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    IM NOT GAY!!!! 2 years ago  
    OK apparently i am older than now and i am a pregnant boy. My family would send me to a scientist to be studied on 2 years ago +1
    JOIN THE DARK SIDE 2 years ago +1
    i dont drink 2 years ago  
    i couldnt fake be sick to stay home from school 2 years ago  
    arent they the same? 2 years ago  
    like if you said A in a whisper and B shouting 2 years ago  
    IM STRAIGHT. does not mean tht im against it, just means i dont support it 2 years ago  
    i die alone in room and i am still popular so i beat the system 2 years ago  
    it does not say that bro 2 years ago  
    I just got burned onlive aka roasted 2 years ago  
    does not say that your sad forever 2 years ago  
    Im a straight male so does not apply 2 years ago  
    its not cake batter soo sad day 2 years ago  
    the sea is huge sooo you can be in one part of the ocean and the shark is in another 2 years ago  
    i dont bleed if i miss 3 years ago  
    me hungery now 3 years ago  
    is 3 years ago  
    malfunction if no radio 3 years ago  
    godzila got nuked in the movie 3 years ago  
    BOTH 3 years ago  
    wouldnt feel it 3 years ago  
    Mazerunner is what the persons going for 3 years ago  
    me not a girl 3 years ago  
    i delete it 3 years ago  
    food piramid Lol 3 years ago  
    none 3 years ago  
    poulotion and air dou 3 years ago  
    klicked on the wrong one 3 years ago  
    thats horrible 3 years ago  
    you would still go to school with homework 3 years ago  
    they sleep at the wheele when there super tired 3 years ago  
    they will give me a jalepeno and we would be even 3 years ago +1
    theres something that gets rid if acne 3 years ago  
    your best friend is your girlfriend 3 years ago  
    MINECRAFT FOREVER 3 years ago +1
    marry someone rich 3 years ago  
    love over money 3 years ago  
    and theres a chance that you will live 3 years ago  
    you get knocked out dud 3 years ago  
    people would taist gross 3 years ago  
    no idia what they are 3 years ago  
    you will learn to like them and theres strangth in numbers 3 years ago  
    knock your selfout 3 years ago  
    i dont wear white 3 years ago  
    you get more presents 3 years ago  
    its a stupid qustion its asking if you want something bad or something good 3 years ago  
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