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Who was better... Elvis Presley aka. The King of Rock and Roll or Micheal Jackson aka. The Prince of Pop 6 years ago 648 votes 11 comments 1 like
Would you rather go back in time (1st actual concert) To meet The Beatles or To meet The Rolling Stones 6 years ago 877 votes 8 comments 1 like
Which Celeb. couple do you like better Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift & Harry Styles 6 years ago 839 votes 34 comments 1 like
Would You Rather... Meet Your Favorite Musical Artist or Meet Your Favorite Movie Star 6 years ago 488 votes 22 comments 1 like
Which one of these "Weird Al" Yankovic songs do you prefer Eat It or Fat 6 years ago 1,861 votes 3 comments 1 like
Which son by "Weird Al" Yankovic do you prefer....... Amish Paradise or The Saga Begins 6 years ago 209 votes 1 comment 1 like
Would You Rather... Meet One Direction or Meet Justin Bieber 6 years ago 168 votes 12 comments 4 likes

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True 1hr IS shorter then 10hr. 6 years ago  
Just because I am against it, that doesn't mean I don't believe every woman who does have an abortion has their own reasons. Rape, a lot of women can't stand having a kid that is their attackers. So everyone has their own reasons and choices. 6 years ago  
stupid joke 6 years ago  
Just because you are a FAMOUS leader that doesn't mean you were a loved leader..........Hitler......Famous for murder and being an jerk 6 years ago  
You could change the world look at the many poor scientists..... Tesla 6 years ago  
Adam and Steve look Hot together............ Let them marry who they are in love. 6 years ago +4
It used to be a normal thing to be naked in public so......... 6 years ago  
so I can help them and make a new friend(maybe) 6 years ago  
why????? 6 years ago  
man 6 years ago +1
man 6 years ago  
murder vs. not 6 years ago +3
I haven't seen my dad in a year so........ And plus I like my mom. 6 years ago  
I know ASL 6 years ago  
i am 15 6 years ago  
I am 15 and my guy is 14 so.............. 6 years ago  
I am 15 so................... 6 years ago +3
closer to my age 6 years ago +2
I am thick and hate myself plus i am made fun of........So being skinny and hating myself plus being popular 6 years ago  
for the 46% who voted oldest aren't the oldest 6 years ago  
he is............. 6 years ago  
Lets see Death or a lifetime sentenced to rape 6 years ago +1
the teletubbies wont RAPE my kids 6 years ago  
Your rude comments are whats stupid don't pick on them they are both beautiful and talented women. Can you rap like Nicki and who else thinks they can Dance as good as Rihanna.....There is a reason they a BOTH famous 6 years ago +255
Murder is wrong especially to murder someone who has not even experienced life fully 6 years ago  
NO more periods?.............Heck Yes! 6 years ago  
Atheist the only thing I truly believe in is SCIENCE 6 years ago  
I can't play those other controllers but I CAN sing! 6 years ago  
If i had it that early it would most likely be health plus to die at 64 and your little boy/girl be only 10 that would be horrible for them could you imagine? 6 years ago  
That way I wouldn't all the horrible sh*t they did to me... 6 years ago  
Plus Greece has amazing historical site not even including all the museums and great views...... 6 years ago  
it say visit not live in. 6 years ago  
so true. 6 years ago  
honestly what am I in for murder? maybe? 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago  
I couldn't deal with the guilt from killing them.... now if it was random it wouldn't have been my fault. 6 years ago  
If I am ugly and everyone how would I know I was ugly? 6 years ago  
i hate animALS 6 years ago  
i would a bugatti is ugly and would have to go way slow over bumps and dips bumblebee was a CAMARO duhhhh transformers more than meets the eye 6 years ago  
..DANCE GO 6 years ago  
JB hes gonna hit it with the ether buns out wiener but i got o keep my eyes out for selener 6 years ago  
isnt milk white ? 6 years ago  
no pick ing want dudes 6 years ago  
i am a girl no lingerie for me 6 years ago  
CURABLE key word 6 years ago  
HUH? 6 years ago  
Dude preppy Dude 6 years ago  
I am A chick so neither but I do like a guy who is taller than me 6 years ago  
I can shut them kids up DUCT TAPE! 6 years ago  
I am a girl so MEN! please no women 6 years ago  
Titanic or 9/11 let see 6 years ago  
Lion King's Daughter did it.....So can I 6 years ago  
Queen get what ever she wants....... President gets shot ask Lincoln, JFK, ect............ 6 years ago  
10,000 lives are more important than me 6 years ago  
I don't want to bring so many kids into the world because they would never have a good life.........Unless I was rich! 6 years ago  
Idk who they are 6 years ago  
Osama is died sooooooo 6 years ago  
Im a girl so 6 years ago  
Sharks don't (usually) eat humans or attack humans.... so it is safe. Kind of. 6 years ago  
BACON! 6 years ago  
I am a red head 6 years ago  
why not 6 years ago  
neither but i pick random 6 years ago  
But every one has a choice of course 6 years ago  
I am both 6 years ago  
Can't freeze in a HEATED elevator 6 years ago  
That is horrible to say.. 6 years ago  
SNOW DAYS!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
Something worse could happen.... Someone even more cruel could have taken over Europe.... hell that person may have succeeded in dictating the world causing worse world hunger, more murder and a horribly worse racism and death rates... and most likely worse living conditions. Plus i would not have been born if that war had not happened. 6 years ago +1
I haven't seen either so i did ennie minnie mo 6 years ago  
I AM the OLDEST I hate it 6 years ago  
I think Adam and Steve look great together! 6 years ago  
How many lives could you help with this.....It would be so good to humans 6 years ago  
I Do know what anarchy is and is better than having some dumb asses tell you what to do.... And the Nazi thing caused to many deaths...... 6 years ago  
it is romantic 6 years ago  
haven't had mine 6 years ago  
i picked on who i would rather be. 6 years ago  
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