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Nerd life is just so much better than normal life.

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Let it go... ERMAHGAWD FROZEN!!!! or Nah, Meet the Robinsons 5 years ago 343 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather say and type 'yo' on the end of every sentence or 'tho' on the end of every sentence 5 years ago 162 votes 16 comments 0 likes

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Lose 20 yrs of your life? Or 40 yrs? Hm... 5 years ago  
I think I just made a friend!! Let us work together to reduce World Suck! 5 years ago +1
Aussie Pride. That is all. 5 years ago  
Then I would have enough time to procrastinate on rrrather and do my school assignments as well! 5 years ago +2
Hell Yeah. 5 years ago  
For the express purpose of interacting with Steve Harvey. 5 years ago +1
Cut the damn label off and get on with life. 5 years ago  
O_o 5 years ago  
Don't you wish that you could be a fly on the wall? 5 years ago  
Save Peri! Wait... 5 years ago  
It was the virgin thing. 5 years ago  
*shakes hand and awards diploma* You my friend, are funny. 5 years ago  
I'll lick peanut better off someone else's foot. 5 years ago +2
Screw your pictures. 5 years ago  
One less, one less problem. 5 years ago  
doge yo. 5 years ago  
Even though the trailer wasn't amazing :( 5 years ago  
The concept of A seems rather THG though. 5 years ago +1
Love it here. 5 years ago  
I love the Hunger Games series and Marvel, but chose Avengers because Gary Ross had no idea what he was doing. 5 years ago  
Heard this version first. 5 years ago  
Yum! And then you do that Aussie thing where we use it as a straw in our Milo to melt it and it tastes so good! America is missing out. 5 years ago  
Had both...B tastes better 5 years ago  
We're happy little Vegemites :) 5 years ago +1
Animal Farm...hail George Orwell. 5 years ago +1
We already know... 5 years ago  
Aussie pride. 5 years ago  
Addicted since '05 5 years ago  
Love both. 5 years ago  
SPOILER! Well...technically, 'A' was Mona...who was in cahoots with Alison...who staged her death by killing her twin... O_o 5 years ago +1
Or you could read the books? O_o 5 years ago +1
After 10 mins of staring at the game, this poor Australian finally realised that it was 'Murican, meaning the damn month was first. Also: walk into Mordor with Otakumon.... 5 years ago  
Glasses for the win 5 years ago +1
Glows? yo 5 years ago  
Ew...yo 5 years ago  
I like (a), but think that our flag is a part of who we are, such a rich part of our heritage. Why would we decide to change that? It is a national icon...anything different would just not be right yo. 5 years ago +1
I would love to see fireflies yo. 5 years ago +2
But women wear jackets and shorts/trousers all the time yo. 5 years ago +4
And regret everything. yo 5 years ago  
P!ATD yo. 5 years ago +2
Divergent yo. 5 years ago +2
Lie down with me...cover me up...cuddle me in. 5 years ago  
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