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    if you don't care then don't comment on it?  
    whats dish?  
    nemo- more memorable +4
    i dont watch tv anyway......... its all on the computer  
    good to know.  
    movie stars will be funny  
    This is super random. +5
    But what if being poor will NOT make me happy.  
    Stop writing the same comments just to get likes, people. -.-  
    The Riches + Poshness + Respect vs. Critism + Some Money.  
    But obviously you  
    31% are people who are scientifically undeducated and watch too many spy movies.  
    Well the serial killer won't kill you, so.  
    my grandma is NOT annoying.  
    Treehouses have bugs  
    I could get to like them better.  
    No, they are not the frickin same thing. Nerds are intelligent, while geeks are just obsessed with weird things and frighten the crip out of everyone.  
    oops i accidently chose footbal  
    you can eat and be slim ;)  
    Cats scratch though.  
    that would be fking hilarious!  
    gahh someone please tiebreaker!!  
    Blackberries are just for bandwagoners  
    At least people won't talk about me in a bad way (like Rebecca Black for instance)  
    without any equipment.  
    just dont have a baby if you don't want it.  
    i could not tell them about my soul mate.  
    wine is classy, yo  
    NO you stereotypical loser. Some girls LOVE games.  
    yeah america isnt the only country in the world.  
    i cant :c  
    gimme the truth bro  
    But it shows your insignificance, you must have been a useless bimbo in your life then.  
    No. How can you guys be so heartless? Millions of people were killed because of him. Yes, he wasn't the only person who killed. But he was the one who led the Nazis  
    AGREED bro  
    Hmm. Knowing the date would be pretty f*king scary. How much do you think you'll freak out when its the day before your death?  
    Idiots polyjuice potion will change you into the appearance of any person you have the DNA of for a short period of time. +1
    erm no there is no set 'animal language'. According to dictionary.com, language can be defined as The method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. Which does NOT involve animals.  
    Damn Hermione is popular.  
    But at least you'll have fun.  
    HUNGER GAMES FTW!!!!!!!!!!!  
    hermione wont let you  
    It'll make me happy :D  
    'YOLO' actually originally had a positive connotation to it. You know, it literally means, You only live once. So do good things in your life. Which is true, and is a good saying. But these douchebags nowadays think it means to do whatever bad things you please and go get high because you 'only live once  
    well...it says 'would you rather' +1
    hersheys no doubt!!!!! +1
    we can write.  
    nah, i want the future to be surprising  
    good for college!  
    Omg if we could always get away with lying, we could exaggerate as much as we wanted about how talented we were and we could get into the top colleges. +1
    no. actually, you could have anything and everything at your command because people would do anything to get some of that money.  
    because they are your arch enemy. why wouldn't you care? +98
    hearing. vision can be enhanced through conctacts, glasses, etc. +1
    they're both awesome. but hermione is SMART! +4
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