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    i like music from that time 2 years ago  
    a condum 2 years ago  
    eww 2 years ago  
    is sudcide a option 2 years ago  
    meh 2 years ago  
    cool 2 years ago +1
    geting mine removed 2 years ago  
    by sex 2 years ago  
    a small well 2 years ago  
    gummy knife 2 years ago  
    meh 2 years ago  
    MEH ill just kill them 2 years ago  
    ALL THE TIME 2 years ago +1
    VANILLA LIKE A BOSS 2 years ago  
    i save 1 999 to go 2 years ago +1
    kittens 2 years ago +1
    wash it 2 years ago +2
    in the finger 2 years ago  
    mmmm boys be drooling 2 years ago  
    shaving time 2 years ago  
    bbq tonight 2 years ago  
    hello 2 years ago  
    get smart 2 years ago  
    girl but still hurts 2 years ago  
    SHEOS 2 years ago  
    hello 2 years ago  
    my grandma is gone 2 years ago  
    new room 2 years ago  
    ill kill a murder 2 years ago  
    i lived a long life 2 years ago  
    i drink it aanyway 2 years ago  
    blah 2 years ago +4
    i still got 4 that one is me 2 years ago  
    my dad drove with all my sisters for 5 DAYS really that a piece of cake......... oh wait listen crap 2 years ago  
    no it deos not 2 years ago  
    continue with playing games 2 years ago  
    ya yummy hair 2 years ago  
    im 12 2 years ago  
    what 2 years ago +2
    i do it all the time 2 years ago +1
    aww 2 years ago  
    no 2 years ago +1
    i can live without them both 2 years ago  
    they better pull me up 2 years ago  
    a baby tiger 2 years ago  
    nice lobster 2 years ago  
    ill stich her mouth shut there 2 years ago  
    my ex then have sex with him hello 2 years ago  
    get inernet 2 years ago  
    WHAT IS THIS 2 years ago  
    not die but land on lost 2 years ago  
    a dead body builder 2 years ago  
    a gummy shark 2 years ago  
    plastic 2 years ago  
    budda 2 years ago  
    TERRIA 2 years ago  
    party with friend 2 years ago  
    well beter bring frys 2 years ago  
    crap president 2 years ago  
    quater black 2 years ago  
    i live in america 2 years ago  
    PLASIC KNIFE 2 years ago  
    ATHIEST 2 years ago  
    MY BIRTHDAY 2 years ago  
    it was sick 2 years ago  
    WHAT 2 years ago  
    WORSE CRAP 2 years ago  
    my leg are the best part of me 2 years ago  
    they never said i can't be smart 2 years ago  
    love is rich 2 years ago  
    I WON'T LEAVE ANYONE WITH PAIN 2 years ago  
    meh i don't care 2 years ago  
    doing 2 years ago  
    ill meet some sexy aleins 2 years ago  
    i have no enemy 2 years ago  
    SEXIST 2 years ago  
    IM A GIRL AND I ANSWER IT 2 years ago  
    SHOES 2 years ago  
    with a empty shell 2 years ago  
    bah there both gross 2 years ago  
    can't eat skittlesvegietarin 2 years ago  
    wolverine 2 years ago  
    girl 2 years ago  
    we don't have toys 2 years ago  
    hey i got sisters 2 years ago  
    girl 2 years ago  
    pointer finger 2 years ago  
    GIRL 2 years ago  
    yes 2 years ago  
    its a infectted penis 2 years ago  
    learn to 2 years ago  
    never dated 2 years ago  
    why 2 years ago  
    he will die soon 2 years ago  
    imm a girl 2 years ago  
    atheist one option 2 years ago  
    dreams first 2 years ago  
    im a girl i don't care 2 years ago  
    love is love who needs sex 2 years ago  
    ya if he is a boy duh 2 years ago  
    ya yummy poop 2 years ago  
    why 2 years ago  
    GGGGGIIIIRRRRLLLLL LOL sorry boys 2 years ago  
    HEY i have a cat she licks me with cat breath not bad 2 years ago  
    yes 2 years ago  
    girl 2 years ago  
    im agirl 2 years ago  
    nope 2 years ago  

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