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    i dont care about superbowl but if hockey was mentioned i would go see hockey  
    i cannot stand Limbaugh's chauvinistic speech and his sexism. putin would be lesser of two evils  
    and i think McCain does not care about americans who are not at least middle class +17
    but over time maybe you will like that person. if it doesnt work then you move on some time +30
    i am no Golddigger! i want someone decent. the rich guy might be a total jerk +73
    that could be worse  
    i had someone walk out on me when i got pregnant  
    i think they meant to do that!  
    how ironic. one of my former classmates from iowa asked if i wanted to move to alaska with him in 4 years  
    problem is the next person you see could already have a significant other or be not the gender you are attracted to... etc  
    o i did not even get the friend zone thing, just the person saying it via facebook and text not talking to me face to face. super ironic and irritating  
    mila is more down to earth  
    i really dont think this site is for real young people like under 18 to be honest  
    like what? hehe  
    well if they are your friends they will cheer you up and help you move on. guys dumping girls by text are the worst kind ever  
    really 'florida you have to ask  
    i kissed a guy from spain  
    so i can show off my tattoos  
    when i was at a convention, i ate the pickle relish packets when i got hungry. so i know what its like. i did have money to eat dont get me wrong  
    i have caught my mom doing something, back when i was 7 so..........  
    depends on what exactly is happening early lolcat  
    i cannot think of someone who is my rival or enemy  
    it depends on how it is used  
    you could learn to love the person you thought you hated  
    yep definitely do not want to be maybe stuck halfway up in air outside  
    i got to have music or i will go insane  
    im past age 35 so hehe  
    same here, havila lol i hate bad attention  
    i wont answer this one. i plan to marry a guy. and i am 4 foot 9 good luck, me!  
    birds are super cool  
    but the train crash would be less messy unless in the water you get torn apart by ravenous sharks right?  
    actually the knacks did my sharona and sharona is my screen name  
    i have had neither of these  
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