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    nice one. choosing a question when no one knows who the f--- your english or science 0r whatever teacher is ms.sirois in your stupid ass school  
    AHAHAHAH what do you mean. your parents, partner can be rich and you get their money  
    AHAHAHAHA so does burger king...  
    i'm tall enough  
    if they meant a sex slave it will say that but it means an actual slave... stupid b-tch  
    you learn from your mistakes. if you change then you'll just make them again somehow. Your whole life will change because everything is connected somehow. You life could turn out worse. But in the future you can see what mistakes you will make and fix them in the present and be better or have and amazing future and not worry about what the future holds or if it better  
    sad life  
    ugh i clicked the wrong oneee!!!  
    how stereotypical of you  
    the leg has the most bone. the bone has all the flavour.  
    sh*t i clicked the wrong one lol  
    i am a girl and i am all the things that make a male gender stereotype so yeah...  
    idk i havent kissed anyone yet  
    the one on the right is basically an explanation of arrange marriage lol (the desi kids will understand)  
    yes many people might of died in the holocaust but 9-11 made everyone be racist against muslims which has more affects than people dying. 9-11 made people think that muslims were dangerous but the holocaust didnt change anyones mind about jews it just made people hate hitler more. 9-11 affected billions of people the holocaust only affected 10,000 that would all be dead right now  
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