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    how about now?  
    i admit i'm biased here #indo  
    i'll listen to she will be loved  
    the black one  
    come to my place  
    hate to say this but i am  
    back to back  
    jakarta is a combination of both  
    identity of the school  
    and so does life  
    man its 2015 here  
    been to b so..  
    use it in gold, properties, stocks, cars and the money will works for you  
    how about now?  
    bmw is swag, mercedes is class  
    i'm not chasing her again  
    golf is what the owner of basketball teams play  
    how long  
    consistency is key  
    60::40 guys  
    i'm not hot  
    girls won't bother with the performance. chances of me getting laid using a body of lambo with a machine that performs like ford is higher  
    poor those boys  
    i'm theory x (business management student will get this)  
    nerd is when you are getting bullied because you are smart. geek is when you are getting bullied because you are trying to be different.  
    its ok  
    that's why ;)  
    haters gonna hate  
    from a guy who constantly fight with their significant other, 1000 dollars won't do sh*t  
    i support cancer  
    don't be in denial guys  
    american football is interesting and fun but then you can never leave your passion  
    famous won't get you anywhere and be complacent. being a loser can give you some self-awareness and change for your future  
    i am already popular  
    in the end a phd in physics and math won't save you when pickpockets stealing from you  
    disregard female, acquire currency  
    go big or go home  
    i'm just trolling #yolo  
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