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Which would you rather have? Tibetan Mastiff or Akita 3 years ago 45 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Where do you shop? Hot Topic or Urban Outfitters 3 years ago 45 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which was better? Joker (Jack Nicholson) or Joker (Heath Ledger) 3 years ago 100 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which is better? Pandora or Spotify 3 years ago 87 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which one? John Boyega or Adam Driver 3 years ago 67 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which is better? Toaster Strudel or Pop-Tart 3 years ago 100 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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5'5 2 years ago  
140 lbs 2 years ago  
emancipate slavery not my thing 2 years ago  
1. yes 2. yes (under certain circumstances) 3. No 4. Yes 5.Ehhh depends 6.(under certain medical circumstances) 7. Yes 8.No 9.No 10. Yes goes with 6. 11. under some type of regulation 12. Ehh 13. Yes 14. Yes 15. No 16. Yes 17.Yes 18. Yes 19. Yes 20. I dont know 2 years ago  
Which ever class where the teacher dislikes me the most 3 years ago  
17 lol 3 years ago  
That's like asking me if I want to stick a fork in the top or bottom socket 3 years ago  
Law and Order: SVU 3 years ago +1
I just like city views 3 years ago  
More charisma 3 years ago  
Fish 3 years ago  
Gary Sinise he did a concert near where I lived 3 years ago +1
Not awkward exactly just pisses me off 3 years ago  
More language options 3 years ago  
Womens soccer or lacrosse 3 years ago  
Smells better most times 3 years ago  
There's consequences so nah 3 years ago +1
Depends on situation 3 years ago  
Phone case and a sweashirt 3 years ago  
To figure out why we're even enemies in the first place 3 years ago  
Not all the time though... 3 years ago  
I'll just go outside 3 years ago  
I'll just use an iPod touch 3 years ago  
I have no use for a lightsaber 3 years ago  
If I ruled there would be problems 3 years ago  
That one was a decent episode I was referring to the other ones 3 years ago  
She went off on me for a redbull comment it was kinda funny lol 3 years ago +1
Asia,Africa,Australia,Europe,North America, South America, Antartica 3 years ago  
It looks weird when couples look a like because it's as if they're dating their sibling 3 years ago +2
I know some people that call it "the heel" 3 years ago  
I swear the material written for this show gets worse and worse each year 3 years ago  
Wish I had known this was already a question earlier 3 years ago  
I like neutral colors on eyes 3 years ago  
Pretty good questions 3 years ago  
Just use cold water for dark clothes 3 years ago  
I just take my shoes off my house is carpeted 3 years ago +1
5'5 3 years ago  
If women are able to control their urges when guys walk around shirtless then guys should too 3 years ago  
Desert Punk 3 years ago  
I did 3 years ago  
I'm not so... 3 years ago  
Sirloin steak, steak fries drizzled in ketchup, corn on a cob and a tall glass of Barqs root beer 3 years ago  
When I broke my arm the anesthetic gave me hallucinations 3 years ago  
Loved "Alright" 3 years ago  
Family, Phone, photos 3 years ago  
Brown 3 years ago +1
Both 3 years ago  
Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events 3 years ago  
Is saw a my strange addiction episode on vampirism 3 years ago  
I wasn't saying the holiday is racist. It's racist when I see people wear costumes that mock other people's ethinicities 3 years ago  
When you're in a bath it's like sitting in your own filth 3 years ago  
Is her new album on iTunes or Tidal? 3 years ago  
Julius got killed by one of his own 3 years ago  
I sucked at math 3 years ago  
O- 3 years ago  
In a movie 3 years ago +1
Europe 3 years ago  
British 3 years ago  
Depends on the costume obviously but if your kids shows up to my house in a geisha,native american or any other type of costume, they're not getting candy from me 3 years ago  
You get everything over with if you wake up early 3 years ago  
The zombies would have trouble going up the stairs 3 years ago  
Cool yet simple and mysterious 3 years ago  
Sadly some women are taught at young age to go for a guy with money 3 years ago +2
undeveloped 3 years ago  
A small cacti 3 years ago  
Look cooler like a jackal almost 3 years ago +1
Accident 3 years ago  
Gavelston Aquarium 3 years ago  
She uses internalized misogyny in her music even though she tries to come off as a feminist. But her songs are catchy though 3 years ago  
I hate sunny side up eggs 3 years ago  
Juries are known to be quite prejudice though 3 years ago  
Buddha seems more chill 3 years ago  
Less danger 3 years ago  
I would like both actually 3 years ago  
Muslim is a religion not an ethnicity 3 years ago  
Pro-choice not pro-death 3 years ago  
Attractive can sing and dance shes a 100 in my book 3 years ago  
I see his pic all the time about removing ads 3 years ago  
Pixels was funnier 3 years ago  
Reminds me of doraemon a little bit 3 years ago  
The Vaquita looks high a'f 3 years ago  
i don't get why guys dislike muscles on girls so much 3 years ago  
50-50 3 years ago  
I became lethargic as I got older 3 years ago  
Converse laces are poorly built 3 years ago  
Cory Gunz verse was the best part of the song 3 years ago  
Germany good food and I know the language pretty well 3 years ago  
It's cheaper and I'm not a 4.0 student 3 years ago  
Every two weeks to keep the suspense 3 years ago  
Star 67 was the best 3 years ago +1
Pop 3 years ago  
Brie cheese is the best 3 years ago  
Better detail and color choice 3 years ago +2
As long as I'm not a furry or in one of the weeabo fanfics then I'm good 3 years ago +1
Hitler is the one who's an asshole 3 years ago +1
I liked them better as a duo 3 years ago  
People in gym literally hated me for being bad in there 3 years ago  
They're the ultimate power couple 3 years ago  
B is the dumbest thing ive ever heard 3 years ago  
Germany 3 years ago  
Barcelona, Spain 3 years ago  
Depends on religon 3 years ago  
Doesnt matter tbh 3 years ago  
Kick start is sweeter but gives you little energy 3 years ago  
More flavor 3 years ago +1
Endless fan theories 3 years ago +1
"Put that thing back or so help me" 3 years ago +3
The longer you wait, the more likes you get on the pic 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
Heavy metal is not my thing so.... 3 years ago  
Women shouldn't be forced to have a child if they don't want to they're not incubators they're people for petes sake 3 years ago +5
Only in my last two years of high school I could wear a hat 3 years ago  
I relate to this one too well 3 years ago  
The two don't compare they are in different fields of entertainment 3 years ago  
Kano is cooler 3 years ago  
??? 3 years ago  
Johnny Cash 3 years ago  
She seems way more badass than the other 3 years ago  
Its sweeter 3 years ago  
Red Bull tastes like sh*t 3 years ago  
Wtf neither 3 years ago  
Earth 3 years ago  
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