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    ...i live in the mountains, and if you like being cold, bugged up, and not afraid of bears, this is the place to live... -.- 7 years ago  
    *kabam!* *sizzle sizzle* ....dead vs. *sssssss* *AhHHHHhhHh* ....dead. 7 years ago  
    duhhhh, beiber sucks 7 years ago  
    well, i could ether adopt some kids if i couldnt have a kid, but 22 kids would b way funner :D 7 years ago  
    team jacob. 7 years ago +1
    I LOVE ALLLLLL ICECREAM!!!!!! 7 years ago  
    ewww....the photos are disgusting :\ 7 years ago +1
    lol exactly! 7 years ago  
    anything but anime 7 years ago  
    what is it?!?! it's yummy :D 7 years ago  
    dandelions are edible, ive eated one :D 7 years ago  
    me too :P 7 years ago  
    so do i 7 years ago  
    derrrrrrrr 7 years ago  
    i already date online=no strings attached. 7 years ago  
    i would rather have a rich boyfreidn, i wouldnt want to give him any of my money...gimme his!!! :D 7 years ago  
    worms would slide down like spaghetti 7 years ago +3
    perv 7 years ago +1
    only if the explosive diarrhea only happened once 7 years ago +1
    RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT! 7 years ago  
    i'd just close my eyes. 7 years ago +2
    .....uh....SKIP! 7 years ago +1
    i dont even watch tv 7 years ago  
    a murderer would kill more people.....sad question 7 years ago +2
    mom is spanks hard 7 years ago  
    camping is overrated 7 years ago  
    cought my mom and dad doing it when i was 4.....they said they were laughing xD 7 years ago +5
    sit around in sparkles doing nothing?? yay 7 years ago +2
    read all three hunger games books in 12 hours... :D 7 years ago +507
    grandmas love you ♥ 7 years ago  
    i already live in the winter...der 7 years ago  
    football guys are hot :D 7 years ago  
    DUHH!!!! 7 years ago  
    *jumps off ski lift* weee im flying!!!! *lands in soft snow* even better :D 7 years ago  
    my annoying brother, my neighbor, and my cat.... 7 years ago +1
    awwwww the ugly baby is so cute :3 7 years ago +4
    i've got so many spanks in my life, one more wont hurt my callused butt :) 7 years ago +2
    rain is fun!!! snow gets annoying.... 7 years ago  
    star trek is so L7 7 years ago  
    MAGIC!!! 7 years ago +2
    i dont want to be hungery, and i like making peeps laugh :) 7 years ago  
    big dogs....but i have a week spot for tcup yorkies :3 7 years ago  
    i dont watch tv 7 years ago +2
    fly of course......weeeee!!! 7 years ago +2
    i saw a bald eagle at my house last month and i live in colorado!! 7 years ago  
    bahaha, long live GOD me!!!! 7 years ago +1
    theres a million kittens in the world.... 7 years ago  
    get to smell great, get dirty, live life without worrying about stinking...WOOH! 7 years ago  
    again...ALONE FOREVER!! :D 7 years ago  
    end of the world....alone forever :) 7 years ago  

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