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    I'd probably die in the pre 1800 but YOLO  
    well it wouldn't be that bad, it's just a name  
    I'd rather grow with knowledge than to grow with my friends  
    I've already been mountain climbing in Washington and in Hawaii oh and Utah  
    I don't really like star wars  
    my keyboard is a piece of crap so the i in Big must have switched * create*  
    sounds intresting  
    already had one of those, knocked down our van  
    Verizon's better but more expensive  
    it's kinda impossible not to surf where i live  
    well I've had no blood before  
    im sorry I hadt\ to chose Luna  
    NOOOOOOO wrong person oops  
    my dream is being a swimmer and baker so i kinda had to chose this one  
    one of my talents if having skill  
    got to do a 6 page essay bye  
    i love spinach especially with scrambled eggs  
    i was a little bit of both  
    what if your both, im good at the cello, piano, viola, trombone, ukelele, swimming, tennis, baseball, track but ill have to go with instrements cause i dont have to worry about meh asthma  
    when im at a buffet I wait until fresh food is out so im the first to get it so I know no one else touched it  
    I already have 5 hours of home work so :(  
    my work would be swimming and making cakes  
    I would take it in to a repair sjop  
    i chose this one casue it looked like Doctor Who and i have a ton of things wrong in my past  
    well im that 12 year old so im both :D except im not bratty  
    her name would either be Bonnie Angelina Rose or Rachel  
    Even though im American she one fair and square  
    none of you want to see my sisters underwear  
    a Dodge Challenger by dad used to have one but he sold it now he's gonna get a Hellcat  
    Dutch. Japanese, German, French, and English :D  
    sorry i got to stick with one of my home countries  
    oops wrong one  
    i like playing with Playdoh  
    I will sleep with my daughter when she's like 2 and is scared to sleep by herslef  
    sh*t wrong one yea i use cheats all the time in minecraft  
    god created the Bg Bangi  
    i will be Katniss  
    if someone killed hitler then I wouldn't exist  
    if Hitler died then that means I wouldn't be alive cause one of my relitives met another of my relatives when he was working for hitler then they got married  
    XD i think that guy REALLY loved bacon  
    that tombstone says that Some Name died when they were 50 years old  
    die so i dont have to turn in a 6 page essay on tuesday  
    well i'm almost into the Jr. Olympics in Swimming, maybe just 4 more years of swim and i'll be good enough sooo  
    its says you can still die if you never age  
    according to Doctor Who never dying would be miserable  
    that's how i wonthe costume contest i was best Foxy but there were like 7 other fnaf costumes  
    ill climb it with meh jetpack  
    well im part german and im a girl so  
    buffets for life  
    NOOOOOO i picked the wrong one  
    well i've never been on a cruise but have flown 15 times on a plane in the 12 years i've been alive :)  
    trop to disneyland/world with friends would be THE BEST  
    yep that happened to a lot of things and it's sad  
    if i lost an arm i'd replace it with a hook, get my eyepatch and sing U R A PIRATE at the top of meh lungs for hours  
    who doesnt pee in the shower  
    if im sick then i can stay home from school a go on meh computer  
    i want to have my career BEFORE i start a family  
    im a girls so sucks 4 u >:D  
    i've already done the one i picked but cant exactly remember any of it cause i was 6 i just remember standing on the Eifle Tower  
    then you'll have negative  
    I BELIEVE IN GANDALF oh wait thats not what it said oops  
    the girl on the far left of the popular group looks like she rolled in tomato juice  
    NOO the hardest question of life  
    well im 12 and when i was 10 it was minecraft, video games, black, blue, purple, hot pink, red  
    MY BIRTHDAY cause i dont have to share presents with meh siblings and yes i am sounding selfish right now thank you for noticing  
    if i spoke everything on my mind lets just say i wouldnt be allowed to go to school, take showers by myself, be around kitchen tools, lose all meh friends ect.  
    female casue i feel so weird when I get examinations by male doctors so im female so it makes sense 4 me  
    i hate dogs, well most the time  
    COMAS 4 LIFE but according to FNAF 4 when your in a coma chuck-e-cheese characters will have 5 rows of razor sharp teeth and will eat u  
    i've already lost a ton but I have a lot of friends online so  
    girls can like games too so GAMES GAMES GAMES  
    i hate singing i cant sing high or low  
    well i'm already in Hawaii and IT SUCKS for the most part the schools suck the houses, the only thing that hawaii puts their money towards i tourists but now they are doing fundraisers to help the schools get air conditioning  
    i've already done it for 10 hours its called putting it on before you go 2 bed  
    gives me more time to masterbait :)  
    :( i love rain but haven't seen snow in 2 years most of the people in my class have never seen snow  
    this would help me when I go to Europe  
    do what u want casue a pirate is free U R A PIRATE yar har fiddle de dee being a pirate is all that u need  
    we should do this for school  
    but what if i go to hll  
    watch me as i punch u in the face or watch me as im just surfing the web and watching tv  
    ;-; forever alone  
    already been friendzoned by meh crush  
    the only things i can play are a cello, viola, piano,partially trombone, and recorder  
    we have macs at school and lets say that they suck  
    i'de watch all of my fav shows crossover  
    well im already a kid :) well kinda im more of a teen  
    come on people who hasn't wanted to breath like Darth Vader  
    was this a trick question, well me mum might have chosen Twilight +1
    according to Doctor Who being immortal would suck watching all your frieds die in front of you while you still live on  
    if there was no problems then i would get all As in meh homeowrl :D +1
    I seriously dont mind my last name being Hitler it doesn't mean I'm a bad person  
    well i'm already in Hawaii so XD  
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