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Do you prefer Hot or Cold 6 years ago 629 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have lots of Friends or Money 6 years ago 287 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Lollies or Chocolate 6 years ago 273 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Tobuscus or PewDiePie 6 years ago 174 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be beautiful/handsome + rich and have all your family and friends with you and love you or be ugly, have no friends or family and be poor 7 years ago 2,075 votes 61 comments 1 like
Would you rather go in One direction or Straight direction 7 years ago 316 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Dead or Alive 7 years ago 414 votes 24 comments 1 like
Would you rather Computer or Laptop 7 years ago 537 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather T.V. or Computer 7 years ago 543 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Hair Gel or Hair Wax 7 years ago 285 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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there is evidence of the big bang occuring. When you turn on your radio and Tv and they mae that buzzing sound, that is radio waves in the air but part of it is from the big bang. true story. god told me. 6 years ago  
who agrees the lion and bear from teletubbies were scary as hell 6 years ago  
but there are some that dont 6 years ago  
and you did choose one. 6 years ago  
no you didnt. 6 years ago  
better then nothing. except my hand. 6 years ago +4
funny im boss and naked 6 years ago +2
doesnt really matter. the 2 year old son will turn out to be a 15 year old girl that is bratty and wants everything. also that girl looks 12. 6 years ago  
dont care. jewish 6 years ago  
but then there re people who dont and yeh 6 years ago  
i just chose the left one because its a girl 6 years ago  
who doesnt 6 years ago  
girls would be called sluts. but guys would be called players 6 years ago  
yeh pre good 6 years ago  
hey f*ck you to man :D so hows life? 6 years ago  
sweet 6 years ago  
nah im good 6 years ago  
for you it can be arranged 6 years ago  
yeh you should stay male. 6 years ago  
combing is not brushing. combing is more of a stroking motion while brushing is more of a.. brushing motion. and also it says "i cannot comb my hair". well i can just get a hairdresser to do it for me 6 years ago  
not being allowed to comb/brush your hair was never part of the deal 6 years ago  
so you wont have anything but i will 6 years ago  
pretty sure 6 years ago  
YOLO 6 years ago +3
hey its honey boo boo's mom 6 years ago +2
96 6 years ago  
dude your funny 6 years ago +4
ikr 6 years ago  
rrrather. I know cause i cant forget a thing 6 years ago +2
well your in luck 6 years ago  
i got this guy who comes by my house once a week to do his thing 6 years ago +11
these type of questionz will make me die piserable 6 years ago +1
who wouldnt want there baby to look like mr bean 6 years ago +2
im jewish 6 years ago +1
as long as everyone is together 6 years ago +1
are you sure? 6 years ago  
what kind of question is this? 6 years ago +3
just brush your hair god dammit 6 years ago +3
what is maxthon 3? is it worse than using safari on a mac? 6 years ago +4
they arent really friends if they backstab you now arent they? 6 years ago +5
2 hobos 1 cup 6 years ago +4
its more than your nothing after the cops take your 100 grand away 6 years ago  
what you just said didnt make sense and are you implying im a bundle of sticks? 6 years ago +3
made it 50 50 6 years ago  
will you teach me then 6 years ago  
most beggers are actually theifs. so... yah 6 years ago  
as long as i get paid for it im good 6 years ago  
i would be dead, so why would i care who.. oh this comment has already been done 6 years ago +1
well if you fit into any group, doesnt that make you popular? 6 years ago  
some plastic surgery should do the trick 6 years ago  
wheres the 2 in 1 package? 6 years ago  
but what if they sag down! 6 years ago  
baby penguins actually look duisgusting 6 years ago  
earth is going to die someday. so... yeh 6 years ago  
well said my good man. well said 6 years ago  
how is that guy friend zoned by his crush if there in the same bed? 6 years ago  
its 100 million but ok 6 years ago  
i ask myself this question every day 6 years ago  
pillow fight! 6 years ago  
what about osama bin ladin? 6 years ago +1
im a guy. so...yeh 6 years ago +944
dream that the 10% chance will become 0% 6 years ago  
say that to my $50 000 while your in jail 6 years ago +42
was going to choose the chef but then i saw ramseys face and i was like, im good. 6 years ago  
god made the explosion 6 years ago  
b*tch please. In the world i live in i already rule 6 years ago  
if you were refering to pirate bay well pirate bay no longer exists so... yeh 6 years ago  
no starbucks where i am, i dont have an iphone/ipod/ipad. Well that sucks. 6 years ago  
ahhhhhhhh........ oh sorry was too busy looking at her tits 6 years ago  
