
    terrible question. i will not be part of killing off polar bears or kill a kitten just b/c some idiot asked me a multiple choice question. moving on. 7 years ago +3
    cant avoid either of them. it happened to us. 7 years ago  
    yeah it happened that long ago 7 years ago  
    it'll grow back. 7 years ago  
    6,6 *attention on tits* 7 years ago  
    >_< the one thing i want to wish for and i cant wish for that? f*ck it. just give me the money and i'll be straight. 7 years ago  
    i cant type w/ my teeth or my toes. 7 years ago +1
    i dont want a prolonged suffering. so ill die in the water thnx. 7 years ago  
    same damn question i think i saw somewhere on this site. o_O 7 years ago  
    be or date? 7 years ago  
    >_< *shivers in discust* 7 years ago  
    done that 7 years ago +1
    i'll do both of them. 7 years ago  
    that child just came into the world. and im sure your spouse would agree to save him/her. 7 years ago +5
    quick and brief pain 7 years ago +3
    the Dark Side! >=] 7 years ago +2
    BRAWL!! 7 years ago +5
    and men dont? o-O 7 years ago +1
    real question: who hits harder? your mom or your dad? 7 years ago +14
    i dont want to get up any earlier to go to work than what im doing now. -_- 7 years ago +3
    no comment... =I 7 years ago  
    what? like your brain suddenly laps overtime and deteriorates making you stupid? =/ 7 years ago  
    Obama ftw! 7 years ago  
    even Kadafi in the pic looks as if to say, "What the f*ck what kinda question is this? i-i don't..." 7 years ago  
    sprite =d 7 years ago  
    MJ has kids who he loved very much but never molested them and they loved and missed him greatly. to be throwing that word "pedo" around at anyone wrongly accused of the crime is as wrong as any crime. at least show some respect for the man who probably was part inspiration to Bieber. 7 years ago  
    instead of referring to the worse of their careers an lives, how about you look at the best of what they accomplished? 7 years ago  
    not today my friend. MJ undisputed. 7 years ago  
    well of course. but for the sake of this stupid-ass question, its a no-brainer of a choice MJ ftw. 7 years ago  
    the King of Pop vs this little thing? o-O 7 years ago  
    and for MJ being dead is considered a good thing? 7 years ago  
    that what you just said deserves a *facepalm* 7 years ago  
    still a pussy. =/ 7 years ago  
    whoa. idk what you were thinking when you said but thats more than enough love. lol 7 years ago  
    but pales in comarison to the big cuddly pillow on the left. lol 7 years ago  
    eh what the hell. not like im ACTUALLY doing to do any of this sh*t. =/ 7 years ago +1
    snow, b/c if you break anything, you can recover at a hospital and do it again later. but if you f*ck up once in the open water while surfing, you risk a shark attack, drown, or swept away by the current. 7 years ago +1
    i want a wonderful time w/ my gf. idc about the sex. 7 years ago +2
    easy question, deserves an easy answer. MJ of course. lol 7 years ago  
    ass 7 years ago  
    sorry lady but you gotta go. =/ 7 years ago  
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