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Would you rather.. Be happy forever living on a beach with family surrounding you? or be weird and explore cool places 6 years ago 689 votes 25 comments 0 likes

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If there is a chemical war, wont the president die anyways? And if the person sets off chemical bombs, it can infect soldiers, spreading to people and everyone will practically die. If we stop the war, we can stop the chemical war, preventing anything from happening. 4 years ago  
Get a dream vacation for two weeks, and you could bring another person along! 4 years ago  
obivously 4 years ago  
loose the weight 4 years ago  
atleast i dont have to pick up large craps 4 years ago  
4 years ago  
You notice that you were all breastfeeded once. 4 years ago  
You can't choose your powers they are random and you cant bring back your friends, family or loved ones (most likely) 4 years ago  
If I have an erect dream and my parents walk in... 4 years ago  
your mom Jk 5 years ago +2
guns vodka communism tanks food how they do stuff plans and attacks 5 years ago +1
Kids can't handle wars, taxes, being bankrupted, faxing, rebuilding etc. 5 years ago +1
Wrong one. Greeks where stupid and nearly stopped a religion that stands today. 5 years ago  
someone heal me and im fine blahblahblahblahblah happiness *60 years later* dead 5 years ago  
f**k jenga we can make like a domino train and knock in down but nooooo people use the jenga blawks 5 years ago  
I'll make it so no one dies and the universe or anything ever ends (only bad things end) 5 years ago  
M1 Thompson, Fire behind him. (probably his farts) awesome 5 years ago  
heavily tattoo'd on a cell. piercing? What if I wanna have intercourse? where can I put my d*ck 5 years ago  
I wont die. 5 years ago  
Meteor 5 years ago  
Too much freedom can cause major things to happen. During their life, they could become a brat and talk back to other people. With all this power combine, they can lose a job and become homeless. With limited, they wont talk back as much, give them a little stress to allow adulthood to flow into their minds, and get a job and they wont be homeless. 5 years ago  
Drunk=major. texting=major. Both. 5 years ago +4
Beautiful. France is too expensive (or so I think.) 5 years ago  
At least I wont be charged with murder after the turret literally KILLS someone.... 5 years ago +2
i slap him he say lengardialeviosas and he float away 5 years ago  
I have paranoia from visual hallucinations so I'd basically have to choose the weird ol' posttraumatic stress disorder from wherever caused this 5 years ago  
If I resort to cannibalism maybe the persons hydrochloric acid will spill everywhere, burn the boat and I will die. 5 years ago  
waywoahwoahwoahwoah! man! wtf im not gonna point a gun at dis love angel 5 years ago  
small tits, I'm a boy. now wheres my bling bling 5 years ago  
only if it has skin not dirty and stuff clean and a hot woman and im good to go 5 years ago  
Semi. Semi. 5 years ago  
give food to them 5 years ago  
he got cured 5 years ago  
good thing rosie o donnel aint nancy grace btw aint noboduh got time for dat sh*t 5 years ago  
he dead 5 years ago  
its not dark tho 5 years ago  
I rarely go to sleep :l 5 years ago  
the picture on the left scared me for a little. the tacos dont have to be terrible each day tho :l 5 years ago  
Dude... A judas cradle. Look it up. BTW never said they had to eat all of it. they can eat 1 atom 5 years ago +2
I don't hear farts. 5 years ago  
I can change into a beautiful smart nice person :l 5 years ago  
ill get my friends and kill her 5 years ago +2
You mean 237. I actually agree XD 5 years ago  
you dont explode you just die from exposed to radiation and all dat stuff you idiot. thats what movies do. but i can be naked with a space suit on 5 years ago  
No... just NO 5 years ago  
surrender to my cat that i stole its pit of mice 5 years ago +1
