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Would you rather have eyes like this the rest of your life or like this 7 years ago 310 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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Monkeys are ugly!! 6 years ago  
both feel lik being hit by a train i kno the feeling of the first one :( 6 years ago  
my friends would beat the crap out of him 6 years ago  
i would come back as a demon and haunt that a-hole 6 years ago +159
definately a fact! 6 years ago  
thats kinda hot 6 years ago  
at least shes fresh 6 years ago  
imma girl 6 years ago  
id shove that spoon up the snakes ass 6 years ago +3
does is have to be emma watson or can it be someone that you have a secret crush on?????? :) 6 years ago +2
x-men for life!! 6 years ago +2
damn you rose why couldnt you both just have taken turns floating on the door you are a b*tch 6 years ago  
ADVENTURE TIME!!!!! 6 years ago +2
bill comptom looks russian 6 years ago  
adele is not chubby or fat! she is just big because of all the songs that people love and how many people like me love her!!! 6 years ago +1
mama says that a man only needs a certain amount of money and the rest is just for showing off 6 years ago  
digmon can dig itself strait to hell 6 years ago +2
CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago +2
megan fox is a whore 6 years ago  
so you people would rather watch a bunch of stupid wizards say bippity boppity boo against a retarded bald alien? 6 years ago  
im not a big starwars fan bcuz its pretty dumb and i dont care what u other stupid people think of my choice 6 years ago  
whats the kings speech????? 6 years ago  
i fell like crying waaaaaaaa these pics are so scary 6 years ago  
last i checked i dont have a penis so yay!!! 6 years ago  
they die very quickly in final destination so yeah 6 years ago  
haha i would rather hang myself why isnt that an option? 6 years ago  
why do granny smith apples get such bad rep? 6 years ago  
i dont understand this question at all 6 years ago +5
im the one that wrote this question and the one on the left is my mom and the one on the right is my moms friend and um yeah don't try anything their both married 7 years ago  
haha skip 7 years ago  
i used to live in arizona so i would love to go back its pretty badass in that crater 7 years ago  
haha suckers i skiped 7 years ago  
this comment sucks d**k SKIP 7 years ago +7
we are already in 3d you jackass 7 years ago  
they thought the world was gonna end in 2000,2001,2005.and before that why is this time any different?????? 7 years ago +1
damnit wrong one 7 years ago +2
shave my head and ill be bruce willis 7 years ago +2
the koala would be asleep like this oneone 7 years ago  
eeeewwwwwwww gross pic on the right :( 7 years ago +2
scary pic :( 7 years ago +1
i have that!!!! 7 years ago  
this isnt a would you rather question and who gives a f*ck about what gender we are 7 years ago +1
not that dog 7 years ago  
(not spelled right) halleluya 7 years ago  
haha im a girl suckers 7 years ago  
forever alone 7 years ago  
already am awsome at guitar my boyfriend loves it when i rip out solos 7 years ago  
you mean kitchen knife 7 years ago  
maybe i could make them both strait 7 years ago  
at least i would be delisioso 7 years ago  
stupid pic 7 years ago +2
exactly 7 years ago  
i wouldnt want my boyfriend to get a chance of getting aids any more than i do 7 years ago  
haha you guys need time to think on this one cuz their both kinda showing their boobs lol 7 years ago  
im sorry 4 u 7 years ago +1
im a girl haha suckers 7 years ago +4
KU closer to texas 7 years ago  
yeah i have a boyfriend so i dont want a sweaty armpit and i can hide the hair 7 years ago  
one handed so i have one in each hand 7 years ago +2
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