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    I can do what I've always wanted to  
    Last longer  
    You always need privacy  
    Same thing  
    Even better  
    Anything but, obama  
    I'm a Christian  
    I don't even like sports but, I hate obama  
    I'm the only right one  
    Or C: None of the above  
    I'm a child  
    No obama  
    I'm from california  
    Hell yeah!!!!!!!  
    No obama  
    More power  
    They make perfume with whale poop and sperm  
    I'm in california  
    I live there and I'm there now  
    Way funnier  
    I'm a kid  
    I'm a kid +1
    I love the hard work they put into it  
    Way better  
    I can't live without talking  
    OMG I'm part of the 69%  
    Much better  
    I'm already a girl  
    Same here  
    I see apple  
    My phone is Microsoft  
    The color of blood +1
    Half and half mostly computer games  
    Red the color of blood  
    I don't have one  
    Yay facebook  
    Same charactors  
    More drama  
    I'm on windows  
    More trendy  
    Apple all the way  
    You can't trust the internet  
    As long as they love you  
    More love  
    I like being short  
    I haven't seen either  
    At least you get to keep a friend  
    Anything but harry  
    Why not????  
    Break up  
    You gotta eat  
    They can always laugh playfully at you and have a good time  
    Way cooler  
    It's short not long  
    BEAUTY QUEEN!!!!!!  
    Gotta get that love  
    R E S P E C T!!!!!  
    I would freak out  
    Less embarrassing  
    I wouldn't be late to school  
    Hurts the same way  
    All about that Gucci lifestyle  
    They both hurt the same  
    I respect my friends  
    I know they wont cheat  
    She already knows you so yeah might as well  
    I gotta take that chance  
    You mean you  
    If I'm loved than they will probably help me out with money issues  
    I already know they will say no so I don't even ask  
    I would always pay for him and make him love ❤ me more  
    If your best friend dates them you would be able to always be with your best friend and your crush  
    I'd rather kill one to save more  
    At least you would know them  
    Life is more important than lov  
    Why not he is so awesome???!!!!?!  
    I would always feel good and they would comfort me when money is low  
    More people to love  
    At least I would be fighting for freedom  
    It all matters about the feeling plus if you like it you can make friends and its not even like work  
    I would rather catch someone cheating than be the one cheating  
    More oreos for me  
    He is so young why not?  
    Just close your eyes and imagine a celebrity. Problem solved  
    More drama  
    I'll buy a boyfriend  
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