eat them 5 years ago  
1.hold mah breath 2. dig out 3.walk normally like nothing every happened 5 years ago  
Well then. I will choose citric. 5 years ago  
1. I can just parachute down. 5 years ago  
grolar bear already looks dead 1 2 i can shove it up its butt or mouth 3 whats a grolar bear and y u kill grolar bear i dont even know what they are maybe endangered species or typo for polar bear. I'm exactly right C: 5 years ago  
im a boy and wtf no 5 years ago  
I'll be a human :l 5 years ago +2
@celtcym your stupid 5 years ago  
you think i want people seeing my fat nicki minaj ass? 5 years ago  
I friggin used to play this game and then I FORGOT IT 5 years ago  
I'll fight back. 5 years ago +1
If I was a girl :l 5 years ago  
Naked. 5 years ago +1
chuck can smack him and he die. 5 years ago  
:l 5 years ago  
If I do gymnastics I can flip in the air 5 years ago  
Okay C: 5 years ago  
Girls. 5 years ago +1
I'll throw it into the crowd into my worst enemies face. 5 years ago  
Atleast ILL BE FRIGGIN PROTECTED 5 years ago +3
Dem wins 5 years ago +1
I'll kick someones ass pretending it's a soccer ball. 5 years ago  
That hurts but I can dodge it. NO ONE EVER SAYS THAT 5 years ago  
Kiddin me? 5 years ago  
I'll dodge him then punch him 5 years ago +2
people* 5 years ago  
Dunk some peopl 5 years ago  
bar, lionel messi 5 years ago  
Being the most valuable player could lead me to 2 championships tho 5 years ago +3
Warm hot tubs... MMMMM 5 years ago  
Nissan is japanese. 5 years ago  
Kidding me? This guy is rich. His salary... gosh like 1 mill per year for playing for the barcelona team! 5 years ago  
American Football.. Looks like they are twerking. 5 years ago  
Only sport you get to knock down people? 5 years ago  
NO sharks. NO DROWNING. 5 years ago  
I do not want a republican president. 5 years ago  
The queen has two car It's like a tank. It has bullet proof glass and like uranium layers. Also, comfortable seats and the wheel is awesome and feels nice. The currency is higher then USD. Still, we are allies with US C: 5 years ago  
none 5 years ago  
none 5 years ago  
Big mac looks delicious in commercials but real life it real ugly but I don't care I eat dat crap and excerise for hours 5 years ago  
WOops 5 years ago  
Zombies, epic gameplay, woods almost dies, go on helis, but mw3 has better graphics and cool animations so i go for both 5 years ago  
Everyone like friggin scooby doo? 5 years ago  
in 2013 i can just cruise around in mah flying teleportation bicycle 5 years ago  
I clicked on the wrong thing :C 5 years ago  
idk 5 years ago  
I hate pollution. 5 years ago +13
I dunno why there are random comments 5 years ago  
ill just shoot it 5 years ago +1
1. wtf is enery 5 years ago +1
the last page! 6 years ago  
sure? 6 years ago  
no comment? HERE IS MY CHANCE!...um TITS(: 6 years ago +7
moab because the team who made the moab go off the team wouldn't die and the game would go on 6 years ago  
AWWW YEAH BUDDY! 6 years ago  
STAR WARS SUCKS!!! 6 years ago +2
rip off of xbox? 6 years ago  
wii has EXERCISE,xbox is for fat people 6 years ago +5
PC HAS HACKS ON THEM 6 years ago +2
none 6 years ago +2
i would use a gravity gun too because if there was like a killer or something you don't like you could blow it AWAY. 6 years ago  
i could shoot a portal down at meh feet then up above me so i go on FOREVER 6 years ago  
linux is the best you can get minecraft on it only if your good at cabling YOU IDIOTS GET A LIFE LINUX DOESN"T DO ONLY CODING SHITEHEADS! 6 years ago +1
white a$$holes. 6 years ago +3
hot tub so i can warm my ass up when its cold 6 years ago  
you kick the ball with your foot and in football you use your hands but also kick but not alot. 6 years ago  
i get it 6 years ago  
drowning is my worst enemy 6 years ago  
Micheal Jackson,Jackie ronbinson. 6 years ago  
NATALIE PORTMAN RAP. 6 years ago  
yes 6 years ago  
50/50! 6 years ago  
NONE-.- 6 years ago  
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