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Would your rather? Ejaculate whenever a girl talks to you. or crap your pants every time you drive a car. 7 years ago 1,126 votes 26 comments 0 likes

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girls do ejaculate it is just known as squirting to some people and just change it to every time you talk to a boy. 7 years ago  
hmm well are they transfesdites(or however you spell it) or have both 7 years ago  
doesn't mean you have to be black 7 years ago  
you kidding me 7 years ago +1
wait wait wait, there different people 7 years ago +1
note: your an asshole 7 years ago +2
b*tch 7 years ago +1
with kesha i'd have to wash the std's out of my mouth 7 years ago +4
i would use it to be lazy and annoying 7 years ago +4
people in jersey shore are like 50% woman maybe more 7 years ago  
might hurt your gooch 7 years ago +4
hate cats 7 years ago  
id kick Mr tumnis or w/e right in the balls 7 years ago +2
well im a guy and that was an awkward click 7 years ago  
i would make it watch and maybe even include it 7 years ago +3
i would make me a pornstar and have sex with over a thousand chicks then wake up with a bed so sticky i couldn't get up 7 years ago +5
bella is an emotionless b*tch 7 years ago +1
i love killing babies 7 years ago  
nerds are smart 7 years ago +1
how the hell is this even a question 7 years ago +5
o right shes 8 7 years ago  
woops miss click i hate cats 7 years ago +1
kesha's like the evil bag lady from hell and selena gomez is a terrible singer but an ok face and body 7 years ago +2
how has x ray vision not the top i know youd be staring at a wall but behind the wall there would be naked woman 7 years ago  
id wish for something that i can use that will give me money in the long run 7 years ago +1
thats a guy 7 years ago  
yes but pirates are pillagers with no former training, ninjas trained at night but worked in the fields during the day they just used surprise to kill there samurai leaders 7 years ago  
no there disgusting and brush there teeth with burban. plus diseases such as scurvy would be disgusting, its the actual pirate not jack sparrow 7 years ago  
dam clicked the wrong one 7 years ago  
clowns are rapists and scare the hell outta me 7 years ago +1
wow totally different in numbers 7 years ago +1

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