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Would you rather... Play russian roulette with 3 bullets or Put up a fight against a T-800 2 years ago 60 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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hoi 2 years ago  
Just like shrek 2 years ago  
Im Shrek 2 years ago  
Im Shrek 2 years ago  
Murky Water tastes much better. 2 years ago +1
il beh bak 2 years ago  
Terminator=Extremely hard and painfull to kill and you will probably lose a leg to one 2 years ago  
Zombie=Slow and hard to kill 2 years ago  
ILL BE BACK 2 years ago  
clicked wrong without reading TERMINATOR EEZ A BADASS 2 years ago  
predator suck, terminator is cool 2 years ago  
Terminator genisys is awesome 2 years ago  
t2 is the best movie i have watchrd yet 2 years ago  
avgn 2 years ago  
Question B 2 years ago  
Question B 2 years ago  
its f**king 2017 man 2 years ago  
wut 2 years ago  
aESP stands for: Elephant has a Small Penis 2 years ago  
ill be back 2 years ago  
Im 7 2 years ago  
23% of everyone are morons 2 years ago  
Apelsin är bäst 2 years ago  
huh, dirty. 2 years ago  

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