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    Both are dead soo...?!  
    Already am  
    I do  
    I'm already am  
    A little bit of both (I'm Christian)  
    Me neither  
    Ohhhh a hunt im in  
    I'm 11  
    Don't have a daughter  
    I'm good at singing  
    A little bit of both  
    Kind of  
    I'm both  
    I already do  
    I'm black...duh  
    I know I am  
    I don't think I can fit in a locker  
    Gym duh  
    I'm black yeah  
    I already do but I have other good friends  
    I saw super size me in health class  
    I'm already am  
    I have both  
    Neither really  
    God is already real  
    I'm an amazing singer  
    I have both  
    No one notices me already  
    I am nosey soo  
    No just stick up for yourself  
    Oh please my dad wouldn't do a thing to his "little girl" #daddy'sgirl  
    I do both  
    Bleach it  
    I'm a girl sooo...  
    I'm a little bit of a girly girl. Mostly tomboy  
    If I'm loved someone would help me  
    This is me  
    I already do this kinda  
    Good gossip?  
    I'm 11 I don't need a serious relationship now  
    I'm already am  
    I'm 11  
    I already do this  
    You could only get better, right  
    I already do that  
    My significant other would be my friend  
    What kind of question is this. I love nature and all but  
    Me and my friends would be in jail afterwards so  
    I'm a girl  
    I could make my own money  
    I know I pee in the shower I wont lie  
    I dressed amazing when I was 10  
    Uggg I hate the word popular  
    Games beat movies  
    I meant already  
    I spread have both as a pet  
    I could help him out couldn't i  
    You can always make more money and be happy  
    I lived between Ohio and Florida.(I live in Ohio now) I'm used to snow  
    I already control my dreams but forget them sometimes  
    Minecraft outside?  
    Do I die saving my siblings?  
    I can imagine it  
    Dr. Pepper is the best  
    I like scary things  
    A little bit of both but mostly today's music (I'm 11 so its obvious why)  
    Heaven obviously  
    Infinite whises?! Duh  
    I love dogs, besides they would dry and they would still be adorable  
    I hate the word average,also the last comment is so true lol  
    Is this REALLY a question  
    I have all types of dogs(I meant to click big dogs)  
    Fails are funny, and sometimes a disappointment  
    Music is my life  
    Hey some 80s clothes were awesome  
    Couldn't they write what they are saying  
    I could get smarter right?  
    If you're homeless you could always better yourself and get a job  
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