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    I want to learn how to surf  
    Be just like Corvo from Dishonored  
    Give me some time to think  
    What is "deer hunter style?"  
    What about if a 13 year old was raped and got pregnant? Are you going to force her to have that child and ruin her life and make her think of her rapist everytime she sees that child? Seems a bit demented. +1
    Same here!! I thought I was the only one! (She's 32)  
    It's only one piranha (maybe a few scratches) while the giant snake can swallow you whole +3
    Just open the hatch on the top if you need more air  
    Nationwide is on your side!! wait... i got that wrong +2
    I won't get her anything and I will smack her if she annoys me too much  
    The chicken. Someone had to nurture and care for the egg and keep it at a perfect tempurature  
    I'm Jewish and I LOVE germans! They listen to techno music till 4 o' clock in the morning +2
    Metroid has armor. And that is samus  
    I am too skinny anyways  
    The guy on the left is Nick Vujicic. He doesn't have any legs either  
    Learn some history  
    Just go to every casino and clear it out  
    my EXACT thought process  
    Sadly, I already do this  
    Lets make a deal  
    After that one year, I will rinse out my mouth for years on end  
    The Office role was perfect for him!!  
    I've tried mac and windows about 50:50 and I voted windows  
    I'll go bald  
    I'm self employed and my paycheck is SMALL  
    What about going inside and through doorways?  
    I already am a comedian  
    The force from putting it in the moon still moves it  
    i could masturbate so much MORE  
    I'd beat the crap out of the ice queen  
    It could have after it was over  
    I want to break the world record for most backflips skyrocketing towards earth without a parachute. Then I will die  
    We know enough about history already  
    If he killed you tomorrow, that would be the rest of your life  
    I would give him some advice on how to run the country CORRECTLY  
    I call this dance move, the "walk to class"  
    I'm against bestiality  
    Back to my hometown  
    More porn  
    A girl my height!  
    Just keep me away from Comic Sans  
    I'm in the middle. I spend what I save  
    Miami is where the drugs are  
    What is the second picture of?  
    My blueberries aren't going to harvest themselves on farmville  
    Damn cannibals  
    I want to decide who America nukes  
    Obama is a cool ass dude  
    I live in san diego  
    Can you pick when to turn the flashlights off? Masturbating would be pretty weird.  
    Italy has Rome, Venice, The Colosseum, and The Leaning Tower of Pisa.  
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