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Would you rather be Thoth - God of Knowledge or Dionysus - God of Wine 3 years ago 103 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which of my brothers plays fifa 11 better? idiot brother #1 or idiot brother #2 4 years ago 54 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Black Books or The Big Bang Theory 4 years ago 144 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an illegally active paedophile or zoophile 4 years ago 132 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch TVFilthyFrank or HowToBasic 4 years ago 944 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die by (read explanation) Sawing or The Brazen Bull 4 years ago 619 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather (to the end of your life) listen to The Prodigy or Pendulum 4 years ago 93 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Arnold Judas Rimmer (red dwarf) or David Lister (red dwarf) 4 years ago 76 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Cat (red dwarf) or Kryten (red dwarf) 4 years ago 100 votes 1 comment 0 likes

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easier to survive to the end 3 years ago  
happiness is not something you necessarily need to share with someone else, i like being alone. + be happy, even better 3 years ago  
would be pretty lonely up there in the space....... or would i? 3 years ago  
Eminem has a few good songs, but most of the others are crap. 3 years ago +2
both are terrible, making terrible content about the same content over and over again. 3 years ago  
i barely speak right now so... 3 years ago  
none of them, what happened should have happened. 3 years ago  
none, both look like douchepeeps 3 years ago +1
none, both look like douchepeeps 3 years ago  
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 3 years ago  
and you could also kind of choose not to occupy your mind with too much knowledge, there could be lotsa reasons. even tho, the pick is not really 50/50 at all. 3 years ago  
but you wouldnt be such a drinker (^⊆^) 3 years ago  
why dont you just simply put yes isntead of this option? i wouldnt say its too complicated even that its one of the best. 3 years ago  
thats just terrible youd have to learn the language again? or would you move with your family to the country? 3 years ago +1
yeah hitler just lived his life people, leave him aloha hah 3 years ago  
f*ck life, what a terrible invetion by such an asspain judge mayor of the third world mr.jesus satan christ 3 years ago +1
yes, ah wait no. 3 years ago  
jeeez neither, why would i watch those! 3 years ago +1
hmmm id say both are very beautiful depends on if you are going to reach that high to get on the top of the mountain, and mainly about your mood. 3 years ago  
but not some nightcore and sh*t i aint used to that that sh*td just blow my ears 3 years ago +4
but the main stupid thing is that it says from Hlavni mesto Praha, when hlavni mesto means capital city 3 years ago  
why did you input still in there? i know i am an idiot, everyone is an idiot but poeple are being idiots in different ways thats the interesting part, sometimes its really hard to spot in which way a person is an idiot 3 years ago  
nejsem zkurvenej angličan kreténi zasraný v češtině máme o hodně lepší problémy naser te si sráči 4 years ago +1
Fish is no meat 4 years ago  
problem of american sitcoms #1 too much sentimental 4 years ago  
the friends are the annoying enemies 4 years ago  
i prefer movies 4 years ago  
lol both are sh*t 4 years ago +1
neither, real girls are better. 4 years ago +2
is B illegal in some countries? that stupid? 4 years ago +3
Russia so i can meet Putin 4 years ago  
goddamnit i hate when rappers use autotune, it ruins all the songs which actually could be good if they didnt use autotune 4 years ago  
Stayin alive, Staying alive, Hah, Hah, Hah, Hah, Staying alive! 4 years ago  
i thought that may be the only reason i am going to look it up 4 years ago  
about neither... well then, the gross section is not the section where you find questions FORYOU 4 years ago  
lol i dont think its "sexist" but i agree with the rest of option A 4 years ago  
I dont want to be any of these, everyones b*tching about this movie, i didnt see it but i dont really want 4 years ago  
clicking the button "edit" would be better instead of writin it all here down the comments 4 years ago  
alexw's is 3 years ago so this guy is a swampsack-thief 4 years ago  
different people - different taste 4 years ago  
i would eat it and become Pink Guy 4 years ago  
i am afraid to answer this question 4 years ago  
i would keep watching and visiting them and make sure they are not becoming "too advanced like us", i would obstruct them from doing it but they could live and be happy and smoke some wid etc. 4 years ago  
Thug Lyfe 4 years ago  
i would force them to pay me for being their slave if so. 4 years ago  
:3 4 years ago  
it doesnt say i couldnt be popular + smartest, and smartest + popular 4 years ago  
filthy frank also shares his thoughts and how he hates things, he raps, and kind of actually acts. how to basic just throws things molests chickens and wastes food 4 years ago +2
really, oh that sucks 4 years ago  
pornhub kind of sucks since it has premium membership 4 years ago  
you actually wrote the options in the question title.. thats not how it should work but it does 4 years ago  
i would say non of these. 4 years ago  
what kind of a question is this.. 4 years ago +7
people is something wrong with you? 4 years ago +3
Zebroosters just another kind of animals... but i would like for time-to-time sit and talk with a fruit 4 years ago +1
what the fu**? 4 years ago +1
none of these. 4 years ago  
Pendulum - Slam is a banger 4 years ago  
yeah.. feets 4 years ago  
there are too much shemales transsexuals and sh*t already lets have vagina 4 years ago  
2x round 2 no round 1? _) 4 years ago  
you must lie 4 years ago  
Smoke weed everyday. 4 years ago  
just Rap.. wow you know how some Rap is old..and good.. 4 years ago  
i bet that earth is worse than the hell now 4 years ago  
id wish i could wish for money 4 years ago  
i force all the knowledge to come into my mind 4 years ago  
they puke at you 4 years ago  
id do it only if i want to finall commit suicide or if i wouldnt enjoy my life anymore 4 years ago  
invisibility is the best... 4 years ago  
what? 4 years ago  
i dont care about anything if i have a badass suit 4 years ago  
you know how much it hurts? 4 years ago  
i everytime wanted to stop time.. why would i rewind back and look at all the stupid mistakes i made? 4 years ago  
id be so smart i could find a way to make myself look hot 4 years ago  
i can get a prostitute with the money, because thats what the "true love" is only good in 4 years ago  
friends are just annoying 4 years ago  
i can spend my time the last days the best the happiest and make a to do list 4 years ago  
it actually can 4 years ago  
if i was in harry potter's world who knows, i could end up as a homeless or those who cant do the MAGIC 4 years ago  
you dont even know him you prick 4 years ago  
i bet my ancestors were freaking psychos 4 years ago  
why would someone even marry anyone.. 4 years ago  
lol i hate chocolate and all that sweet stuff i am 14 and i eat like probably one a month.. 4 years ago  
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