well i was born in bali so im good 6 years ago  
sucks 6 years ago  
what happens with burger king is going to be the begining of hangover part 3 6 years ago  
it did 6 years ago  
ide pick not to die at all 6 years ago  
oh ok thats fine then 6 years ago  
god created the big bang by having sex which created the world so yeh 6 years ago  
time=invent watch that stops time=steal all money in world= YOLO 6 years ago  
my comment likes say otherwise 6 years ago  
u talkin to me bro? 6 years ago  
jack go do something better with your life then commenting on my things 6 years ago  
guy on right reminds me of stiffler 6 years ago  
zombie apocalypse... and my mum says that playing cod isnt going to help me in the future 6 years ago  
already do both 6 years ago  
lol... picture on left.. whered her hand go? 6 years ago  
so twenty years ago... 6 years ago  
side, one hand under head, one straight down, one leg in humping position, one straight 6 years ago  
genius makes cure to everything.. makes billions... not so poor no more 6 years ago  
use money from lottery to invent a fountain of youth.. boom... infinite life 6 years ago  
with infinite knowledge you will be able to figure out how to rule everything... even if it comes to a showdown with god 6 years ago  
lucky i dont have any friends 6 years ago  
this aint a vote.. this is a question... and questions belong in school... and im at home... so take this damn question off till i get bak to school! 6 years ago  
at least i got a happy meal out of it.. wow that sounds wrong 6 years ago  
best friend can be your crush :D 6 years ago  
god cant be more real than bi bang theory, cause no one has seen god but everyone watches the big bang theory 6 years ago  
b*tch please... i created the world. 6 years ago  
well if you think life is so crap... why are you here commenting? 6 years ago  
u think thats racist??? look at the 4th comment under this one 6 years ago  
no one asked to correct us 6 years ago  
did anyone ask you??? 6 years ago  
if you were going to say an actor that chicks dig, should have said Channing Tatum 6 years ago  
oh touche 6 years ago  
yeh wb him??? 6 years ago  
im alergic to cats so i guess id rather have that pinecone 6 years ago  
ha dude looks slightly like stifler 6 years ago  
damn did you guys see that painting 6 years ago  
thanks for letting us know guest. ohh and by the way, i know where you live 6 years ago  
that want an option 6 years ago  
no u didnt pick it, god did 6 years ago  
damn thats alot of o's 6 years ago  
look above your comment 6 years ago  
and now her name is bacon 6 years ago  
no, people from miami eat faces 6 years ago  
yeh same, the bold one 6 years ago  
seems pretty bad but still, doesnt matter had sex 6 years ago  
i believe i can touch the sky!!!!! 6 years ago  
if i wanted to search something, why would i even think about using firefox 6 years ago  
that wasnt an option 6 years ago  
it was the potato 6 years ago  
being a girl means giving birth. taking a dump is hard enough 6 years ago  
my god! you look at the polar bear your staring into its soul and feel so bad but then you look at the kitten and see it smiling. Then you imagine the kitten laughing about how ugly your face is. my choice is made. 6 years ago  
can i vote neither? 6 years ago  
i already have potato 6 years ago  
i like potatoes 6 years ago  
18%* 6 years ago  
what about the movie devil? watch it, then try to get onto an elevator again 6 years ago  
and die 6 years ago  
i did 6 years ago  
you used to be a baby 6 years ago  
ide slaughter both... slaughter them with hugs 6 years ago  
barnie, get it right 6 years ago +12
well the obvious choice is potato 6 years ago  
i dont live in america so i dont really care. whats NDAA??? 6 years ago  
if ur daughter has no friends, it doesnt mean shes not a slut, but if shes a slut, it doesnt mean she has friends 6 years ago  
no 26% of these people are idiots now from ur point of view 6 years ago  
never said we had to be part of the actual centerpeid, so it could mean we could be part of the cast but not actually part of it as if it was real life 6 years ago  
me 6 years ago  
stalk 6 years ago  
what kind of question is this?!? ide do both 6 years ago  
it was neither just evolution 6 years ago  
no forwards 7 years ago  
can we see the rest of that credit card number??? 7 years ago  
go away 7 years ago  
whos ron paul??? 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (why not both?) 7 years ago  
Por qué no ambos? (Why not both?) 7 years ago  
if you look at the picture on the right for a while you get really sorry for the guy and feel like crying a bit 7 years ago  
i believe i cant ouch the sky!!! 7 years ago  
i dont have to have either if i dont want them 7 years ago  
who the hell amde this question??? 7 years ago  
human centerpiede, still a better love story than twilight 7 years ago  
screw religion and science. I created the god damn world!!! 7 years ago  
ide stop people posting rrrather questions. now that would be a huge world impact 7 years ago  
