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    the root is the same mentality of "other". finding ways that make them "other" than you. then using that as a reason to dislike them.  
    win-win. no more condoooomz and i can walk  
    dude this popularity fetish is a) an american thing and b) outdated pointless stuff even for US  
    i design with series running in the background.  
    i am already controllin  
    shrink cancer, big privates, help nasa with stuff  
    i just like the word "micropiglet". and monkeys are bigger pigs than mini pigs. you can't trust them.  
    just make one of the wishes gold if you really like the idea of money.  
    actually, 2-3 generations ago, people who got divorced got aggressively shamed by communities. that's how many people remained stuck in abusive marriages due to peer pressure. plus, ultimately, you can literally just make all the legal stuff be as if you were married, and you can wear rings and raise kids anyway. this marriage starts sounding a lot like make believe.  
    nobody likes monkeys. they can't be trusted.  
    i think reading minds would ruin your entire social life. people have some nasty sh*t going on in their noggins.  
    i dont even like starbucks... and still chose starbucks. because yo ho ho  
    i suppose, both are pretty dire, if not complete armageddon. we had two WW's. ... change it up a bit  
    Sitting on the couch with the guy that chose the teleportation one. watching tv. "yesterday, twelve kids died in syria"...  
    it would be less sad dying by alien hands, than killing each other off (assuming both choices lead to armageddon)  
    with rewinds, you'd be stuck in just remaking choices to "make them perfect" for too long. the pause button just grants you time to come up with witty comebacks, and take naps mid (whatever). and take breaks from anything for as much as you need. and that's all you need, in order to be happy.  
    you can buy yourself free time by not having to go to work and hiring people to do what you dislike, and with more time, you can invest into making more money, so it's "whichever" really  

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