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    there is no way on earth that either science nor religion can prove how the universe/world was created.... so why bother arguing, just let people believe in what they want to but if you do believe in something don't take it too seriously either.. some people can be really closed minded. +1
    I would prefer to be able see where i am going :)  
    Snow day or maybe week, NO SCHOOL !!  
    okay I'm sorry but 1D really guys, their songs all sound the same and blend into each other after awhile.... and they are all about the one thing .. girls. not that JB's songs are any better but if i had to pick, i would chose ...... nope can't do it .... Rhianna all the way! ( and i know i have chosen JB but he is the lesser evil.)  
    wrath is a sin ....  
    I like turtles!! +1
    Wrath is a sin... tut tut  
    Wrath is a sin... tut tut  
    but people have.... has anyone met god?  
    God created the world.... said no one ever.  
    Pause button because then when exams come, I can just pause time, study for as long as I want and then unpause and go into the exam knowing everything :)  
    Firstly learn how to spell. Secondly of course we do not know what started the big bang it was billions of years ago but may I ask you a question, do you even know what god looks like for all you know god could be an elephant and if god created the universe then how come not everyone believes in god, whose buhha and allah  
    already been to france  
    harry potter magic up my self wealth and fame simple +2
    i would rather be able in get inside my house then spend a night in the cold and dark  
    they are house keys i'm pretty sure  
    emma watson is way pretty get stuff +1
    her face is just annoying  
    cause i'm a girl wouldn't have a girlfriend +3
    dogs are more inocent +1
    making phone calls slowly kills you cause of radiation  
    HARRY POTTER 7 movies two 4 no contest +2
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