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Hello everyone!! Call me DK (Drift King). Follow me on instagram for lots of amazing vehicles!!! Do it now!: DK_Drift_King._The_Drifter

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    best halloween costume ever +1
    my dad gets pissed off when im quiet  
    ha, marBALLS  
    i dont wash my hair anyway.  
    I see what yah did there...  
    me too  
    get the biome or silver lightning!! look them up!  
    I ain't gonna eat Hershey's, my dog's name IS Hershey!!!!  
    ill pay u $200 to do that!!  
    i could pay money to become smart. who says i cant BE smart anyway? Plus the hotties are usually the weathies.  
    lol, i could buy my love... love with the cameras  
    When im old, i can drift on the streets with police chasin' me and be like "f**k off b*tches!!!"  
    You are so retarted. SHAVE OFF THE DAMN HAIR! AND MAKE IT BETTER!  
    I would find Chloe Moretz with a fast car  
    Our house is practically a studio, we have like everything!! We have like 13 different video game systems!! around that much or maybe even more!  
    I have both. My ps3 has better graphics and has surround sound and 360 has ok graphics and no surround sound.  
    I don't know who Rebecca Black is, but all I know is that she is better than JB!! JB destroyed a F**KING house, Jesus!!!!  
    Wheres the dont care button when you need it?? Help!  
    Yeh! How the hell are you supposed to do that?? +12
    You are awesome.  
    ? wtf ?  
    Brad in World War Z?? He is totally awesome! I  
    Ummm, really? people eat raw chicken a lot!! (especially the homeless) You people should know that. Its called History class!  
    hahahahah, its called bein' a little kid!!  
    i dont drink milk and if i know there is only one bug, then ill be happy not to drink anymore.  
    i would be with Chloe Moretz!!  
    That zit looks more like a tiny penis...  
    who are they? SAY WHAT THEY DO NEXT TME!  
    for everyone  
    its the least i could do  
    omg, an elevator would be so boring. it would be some scary on the ski lift, cuz u never know when u would break through it!!  
    nice answer  
    nice lol  
    come on ppl!! Justin is doing so much damage to the world! he destroyed like 8 homes or something!! READ THE NEWS!! +1
    so easy  
    but the big dog could save me.  
    wtf? i dint even read the question, i just didnt put justin, he is a dipS**T!!!!  
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