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hello noisey profile veiwers

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Would you rather be in a relateionship with tennage scootaloo or tennage applebloom 2 years ago 31 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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I hate twilight but not need to sleep 2 years ago  
read mind = get the girl 2 years ago  
your welcome 2 years ago  
these balls are on fire 2 years ago  
haha I iced it 2 years ago  
nice pastime it sound like I'm having a poo lets let everybody know don't come inside or you,ll be scared for life and you outside just cover up your noise before you pass out 2 years ago  
shes high 2 years ago  
caption americsa 2 years ago  
the old ones before girls ruined it (not sexist just truth) 2 years ago  
mm giant octopus for tea 2 years ago  
it should be easy 2 years ago  
who\? 2 years ago  
haha you liar 2 years ago  
good for my health anyway 2 years ago  
I need private time 2 years ago  
screw famous people just cause your famous don't mean I know you 2 years ago  
ta daa 2 years ago  
and we sail the seven seas 2 years ago  
wtf happened here whys everyone dead? 2 years ago  
cause who wants to get married anyway XD 2 years ago  
lightsabers are awesome but kids need help 2 years ago  
I'm sorry gunshot 2 years ago  
hahaha youu silly tree I'm over you cant catch me tree 2 years ago  
just get a mask and maybe suit because I certainly don't want to see that face in the mirror 2 years ago  
well at least its not a no 2 years ago  
I already stalk my crush why not 2 years ago  
better than me 2 years ago  
one vs a load of others sorry lad but my balls don't go up no more 2 years ago  
there happy so be it 2 years ago  
yeah well I don't giv a flying buck buck you 2 years ago  
why the hell not I'm loyal as pulp though I might get the random well you know umm ladies please don't look down 2 years ago  
my dad walked out on meand look at the state of me 2 years ago  
so I can say ill be back 2 years ago  
I'm loved becausei remind people of deadpool 2 years ago  
I don't care uif I'm rejected XD theres like thousound other chicks in the hen 2 years ago  
I love an abusive gf what can I say 2 years ago  
miss fake boobs 2 years ago  
least their happy 2 years ago  
there are inecents at stake its for the greater good afterwards my self 2 years ago  
soz but hey I'm not gay but still I don't want aids 2 years ago  
I'm not dateing 6 year olds pedo 2 years ago  
cheat on me it be better 2 years ago  
love is better 2 years ago  
why did I have to answer this *pukes* 2 years ago  
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