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    I would command the world to expand outward and expand my control and power.  
    Black lives matter? All they talk about is police brutality.  
    There actually is a PROBLEMAS!  
    Ok Frank Fonatine.  
    Pork carries a lot of, bad, things...  
    Already might get to 7' 2"  
    Concerts, sword fighting, polo, some other sports, don't know if arenas were still around, theaters were quite exciting.  
    I would never use or clean either.  
    To see if he would work his way around a 2nd time. If he doesn't, shows he's only a god made by people's imagination. If he does, it leans in his favor.  
    Boxing gifts for the poor. If I am not wrong.  
    Can't tell if you're serious or not. But it means you can't walk.  
    They're both hard to look at anyway.  
    Already is.  
    To drink?  
    Same as any number times 0.  
    You're a married woman? (I know it changed over time but still)  
    Dooku would have died in age, Maul actually survived, Vader becomes the good guy, and Palpatine would have died in age anyway.  
    Politicians are paid nicely.  
    So would I rather have crap or other crap.  
    I would be taller anyway. +1
    I'm Aryan. Plus Nazi Germany isn't as bad as people make it seem.  
    I could just be naked only showing my face.  
    So would I rather make more or less money a year.  
    It's pretty much rugby but with more girls on the field. (Not really girls but cowards)  
    Then you wouldn't always eat meat.  
    Hit skip, then you can see what it is. Then vote. +1
    Technically you would have a monopoly. Plus. Endless life means you're eventually bound to do everything possible. Including having all the money and all the power.  
    Only if the baby will either come out bad, or is made by rape. So by bad I mean gone through many drugs and alcohol.  
    Work already stole my life.  
    I guess George Washington or Abraham Lincoln doesn't count.  
    I get to kill that person.  
    I've drank 2 liters in less than 3 minutes. It's nothing.  
    A lot of actors who use drugs to escape themselves.  
    What's the fun in either?  
    Aliens want to reproduce with you? Take me.  
    Seems like a vasectomy with less steps.  
    I already have like 30 on this piece of crap.  
    My law would be everyone in the world would have to pay me a certain amount each day. Here is how it goes. Lower class: $0 a day. Middle class: $5. Upper Class: $200 a day.  
    You can know a lot more about it than you think.  
    Doesn't say how long, prison actually has a good education, food, and rape is not as common as people think. Less than 5% of inmates are actually raped. The food is actually better than school meals. No joke, better for you and tastes better. You're fed more often. Some prisons now give you your own cell, but a smaller one. Eliminating prison rape in your cell. And many other things that make prison not as bad as it seems.  
    I'd wish for a ton of things I would sell for money.  
    You don't have to be married to have children.  
    Already can't in one.  
    They're both sh*t.  
    I wouldn't do a doctor. You lose lives depending on the type of doctor.  
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