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    I'd rather go to my own afterlife, where I rule my own world~ 8 months ago  
    Couldn't you do both? 8 months ago  
    And possibly die from falling hundreds of feet. 8 months ago  
    Bad drivers kill. 8 months ago  
    ...I should've asked if my best friend can be female too. 8 months ago  
    Tiny doggos. 8 months ago  
    Fails make you feel better about yourself. 8 months ago  
    Dogs can dry eventually. And they're cuter. 8 months ago  
    Doesn't power come with knowledge anyway? 8 months ago  
    You could make money with music! 8 months ago  
    Both are terrible choices. 8 months ago  
    I probably should've asked if we're talking about the nice mermaids from Disney, and not the kind that lure sailors to their deaths... 8 months ago  
    Eh, I'm sick of chocolate anyway. 8 months ago  
    This is a joke, right? 8 months ago  
    You are EVIL. 8 months ago this a joke? 8 months ago  
    Too bad Anakin kiiiiiiinda killed off most of the Jedi. 8 months ago  
    *Your 8 months ago  
    Intelligence would improve lives! 8 months ago  
    Can you not bring religion into this? 8 months ago  
    I won't have grandchildren anyway. 8 months ago  
    Why would I care if I'm dead? Oh wait...someone's gotta bury the body, right? 8 months ago  
    Unfortunately, the other problem with making anything real is that they might turn against you. Remember DoodleBob from that SpongeBob episode? 8 months ago  
    I can surf the internet anytime. 8 months ago  
    I tend to suffer from financial anxiety, so more money for me. 8 months ago  
    Not everyone's looking for love, the rest of us would rather not suffer financial anxiety. 8 months ago  
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