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I am of German, Latino and Canadian ancestry.

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    Bush raised the national debt by 4 trillion dollars in total of both of his term while Obama singlehandedly raised the national debt by 6.5 trillion dollars in his first term. Now Obamacare: Socialized medicine doesn't solve America's problems. I assumed since government was involved in medicine, people have lost insurance. Obamacare doesn't benefit anyone but people on welfare. It doesn't even benefit middle class or lower class Americans. I am for the 99% and I am against the 1% who control our government, but taxing the rich won't work because the rich are the ones who create the jobs and tax the rich, and they won't be able to afford to pay their employees and that's when people start losing their jobs. Obama, Bush and Clinton are the same mess who pushed for war, unconstitutional interventionism and the pointless War of Drugs.  
    And DonkeyPunch, would he strive for peace, then he wouldn't have invaded Libya and bomb more countries with drones than Bush and Clinton ever did. And it wasn't just Bush who messed up the economy. It was the Democrat-controlled Congress, consisting of Senator Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Joe Biden, Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, etc, who voted for higher spending and higher taxes which screwed up the economy.  
    About the black part, one's ethnic background is no valid reason to win the Presidency twice. I do commend him for bring our troops out of Iraq, but I believe that we should've never funded Iraq or invaded it. This whole thing was started by Reagan, then the liberation process was started by President Bill Clinton, who signed the Iraq Liberation Act in 1998. When Bush, with approval from Congress, even from one Senator Hillary Clinton and one Senator John Kerry, both Democrat, who voted for the Iraq War, invaded Iraq and was given blame for it when Bill Clinton started this whole liberation crap that destabilized the Middle East.  
    I am a fiscal conservative and I know this better than you do. Before the recession, the Democrats took control of the entire goddamn Congress. While Bush caved in to the Democrat, he and Senator Clinton voted to raise taxes, increase spending, and voted to give the money to the banks, causing the recession.  
    What the hell are you talking about? As of now, 53% of voters are women, which doesn't make them a minority. In addition, the War on Women you are talking about is in Saudi Arabia, not in the USA. Hell, Hillary Clinton is accepting money from foreign countries that do not guarantee women's rights for their people. And let me give you a good history lesson: Republicans fought against slavery, segregation and sexism while Democrats fought to keep it alive. Checkmate, lib.  
    Damn it! Never knew there was a skip button.  
    Rather get raped than rape.  
    HILLDOG!!! WOOOO!!  
    Look under your seats!!!!!!!!!! +43
    If we all end world hunger, there will be no more "Yo Mama Is So Poor" jokes anymore.  
    While Michelle Obama has tea parties with Jimmy Kimmel, Obama lying to 'Murica, and I thinking- "Why aren't things the way they used to be????  
    Barack Obama was supposed to clean up the mess Bush left. But he didn't.....  
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