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I am 17 and a female. I love heavy metal and rock, especially BVB, BFMV, MIW,OMAM,LoG,Suicide Silence, Arch Enemy etc. Andy Biersack is the hottest man alive

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    I regret buying a wii in 2008 XD  
    I still do wear 9 to 10 years clothes since I cannot fit in any adult sizes haha  
    xp is crap  
    England is boring  
    cannot live without coke  
    I don;t have a car anyway  
    I already have an ipad 3 lol +1
    obviously :|  
    I am addicted to music XD +1
    ninja assassian!  
    this is so bad  
    Harry potter is so boring +1
    looool. The guy/girl looks so creepy  
    history is the past. Why are Schools still teaching it -_- annoying  
    awwwh he looks adorable +3
    oh god none!  
    She's damn awesome!  
    such an amazing film =D +1
    Facebook is crap +2
    adorable obviously +1
    I can write and do chemistry practicals! =D enjoyable  
    I don't have a dog so HA! that dog is so damn cute though =D  
    damn! I fancy that pudding  
    Einstein is a legend =D  
    never heard of fedora LOL! +1
    I cannot go to prision!  
    wouldn't live become boring after about 100 years lol  
    I could be a spy  
    haha! omg my height!!! =P everyone thinks I am 12 when I am actually 17..  
    pizza, pasta and roman colosseum  
    I hate wearing dresses +3
    I'd prefer funnyjunk now lol! +2
    I am going to go on funnyjunk now  
    red is taster =P  
    I cannot live without meaat  
    I cannot stand slang, I get annoyed lol =P  
    be on the safe side eh =P  
    I want to look like a awesome banana =P +1
    cannot do with wars, fight conflicts etc.  
    santised mouth =D  
    urgh! justin Bieber no way. I want to date Andy Biersack (my profile picture) all the way :D  
    The future can always change... unpredictable  
    I believe in God but I don't want to be religious.  
    If I kept losing I'll probably go psychopathic, mental nutjob case lol =P  
    Lose friends. Personally they're not everything, I have my family  
    addictive =D  
    I have always loved Spiderman since I was young! =D Batman is boring  
    The Hershey's milk chocolate tastes of vomit... No offennse but the CREAMY milk chocolate hershey tastes amazing :/  
    heavy metal fan here lol =P  
    I don't drink haha  
    coke anyday!!!! =P addicted person here haha  
    money cannot always buy happiness. Quite a lot of celebrities abuse their fame going into rehab and rich people are still not happy... its the truth  
    inventor anyday =D  
    cba for reading to be honest :P  
    I am a female and being a male would be so much better. Less of the hormone problems, going into labour, meeting society's norms etc.  
    adventurous XD  
    that's so true XD the heading is too vague  
    I can't eat poop yuck LOL!  
    at least the mayonnaise wouldn't rip my a** apart lol XD  
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