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    fluck the haters idc  
    dumbass question  
    get a new crush +1
    dum question +1
    fluck a heart sh*tt friends wit benefits the love never dies  
    mhm ok fluck them up thn chill  
    idgaf bout bein poor +1
    well most people dont see the difference  
    if i was a guy  
    dont cheat = dont care +1
    hahaha i didnt even think of that dammit +7
    what is the pics about besides irrelavents  
    fluc haters anyway  
    no clue  
    at least i know imma be fine anyways  
    loans durrrr he be rich wit me  
    cocky to be with me when i leave you drop  
    theyd get AIDS and die hahahahahahahahah  
    night time ;-)  
    if i dont do it someone else will  
    dafq kinna question is dis  
    cool with me  
    new face = new friends  
    i may be there now  
    ... after 5 secs i wont feel a thing #Zzzzzzz  
    start with one finish with the other  
    sorry im in my feelins bout love  
    fame gets me wealth durrrrrrrrrr  
    oh well to life my mouth already gets me in trouble  
    who in do purple fluck are these ppl  
    screw mental pictures tv n reading aint the same  
    im a girl but being a guy seems easy ... no periods -_- plus more but i wouldnt change  
    screw outside  
    i agree  
    dam forcing you to watch bs  
    might as well b alone  
    give the kid a cookie he will shut up  
    I stopped at 17 cuz im closer to 20 thn 35 is  
    I so far regret nothing but I nvr forget tht wat I dnt regret now can cause something to happen tht will make me regret it +1
    telapathics can get ppl to move things for them hahaha  
    Atheist believe in nothing (im not atheist but having a religion is lik u r required to do stuff n I dnt really lik tht but go atheist n religious ppls) +1
    huh who in dafuq is those ppls lol nvr seen tho moies +2
    lol im throwin it out later anyway soooooooo wtf ill take it  
    lol I wud so do but my cousin did it n someone actually called the cops +22
    rong button shyt  
    lol wth double loss  
    u can fix being miserable  
    Bella got to many issues  
    more places in my house to hav a lot of FUN  
    I wanna b a mermaid lol landlegs r awesome but I earn my waterwings  
    I dnt really giv a f***  
    I said I wud nvr skip a question but wat I meant was I wont skip questions with the exception of this  
    bullsh*t of a question but less time is less hellpain  
    o sooooo much fun  
    ummm idek  
    ehhhhhh lol SWAGSS jk  
    wateva if we hav the same body  
    average singer hav made one hit wonder n thn gone bac to average  
    lol I want me to look like wat I want m partner is already fine as hell +2
    the "Planes" comment I fully agree with  
    lmao no my child hoods great I jus really hate those movies  
    m devoted to my own man srry  
    my love 4 ever +1
    he knows n he made me his girl (ya haha he made the move) +1
    so im a failure at being a failure ok kool +7
    who wud I rather wat +1
    I did online n im in love n engaged  
    My love n im already there  
    Divorce is an option  
    got love yea got life yea SOOOO IM GUD  
    is it rong to b rite  
    huh well im not getting hurt  
    beautiful inside  
    all my dreams include the person of my dreams +1
    I dnt need tht A-Whole  
    if im liked I respected or vise versa  
    im not tht bad +1
    Dam you Eric  
    I stick wit him  
    so the question is am I gonna fall or jump  
    my boo isn't rich but thn again he will b soon soooooo ummm my bad nvm  
    so the question is am i gonna get hit by accident or purpose  
    IM A GIRL sooooooooooooooo  
    srry i'd rather lose a guy to some one the opposite gender of him IT DONT FEEL GUD TO THINK U MADE UR LOVER GAY OR LESBO +1
    she might not say it was on purpose n wat if im taking a picture of him changing for her  
    if u nvr date how wud u kno who is ur tru love  
    I am loved n not rich its not tht bad of a life to live  
    WTF HUH +1
    If I wanna kno thn imam find out  
    either way rich is in da future  
    either way love is lost +3
    my bf is cocky on occasion  
    me n my bff wudnt be so gud afterwards  
    he can keep me warm  
    srry I love to much  
    I started off bestfriends with my boyfriend and we r talkn bout our future  
    compared to the oldest person to ever live how short is a short life  
    compared to the oldest person to ever live how short is a short life  
    they hate him not me or get new friends  
    umm coward powers GO!!!!!!!!  
    im out as soon as im rich enough  
    compasions I gues +1
    im way to inlove n I cud nvr  
    idgaf I dnt really lik either one but hes kinda cute  
    im a girl but I nvr turn down a question  
    earth wont be boss forever  
    benefits n texting app  
    I will "borrow" her shyt to  
    I miss my show  
    truth to wat  
    Jose sounds cooler  
    Wit Verizon u can open ur house wit ur cell haha  
    natural sugars b!tches n m!tches  
    I dnt f(u)cking kno I hate them both +1
    I hate them both but I hate bugs life a whole lot more  
    lol I shudnt even give my comment  
    the inside of my house cud b the most beautiful +1
    watching tv n shyt on my computer  
    If im smart I cud easily think of a way to make me popular +2
    im a girl so go ahead and cut my non-existing testicals  
    WTF did I do huh  
    I can save the crowd and use my eject button and paracheut  
    less pain is good i have had a toe nail ripped before it was real bad  
    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww definitely skip  
    i think i just thew up at the thought of both  
    x x  
    one needle is enough  
    those r awsome  
    who's ? is this  
    this is stupid  
    wow do u watch movies  
    Yes she is you want to know how look it up I have seen so many things about her that its could make a bad person look like the best person in the world  
    Both would send me to jail so either way  
    only if I am super stressed & with me thats not to to offen but its is a little commen  
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