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    I can do what I've always wanted to 1 year ago  
    Last longer 1 year ago  
    You always need privacy 1 year ago  
    Same thing 1 year ago  
    Even better 1 year ago  
    Anything but, obama 1 year ago  
    THAT'S WRONG!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    They are both great but I have to go with Michelle Bachmann 1 year ago  
    Neither 1 year ago  
    I'm a Christian 1 year ago  
    Neither 1 year ago  
    I don't even like sports but, I hate obama 1 year ago  
    Idk who they are 1 year ago  
    I'm the only right one 1 year ago  
    Or C: None of the above 1 year ago  
    I'm a child 1 year ago  
    No obama 1 year ago  
    I'm from california 1 year ago  
    Hell yeah!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    No obama 1 year ago  
    More power 1 year ago  
    They make perfume with whale poop and sperm 1 year ago  
    I'm in california 1 year ago  
    I live there and I'm there now 1 year ago  
    I'm a kid 1 year ago  
    I've never tried mutton before 1 year ago  
    Way funnier 1 year ago  
    I'm a kid 1 year ago  
    I'm a kid 1 year ago +1
    I love the hard work they put into it 1 year ago  
    Way better 1 year ago  
    MONEY!!!! 1 year ago  
    I can't live without talking 1 year ago  
    OMG I'm part of the 69% 1 year ago  
    Much better 1 year ago  
    I'm already a girl 1 year ago  
    THAT LUXURY LIFE!!!!! 1 year ago  
    I like the oldies 1 year ago  
    BUGATTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    Same here 1 year ago  
    I see apple 1 year ago  
    My phone is Microsoft 1 year ago  
    Records 1 year ago  
    The color of blood 1 year ago +1
    Half and half mostly computer games 1 year ago  
    Red the color of blood 1 year ago  
    I don't have one 1 year ago  
    Yat 1 year ago  
    Yay facebook 1 year ago  
    Same charactors 1 year ago  
    More drama 1 year ago  
    I'm on windows 1 year ago  
    FIREFOX!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    More trendy 1 year ago  
    Apple all the way 1 year ago  
    Idk either 1 year ago  
    Neither 1 year ago  
    You can't trust the internet 1 year ago  
    I'm a girl 1 year ago  
    Staying in all day 1 year ago  
    It's meaningless 1 year ago  
    The other person didn't know 1 year ago  
    Love 1 year ago  
    As long as they love you 1 year ago  
    50-50 1 year ago  
    More love 1 year ago  
    I like being short 1 year ago  
    It's just marriage 1 year ago  
    I know her better 1 year ago  
    I haven't seen either 1 year ago  
    Then you make a bond 1 year ago  
    At least you get to keep a friend 1 year ago  
    TROPICS!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    Anything but harry 1 year ago  
    Why not???? 1 year ago  
    Star 1 year ago  
    Break up 1 year ago  
    I don't have a partner 1 year ago +1
    You gotta eat 1 year ago  
    They can always laugh playfully at you and have a good time 1 year ago  
    Way cooler 1 year ago  
    You can tease each other 1 year ago  
    It's short not long 1 year ago  
    BEAUTY QUEEN!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    Gotta get that love 1 year ago  
    At least she would leave 1 year ago  
    R E S P E C T!!!!! 1 year ago  
    I would freak out 1 year ago  
    Less embarrassing 1 year ago  
    What really matters is the bedroom 1 year ago  
    I wouldn't be late to school 1 year ago  
    Innocent 1 year ago  
    Hurts the same way 1 year ago  
    All about that Gucci lifestyle 1 year ago  
    They both hurt the same 1 year ago  
    I respect my friends 1 year ago  
    I know they wont cheat 1 year ago  
    She already knows you so yeah might as well 1 year ago  
    Neither 1 year ago  
    I gotta take that chance 1 year ago  
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    You mean you 1 year ago  
    If I'm loved than they will probably help me out with money issues 1 year ago  
    I already know they will say no so I don't even ask 1 year ago  
    I would always pay for him and make him love ❤ me more 1 year ago  
    KITTY 1 year ago  
    They are both girls and I'm a girl so I'm not choosing 1 year ago  
    If your best friend dates them you would be able to always be with your best friend and your crush 1 year ago  
    I'd rather kill one to save more 1 year ago  
    At least you would know them 1 year ago  
    At least he would care 1 year ago  
    At least I would be alive and be able to move on 1 year ago  
    You can earn her trust and maybe even marry her 1 year ago  
    Life is more important than lov 1 year ago  
    We can talk through it 1 year ago  
    Why not he is so awesome???!!!!?! 1 year ago  
    Why would you ask that???? 1 year ago +1
    How?! 1 year ago  
    They are so retro and cool 1 year ago  
    I would always feel good and they would comfort me when money is low 1 year ago  
    More people to love 1 year ago  
    At least I would be fighting for freedom 1 year ago  
    It all matters about the feeling plus if you like it you can make friends and its not even like work 1 year ago  
    I would rather catch someone cheating than be the one cheating 1 year ago  
    More oreos for me 1 year ago  
    He is so young why not? 1 year ago  
    Just close your eyes and imagine a celebrity. Problem solved 1 year ago  
    More drama 1 year ago  
    WTF!!!! 1 year ago  
    I'll buy a boyfriend 1 year ago  
    I would wish for more than 1 billion dollars 1 year ago  
    Why a monkey paw? 1 year ago  
    I don't understand 1 year ago  
    What you? 1 year ago  
    So hard to choose 1 year ago  
    If they fart then they are able to taste their fart and they will learn their lesson 1 year ago  
    Genie is way better 1 year ago  
    Only one wish though 1 year ago  
    Well a childs wish is so adorable and well adults can buy stuff 1 year ago  
    MORE WISHES!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    You don't get to choose 1 year ago  
    You never know which superpower you with have and you are able to choose what you what to buy with billion dollars plus a better looking you? I mean c'mon. 1 year ago  
    I always wish I could have all the food I wish for don't you? 1 year ago  
    I wouldn't have a innocent person die so yeah I would age 5 years 1 year ago +1
    I chose flying!!! 1 year ago  

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