i choose the pacific ocean 7 years ago  
hip hop 7 years ago +1
kung fu 7 years ago  
wht dont u like us??? 7 years ago  
ide rather be the one making the babies 7 years ago +1
how bout neither 7 years ago +1
how bout i put the nails with the fire that is as long as a football field and thrw whoever posted this question into it 7 years ago +1
you dont know whagt the people who commented voted for 7 years ago  
i wasnt bothered reading the second one so i went with the first... to many questions to read 7 years ago  
wancakes 7 years ago  
i already stay awake 24 hours straight... time to try something new :D 7 years ago  
who the hell would wear glasses or contacts if they dont need them??? 7 years ago +3
english 7 years ago +2
the hells a bannana??? but it looks nicer 7 years ago  
all i was thinking about just then was wht the hell is that boy sucking??? 7 years ago  
no one is forcing me to write on paper so i think ill write forwards thank you very much 7 years ago +6
ide rather do neither 7 years ago  
who sorry??? 7 years ago  
t 7 years ago  
ide rather be just righ 7 years ago  
wht are these??? 7 years ago  
i wouldnt steal, id borrow :D 7 years ago  
at least* 7 years ago  
at lwast he doesnt have a stuffed up picture 7 years ago  
funny cause i posted a question where i said would you rather computer or tv and more than 70 percent said computer :D 7 years ago  
that was my comment when i want logged in :D 7 years ago  
i dont hate one direction and i hope that u will stop hating me because i wat to e friends... :D i have no problem with one direction and im sorry that u hate me... i feel once u get to know me u will like me.. :) if u would like to tell people you hate them there is facebook and youtube but not here... yes u have ur own opinion but there is no reason to be hatrid and i feel really sad that u hate me i am not joking right now i dont know u... i am not willing to get to know u... but pls dont hate me 7 years ago +2
pretty happy being under 18 for now but anyways 7 years ago  
did them both with no screw ups.. oh wait we had to do it fast.. oh great now i have to do it agian 7 years ago +4
course its real... even though i wasnt there to see it happen on tv 7 years ago  
id rather not get cancer at all 7 years ago +23
have someone to play with and play catch and sport and stuff with 7 years ago  
ok i wanna bet... go try get aids... and if u die your correct :) 7 years ago +1
#1 7 years ago  
you dont say 7 years ago  
it said for the first choice never fell in love but said loved a long life soooo...... 7 years ago  
the guy who knows alot about survival would probably ask me to drink my own piss though 7 years ago  
it said in the bear trap, not on the platform that activates it 7 years ago +1
dude on left looks like ashton kutcher... but with white hair and beard... 7 years ago +1
69 yeh buddy 7 years ago +1
didnt waste my time by reading the second one 7 years ago +2
have sex with other chicks without her knowing 7 years ago  
id wish for you to shut up 7 years ago +4
deo 7 years ago  
lose weight gain muscle, or would gaining muscle make me stupid??? 7 years ago  
easy to tell which teletubbies are boys and which are girls... just look at there head 7 years ago +399
they both are 7 years ago  
thats what i was just thinking 7 years ago  
course i use rubber... how else would i rub out my mistakes??? 7 years ago  
doesnt work for some people 7 years ago  
shoot a baby what??? 7 years ago  
doesnt say howmuch strugglw 7 years ago  
magics been my passion my whole life 7 years ago  
get caught by my parents doing what??? 7 years ago  
doesnt say by how much less inteligent 7 years ago +449
save sibling... doesnt mean i will die 7 years ago +1
vans all the way... do they count as being flat??? lol??? 7 years ago  
same bro 7 years ago  
chicks dig more singers than actors 7 years ago +190
doesnt say you cant eat other things with the meat 7 years ago +1056
buy some egyptian stuff and thousand of years later will be worth maybe billions 7 years ago +1
sex becomes money 7 years ago +1
you would know what your family looks like, what you look like and you might go blind a few days before you die or start going blind then 7 years ago  
never been to burger king hardly know of it 7 years ago  
you can rest with ya lover 7 years ago +50
it doesnt say in a dream or not 7 years ago +1
not sure what gimger is but ginger is someone with red/orange hair 7 years ago +1
body u can change but if you try to change a face... not so good 7 years ago +1
loved that ep. 7 years ago +1
for the moment im ok looking like sarah jessica parker at a comedy festival 7 years ago +148
white chocolate is just fat not real chocolate 7 years ago +574
what if someone abducts you in there car and then they crash and you die??? 7 years ago  
no one is saying it will be that babysitter and what if you dont have a baby sitter??? 7 years ago  
if you run out of oxygen you die :) 7 years ago  
in the food there is milk??? 7 years ago  
guys cant get aids 7 years ago +1
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